My thought process when killed by all factions

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  1. Poorform

    I also read this as, you can't depend on teammates to repair and protect the one AMS sunderer at the base. Seems like nobody cares if its not their own sunderer. Or they just can't be convinced to change classes to help, no, they gotta be light assault or infiltrator like they're locked into their class.
  2. vulcan78

    LOL, although I say the same thing it really needs to be pointed out that the popular misconception that the VS weapons have no projectile drop is really absurd. All of my weapons exhibit some degree of drop, some more pronounced than others. The drop is very noticeable with the Parallax (BASR) and a 12x scope. In fact it is so obnoxious that at 300 meters I usually have to fire 3 or more shots just to get the compensation dialed in. The Eidolon Battle Rifle has ridiculous drop with the non high velocity ammo. The Magrider has the worst drop of all the MBT, it is nearly impossible to hit ESF or anything else because two shots are ALWAYS required, the first to gauge the compensation necessary for the second round and by this point a moving target may require another two rounds, on and on ad-infinitum. Meanwhile, the Prowler can simply park on an incline, go into lockdown (65% greater projectile speed) and blast Liberators out of the sky. But I am not going to get into which faction is blatantly OP as I don't want to derail this thread.
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  3. IamDH

    Skill is the deciding factor between who gets killed, not weapons/equipment. Some weapons help you but only in certain areas/ranges
  4. acksbox

    I've never been angry with an enemy for killing me. That's their damn job.

    I'm either angry at myself for being reckless, or angry at the rest of my faction for being useless.
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  5. Hatesphere

    yes the bolt actions have drop, but you are wrong about the battle rifle, it has no drop even with standard ammunition. in fact I'm pretty sure its only the bolt actions that have drop on the VS infantry weapon side.
  6. HannibalBarca

    Dolce et decorum est pro Space Murica mori!
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  7. vulcan78

    No dude, it has drop with a 4x scope, it is the very reason I acquired the High Velocity ammo. I've been using it long enough I should know.
  8. Astriania

    Oh no, not again

    Or sometimes
    Damn lolpodder
    Damn OP ZOE max/Vulcan harasser

    And sometimes
    ... when I've been killed from the doorway I just checked damn it
  9. Hatesphere

    i use it all the time as well, i see no drop, so i'm not sure what you mean. its got a bit of a bloom, but i see no drop
  10. Poorform

    *Runs out across field to rock formation*
    *boom dead*
    [Killed by LAWLCANNON] with AP tank cannon from 1000 yards away

    I rage every time. Meanwhile I stick a bulldog on my harasser and my gunner can't even damage the sole heavy in an open field as we drive around him in a 20 meter circle.
  11. CommodoreFrank

    Spandex and crabs OP
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  12. Liewec123

    quick hint, next time you're insulting someone's intelligence you should probably spell intelligent right. ;)
  13. uhlan

    The game can be really frustrating to play if you have a sub-par computer, a bad internet connection or limited experience with FPS's in general.

    About 10% of the people who claim to have skill in the game actually do as skill in PS2 is using other peoples deficits in the above against them for the most part.

    You still get the loudmouths here on the forums, but the real "Top Guns" in the game don't bleat their prowess because they know the above is true for most people.

    In fact, most good players are more than happy to give tips and such because a competitive game is a FUN game.
  14. Kurohagane

    My general impression:

    TR: Cheesy tactic using tryhard cowards hiding behind their "strenght in unity" ******** that have way too many bodies to throw away

    NC: Barely concious zerg army mind controlled by a redneck that lost his mind over the concept of freedom

    Obviously this is a joke.
  15. Poorform

    VS: Barely conscious zerg hive mind controlled by a false god that lost his mind over the concept of betterment through technology

    Just wanted to show you how you almost described your own faction.
  16. Kurohagane

    I mean it gameplay-wise, i'm not talking about the lore propaganda.

    also i did include the small text
  17. Hoki

    I hate vanu cause they took all the hot devs.

    ******* art director, made all the VS butts delicious, nobody can resist.
  18. vulcan78

    I just logged in and played around with the Eidolon in VR and at Warpgate and actually youre right. It's been a while now but I think I started using high velocity ammo because I was tired not being able to hit running infantry beyond 100 or so meters. I could have sworn there was bullet drop though, was there drop at some point that was since removed with a balance pass/buff?

    I do know that the Ghost is pretty much unusable because of the drop beyond 100 meters (to me at least), but that is a BASR that is limited to only 4x magnification.
  19. supernauttt

    actually its beacuse you cant die to NC inless you are being headshotted....duh
  20. disgruntled newbie

    I'm a lousy twitch gamer, so I scoop up free XP anywhere I see it. Repair your sunder? Sure. Repair your tank as I drive past? Sure. Repair your gun turret, max suit, blown console, or abandoned ATV? Absolutely! :)