My Tank was C4'd

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arkenbrien, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Arkenbrien

    I know, I know, I was just so frustrated with trying so hard to stay away from infantry, FINALLY found a worthy opponent, yet still manage to get destroyed by a LA with C4.

    Oh wells. I joined the dark side last night and pulled an VPC + PPA, got a handful of kills, then ironically was flanked and destroyed by an AP/AP Prowler. Figures.
  2. Beeman

    My problem with C4 isn't that it exists or does a great deal of damage, it's that it's the best means of taking out vehicles right now. I would think that actual anti-vehicle weaponry would be good at this. But nope, it's that tool used for demolitions that's actually best at destroying armored targets. Who'd-a thunk it?

    Certainly not me. The only thing plastic explosives would do to a tank would be to kill its crew, NOT destroy the vehicle itself. Unless you coated the entire side of a vehicle with the stuff. Or created a shaped charge with it...which is literally what anti-vehicle rockets and missiles do. The bad thing is, when C4 explodes on a tank, it's the spalling created by the explosion that kills the crew, not the explosion itself.

    What Planetside needs is a heavier emphasis on base gameplay. Make C4 the cause of generator, terminal or turret demolitions and add in another sort of destructible element like prefab holes in walls that can be blown open. Or something like that. But using C4 as the primary means of destroying vehicles is just outrageous.
  3. ironeddie

    I've used this exact tactic plenty of times. Have been known to even use my tank as bait.
  4. faykid

    oohhh, that allure of HE farming!..
    i discovered lightning HE couple of days ago, and i feel so dirty now! seconds before the base is captured, i normally drive up to the surrounded spawn room and let them kill me just to purge my soul
    for the glory of vanu, of course!
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  5. EliteEskimo

    Ever since the recent Prowler HEAT nerf HE is the only tank round really suitable for defense against infantry which has lots of cover available, although infantry on the top of a ridge, or ones chilling in the open field are still good for direct hitting with AP rounds. You can land so many shots with HEAT shells that are right at the feet of infantry that they just shrug off and frankly it's pathetic. I never got around to Auraxiuming my HE turret so I'm doing that now. I must say the splash damage is actually much closer to that of an actual tank round and when it lands right at the feet of infantry it actually hurts them significantly.:D
  6. faykid

    It does feel right when you're in the tank, but it aggravates the jiz out infantry (myself included, when i'm on the ground)
    I auraxiumed lightning HEAT, but doing it for HE is going to be 10 times faster. Dirty, dirty business. We all deserve punishment (AP/AP MBT be upons us!!!)
  7. Donaldson Jones

    C4 needs nerfed.
    But it never will be.
    I've already tried logical arguments and they were ignored. I'm not fighting this fight again, C-4 is over-powered SOE knows it they don't care; just bend low and hold the's what SOE wants.
  8. EliteEskimo

    Pissed off infantry just means they run towards me like moths to a flame, and other than the occasional LA that managed to fly high above my LOS, a Lancer nest outside of infantry render distance, or a an AV turret nest outside of Render distance I welcome the hordes rushing at my tank. Playing on the front lines with enemy infantry all around you is a dangerous and exciting way to be a Tanker.:D
  9. Arkenbrien

    I may even start certing prox radar instead of the final level of reload for my FPC. :mad: (it's the closest thing to :devil: we have)
  10. Winfield

    You think you have it bad...the Vanguard HEAT/HE are rubbish. Absolute trash.

    People are better off learning to aim with the AP.

    EDIT: Makes me wonder if they're gonna powerup tanks after the Resource Revamp. I'm never afraid of tanks as infantry so if they remain as is people will still see them as cert pinatas, just in fewer numbers.
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  11. EliteEskimo

    I've had Proximity Radar Maxed out for a long time. It's worth it if you're going to be a front lines tanker, and is an invaluable tool in countering the every present instagib C4 faries. It will pay for itself in no time in the number of tanks you didn't lose because of it. It also helps for using terrain to flank other vehicles using the minimap when you otherwise couldn't see them from first or third person view.

    Well I think the Prowler has had the most nerfs to its actual main turret weapons than any other tank, and HEAT is truly in a pathetic state against infantry now. I'm sure HE on the Prowler is still the most viable HE of any MBT right now though. That being said HE is decent if you make both shots count each and every time. I've using AP more these days, but first I'm trying to Auraxium my HE turret. It feels so nice to see such a massive explosive radius on tank shells too. If a HE shell lands at infantry's feet it really packs a punch, and if you direct hit one infantry the radius is large enough to heavily damage another guy who is close by. Personally trying to direct hit moving/running infantry at range with 17 fps isn't the easiest for me, and it's frusterating to not get rewarded for those tank shells that land .5 meters away from infantry without actually hitting them. I can still do decent with AP against infantry, but I find it far more rewarding to get kills with those just near misses. Also I've been getting my fair share of Lightning kills with the HE turret, so that has been a pleasant surprise.:D
  12. Arkenbrien

    One can only hope about that resource revamp.

    As long as infantry can out DPS and insta-gib a tank, they will never stop charging and looking for an opportunity for a bucket load of XP.
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  13. Arkenbrien

    The last level of reload will have to wait.

    I just wish I could equip stealth and prox at the same time.
  14. Niller

    I hope you're kidding.
  15. Niller

    There isn't any good places for LA to hide on Esamir... Not more than there is on Indar.
  16. EliteEskimo

    Yup, if my attention is divided between a 2/2 AV/AV Vanguard and a C4 Fairy trying to fly towards my tank my attention goes to the LA every dam time. It's pathetic that a 450 resource MBT specialized to take out armor, a MBT which is also the best AV MBT, and which is 2/2 MBT is less of a threat to me than the 0 resource cost, 0 cool down, LA with instagib C4 which can be stockpiled up to 40 bricks high and which can be delivered ontop of my tank when the LA is flying high above me. Infantryside 2 though , it's the game we play in.

    Stealth/Proximity Radar was my all time favorite loadout and I was unhappy when they moved stuff around. Now I mostly role with fire suppression and Proximity Radar unless I'm rolling with BWC's armored task force in which I'll go Anchormode depending on the situation.
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  17. PieceKeeper00

    So what you're saying is that basically not being the only faction on the map is totally OP.

    I agree, PS2 should be a hiking game.

    The only thing ridiculous about this story is that the but hurt is of such velocity that is spilled over to forumside.

    This is the lamest thread I've seen here.

    We all know forumside is the place where young infants come to cry when they die but this is a new low.
  18. Arkenbrien

    tldr; completely missed the point.

    Gotta love my proxy radar on my light and heavy tank, ever since putting it on I've yet to be C4'd again by those pesky fairies. I love laughing at them every time they attempt to take me out after easily taking out other tanks around me that didn't have it equipped. Then BOOM, here comes the shock...this tank driver knows I'm coming for him a little too quickly...must have proxy on! OH $H^T!!!
  20. MostlyClueless

    I hardly ever get C4'd as a tank. I move about plenty and use third person a lot. The few times I do get C4'd I know it's coming and it's usually because I'm either pinned behind a rock or got myself stuck on the comedy landscape.

    I love seeing Light Assaults try to C4 me, only for me to reverse out of their way and wait for them to land for a free kill.
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