My Shield Sucks, big time

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Bitterclaw2, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Bitterclaw2

    I'm amazed by all the threads and discussions about the HA 'God' mode with their shields. I must be either absolutely useless as an HA or I'm bugged up to the eyeballs.

    I have Resist Shield to level 4 and Flak Armour to level 4 because of all the Grenades and Splash Damage I seem to encounter, especially in Bio Labs. I'm quite fast in popping my shield in defence, and will usually pop it just before rounding a corner or entering a doorway when attacking.

    However, I drop like a stone when one on one with nearly every other class. For example, very very often I go round a corner not expecting to see anything and there's an enemy a few metres in front of me. I pop my shield as he turns towards me and I come on aim to fire. We have both seen each other at the same time, and I only get 3 or 4 shots off, on target and on full auto, before I'm dead. On the screen following the death, I look at what weapon the person that killed me is using, and usually find it's nothing special, plus I've hardly touched his personal shield. Bare in mind my shield had been up for less than a second before he started firing, and while all my shots appeared to give Hit Markers, he still manages to kill me.

    My ping is almost always 53 to 64 m/s and my connection quality is usually indicated as Good. So what the heck am I doing wrong ? I thought my HA shield gave extra HP to me, and although it's only at level 4, I'm pretty sure I should have won those one on one fights, certainly I shouldn't have gone down so fast.

    Is there a problem with the Resist Shield, should I be using the NMG instead ? I'm just completely at a loss for why I lose so many one on one fights when, technically, I have the advantage.

    Any constructive input would be appreciated.
  2. Borsty

    What's your FPS? In this game, hardware and skill are quite similar.
  3. Bitterclaw2

    Heya, I'm the original OP, and in reply to Borsty.

    I have my VSync enabled , locking my FPS to my monitor refresh rate of 60 FPS, if I disable VSync, my FPS roams between 85 and 97 or thereabouts. I'm also using an Intel I7 running Windows 8.1 and 16 Gigs of RAM. Can't remember my video card, other than it's an NVidea, but it's quite a good one, compatible with the I7 CPU.

    However, put all that together with the 53 to 64 m/s ping and a 'Good' connection status, and I can't think for the life of me why I die so much, as in the examples in the original post.

    Still waiting for constructive advice, please.
  4. LibertyRevolution

    Resit only reduces damage.. NMG completely negates up to 607 damage simply by pressing F.
    When in a firefight, when your regular shield is about to fail, press F giving you another 607 shields.
    If the enemy gets through your shield and your NMG, you would have already been dead as any other class..

    Run maxed nanoweave for the 25% resit to small arms and NMG for the extra 600 shields points.

    Back in the day when nano and resist stacked it was great, now it is not.
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  5. Borsty

    With those FPS it's definitely not your hardware letting you down there. So, what LibertyRevolution said: Try to switch to the NMG, play a bit with that. It's quite cheap. If you like it, don't dump all your certs into that and switch to the max more expensive adrenaline shield later. Just go to like rank 2 or 3 on NMG, then switch to Adrenaline if you like how it works.
    Adrenaline is far superior to the other shields, as long as you can supply a steady stream of kills and don't mind spending lots of certs.
  6. NCstandsforNukaCola

    My opinion is...

    1. Bad Hit-registration issue.
    2. Your opponents using high DPS weapons.

    Perhaps it was due to 1 or 2(maybe both at the same time).
    If you don't mind to elaborate your LMG setting, it would help you.
  7. Bitterclaw2

    OP again. Many thanks for the constructive advice, am switching to NMG as instructed. Just one further question though, is it worth going NMG and Nanoweave ? I'm a bit confused about the issue, some people say yes, some say not worth it, but I don't get an explanation as to why it's not worth it.

    And for NCstandsforNukaCola - As I said in the original post, I'm getting Hit Registration ok, it's just that I don't get off many shots before I'm dead. And also as I said, I inspect the opponents weapons when thy kill me (it's the screen that comes up after you die which shows the opponent and his gear ) and nothing above 700 RPM and 143 Damage , in fact there are many with far less RPM and Damage.

    Maybe I'll do better with the NMG , I just wish I hadn't spent all those points in the Resist Shield beforehand. Oh, and I've just switched to using the TR Heavy Gun, the T2 Minigun, which I love to bits. Pity I can't put a 2x or 2.4x sight on it though :=)

    Again, many thanks for the advice.

  8. LibertyRevolution

    Do you want to have as much damage resistance to small arms fire as you can? Then maxed nanoweave is the way to go.
    MCG + maxed adrenaline shield + maxed nanoweave makes you a tank as long as you can keep killing.

    Adrenaline shield is not worth certing into unless you can max it, so play with NMG until you can afford to spend the certs to max it.
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  9. _itg

    What weapons/attachments are you using? Are you hipfiring? Are you aiming at the head? Do you AAADAADADA?

    If you're rounding corners and running into people, you probably want a CQC-oriented weapon. Maybe an SMG or even shotgun would suit you. Regardless of what weapon you're using, never forget about the knife. If you're at point blank range, quick knifing nearly halves your TTK.
  10. hostilechild

    Shield is buggy for me for past 3 weeks, sometimes it doesn't display when active (can see the power drain though) and its as if its not even on die in split second. Also the issue that its .3 sec after you press shield before the opponent knows you have a shield even when it is working.

