My thought process when killed by all factions

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Poorform, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Poorform

    VS: Freaking no recoil no dropoff night phantom easy mode kiddo faction.

    TR: Freaking dakka no need to aim infinite ammo elitist OP ESF faction.

    NC: Freaking soupcan 2 shot bullet muh freedoms OP tank faction.

    It seems like whenever I go against VS I'm killed because of their zero drop off and no recoil. When I go against TR they simply out ammo me and fire too damn fast to get ahead of them in damage. When fighting NC they kill me in .5 seconds with a soupcan to the head.

    Which one makes you most salty?
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  2. Mastermind

    sounds like you just have an excuse every time you die because you suck
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  3. Hatesphere

    I play all factions, but I tend to get most annoyed by the TR, especial their medic ARs. I find bullet drop at most engagement ranges is such a non factor I'm surprised it pisses people off at all, but there has been a few times where it made the difference, Orion is a beast and I always feel dirty when someone kills me with it at range. NC are only really annoying with the shotguns, so many shotguns.
  4. Morpholine

    Inb4 ZOE.

    I really only get upset at intentional team killers.
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  5. Mr_Giggles

    Isn't that the case for 99% of the forum whiners here?
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  6. KatieCross

    TR, so bloody spam happy.
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  7. Paperlamp

  8. CL4p2p

    So you are just a damn noob.

    Only inteligent people know which faction have the advantage in which situation etc... All the other idiotic keep screeming " NANA EAZY MODE" , " NANA OP " , " NANA OVERPOWERED FACTION "
  9. Poorform

    I am downright awful. You're right.
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  10. RHINO_Mk.II

    I find it amusing that you only die to NC who are skilled enough to headshot you reliably.
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  11. Lakora

    ZOE! iz zu op!

    Well not a lie tho... Buuuut on a more serious note, I do tend to lose my mood a bit when the wonderful hit detection of Planetside 2 says I TK'd a guy with my flash that was 100m away from me by driving him over. :D Same thing when I out of nowhere blow up along with it being a TK by a random tank or sundy miles away. Got to love vehicular hit detection.
  12. Poorform

    It's often. That damn saw. Poot and dead.
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  13. ViXeN

    I just think about why I died and make a little mental note to avoid doing that again.. :D
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  14. Poorform

    Yup, better stay away from the buildings...and corners...and pretty much anywhere I can't see in all directions. Where's the nearest open plain?
  15. TomoB

    Let me guess, you are one of those intelligent people? Intelligent people should also know that OP had slight humorous touch in his message and I don't understand why you replied to him in such hostile manner.
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  16. Kriegson

    Seems like hardly anyone got the idea that he isn't complaining about the factions, but reflecting on how he views them, what strengths they use to kill him.
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  17. ViXeN

    Well, like if I get shot in the back then I remember to start turning around (and listening for people) when I'm in a building just so I can be more aware of what is going on around me from all sides... You can't depend on taemmates to always watch your back.
  18. TomoB

    Indeed, it often feels like they wait until enemy has killed me before they kill him. Don't get those "saved by" messages that often... But when teammate clearly saves me I feel the obligation to thank him.
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  19. SpcFarlen

    Most people dont even realize stats on other faction weapons besides the ones they play. A prime example I hear a lot "NC shotguns do so much more damage"... every faction gets the same shotgun but with a different skin. Or "VS snipers have no drop"... again exact same stats, different name and model.

    Those are the things that irk me the most about peoples opinions on the other factions, just flat out ignorance of game mechanics and factual stats that... have been data-mined since day one.

    As for the classic " _____ is OP because ____ " there usually is some evidence to support it. Getting a squad whipped on a point from one MAX with having no way to respond to it is frustrating and can be dangerous to continue to have in the game. It destroys the fun factor. That being said, MAXs should not be nerfed to the point where they lose their fun factor either. Each class has their role that must be fulfilled while also keeping things fair and balanced.

    Also that isnt necessarily a balance issue with classes but base design being terrible. Most control points are in building where you only have maybe a 10 foot radius around it before you hit a wall. So of course weapons, classes, or even factions that fit that CQC niche better will dominate on point capture/defense. Its rather interesting that we see hardly any control points inside a more open area. Bravo point on Rashnu (then other CP in that same area on other Biolabs) was a kind of exception till OMFG but now its fairly closed off again. On Amerish we do see more CPs in open areas, sometimes not even in a building (le gasp), but its a handful and in ases that hardly get large volumes of players.

    So there is just a lot that are contributing to players feeling X is OP or even Y is UP. Though i still feel peoples concerns are very valid because, again, it does start to ruin the fun factor of the game. Of course take opinion with a grain of salt but there is usually some bit of truth behind there, you just have to dig in a bit.

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  20. Zombekas

    If you REALLY want to have something, write a diary, put a note "Planetside 2 aniversary" :)