    Adrenaline+nano is the way to go but with so much explosion spam since resource revamp i now run Adrenaline+flak most of the time, tried resist+flak but i swear it was useless (like resist wasn't working at all vs small arms) adrenaline all the way great when you get jumped too, pop and cover, smack medkit jump out and kill
  11. Rovertoo

    From what I understand, running into enemies with your resist shield down is not as beneficial as running into enemies with your NMG (or resist) down because those shields add health on top of your (now damaged) shields or health, giving a buffer while Resist doesn't buffer and you've already been damaged so it's easier for them to chew through. But then I primarily play LA, so I'm not sure.
  12. DatVanuMan

    Real HAs use NMG. Full protection from damage, and recharges pretty quickly if you invest in it:)
  13. Moz

    I personally still prefer the ASC + Resist shield setup, it allows you to soak up some serious fire combine that with your HP kits and fast recharge of your personal shield and you can be hoping out of a fight almost dead and rejoin a few second later with maxed shield ready to split some heads.

    If im running NMG its because i fancy being a cheese ball with my AV nades. :D
  14. DatVanuMan

    That's nice and all, but NMG FULLY protects you from incoming damage, and maxing out nanoweave will turn you into a juggernaut. I find out that the Flare and Polaris do amazingly well with these upgrades, which is why I love them so much. I may use resist shield here and there, but I die easily because:
    1. The shield is far too bright.
    2. It doesn't protect me like NMG.
    3. I always use it like it is NMG.
    4. I never learn to use its advantages, so I stopped.
    But adrenaline shield seems VERY interesting; a shield I can infinitely maintain as long as I kill people.
  15. Predator01cz

    Have your friend play a medic with freedom bubble (oppression bubble in case you a TR and fabulous bubble in case you a VS)
    Equip Resist shield.

    The shield regeneration from the medics bubble combined with lower damage taken due to the Resist shield lets you stand in the line of fire fairly long.

    Especially helpful in Biolabs when enemy is pushing helipads and you need to hold your ground despite all the fire coming from the outside.
  16. pizo1

    Same things happens to me almost on regular bases,fully certed NMG and NWA,and sometimes usually by lower lvls kill me like im striped from all my stuff and i fired like 3-4 shoots.Even tested it with my friend also and sometimes that happens too.
    Maybe some bug with NMG or idk.It is amazing how someone with no skill at all pops me like im not moving or shooting,and o n the other hand high exp guy has very difficult time in 1vs1.
    So you are not the only one that has that kind of problems :).
  17. Saool

    Suit slot choice - I ask myself "What do I die to more than anything else" The answer is enemy guns. So I go with nano over flak (or anything else). Yes it leaves you more venerable to tanks and grenades, but if I still die to gun fire more with the nano, then it would be even worse with flak. For that reason I always run with maxed out Nanoweave.

    Ability slot choice - Back when resist stacked with nano is was the only way to go. Now, if you run nano it's pretty much pointless. Heavies that go on long kill streaks, with a short time between kills swear by the adrenal shield. I tend to do a lot of roaming and flanking and spend time trying to attack the enemy from different angles than the majority. Therefore my kills come at a more steady rate. For this reason the adrenal shield offers me little so I just run with maxed out NMG.
  18. johnway

    Personally i use the basic NMG and nanoweave (recently to lvl5) and i don't charge in guns blazing as there usually enough people to gun you down to reduce the effectiveness of a shield anyway. i generally switch it on during fights or when i've exposed myself to shoot.

    I'm sure there are better ways. I have a resist shield and invested nothing on flak or other suit slots or shields. But its all cost something and i keep to what i know and nmg and nanoweave is a safe bet. i did use resist for a fair bit until they nerfed it and changed how nanoweave worked.

    PLus i need the dmg reduction, i can't live without out and its saved me far too often.
  19. Dinapuff

    Heavy assault is my most played class outside of engineer. I used resist shield a lot, but it ceased to be my go-to shield once SOE nerfed the Nanoweave + resist shield combo (nanoweave used to give straight hp instead of resistances). The only suit slot's that compliment resist shield right now is shield generator and grenade bandolier because they benefit from resist shield's added resistances against grenades and bullets.

    To properly use resistance shield you should have activated it before rounding corner - anticipating the engagement. The way the server works is - you activate shield on your screen meanwhile your pc has to send the message to the server and the server has to tell your enemy that the shield has been activated. While this happens bullets have already passed between you and your enemy. Effectively nullifying the use of resist shield.

    It gives a slight edge over NMG or Adrenaline shield when activated pre engagement against a single enemy, but the cost is = you light up as a christmas tree making you an enticing target to every enemy around you, and your movement is slowed to the point where you might aswell be stationary target.

    The fact that it has to be activated before the engagement makes it a lot less useful as a twitch reaction to being engaged or ambushed because it doesn't add straight hp like NMG.

    I would suggest adjusting your playstyle to be more passive to suit resist better, or to swap it out with NMG. It really depends on how many certs you want to spend, but for solo play NMG is just better all around.
  20. johnway

    Speaking of shield combinations, anyone recommend any good ones? Atm i just use NMG with lvl5, maybe resist every so often but i'm sure there are better ones for different play styles.