My proposition for the stalker cloak

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Master, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Master

    Currently the drain on stalker cloak is FIXED, no matter your movement. It currently PUNISHES you from any movement other than sprinting bc you are not using your energy, fully. It's better to get the hunter cloak bc you get an SMG w/ it.

    In other games with cloaking, there are some mechanics that are used and reused. Id like to say, if it aint broke, dont fix it. Please use either of the following mechanics for stealth cloak.

    You will always cover X distance but you will choose how you get there.
    • Lets say the distance you can travel is 40m before your energy reaches 0. If you walk/crouch+walk, your drain is decreased, if you run, it will drain quicker. No matter your speed, you will reach 40m if you dont stop for regen.
    Your cloak will allow you to cover more distance, if you move slower
    • You can sprint to 40m or you can walk to 50m or crouch walk to 60m. Again the values are just examples for everyone to understand the mechanics.
    Crouch walk will not drain energy.
    • Staying still will regen energy but crouch walk will not drain energy. Faster movements such as sprinting will put a heavy drain on energy and walking will be a slower drain.
    Fixed drains will encourage faster movement over "stealthier" movement. Please reconsider the stalker cloak mechanics.
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  2. ironeddie

    I disagree that hunter cloak is better because you get to use an smg. I've been doing well with hunter and my pistol. Having to use my pistol isn't the part of stalker cloak that bothers me.

    I like the idea of crouching walk, walk and run draining the cloak at different rates. That would be cool.
  3. Master

    I was mearly stating that the stalker cloak (in its current iteration) is worse than hunter cloak bc your able to use ur SMG with hunter. The cloak times and such are pretty much the same. I wasn't stating that your not good with using ur pistol or you'd rather use ur pistol. The benefit of using your primary overshadows the lackluster stalker cloak.

    If they introduce the changes I mentioned, losing your primary would be ok. But not now...not how it currently is on test.
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  4. Hoki

    Let the statistics of the abysmal SPM and getting brutally ass****ed by everything speak for the cloak.

    Bookmark this thread for discussion next january.
  5. Rift23

    Is anybody surprised stalker turned out this? Look at all the people ******** about the low settings bug making cloaked infiltrators invisible like they're supposed to be and that's just with hunter. Now imagine that you actually do turn invisible with your OP NS pistol and can remain that way indefinitely.

    It'd make ZOE look like a civil debate.
  6. ironeddie

    Yeah I understood you the first time. I do not think stalker is weaker than hunter because hunter let's you keep a primary weapon.

    Being forced to use a secondary isn't the problem with stalker. The short duration that means I still have to move from cover to cover like with hunter. The easy to see cloak. The new darklight. The loud cloak noise. These are the problems with stalker. Though they are also the problems of hunter. And that I think is the real issue.

    Currently there isn't enough separating hunter cloak and stalker. Stalker isn't better it's barely even a side grade as it currently stands. I'm doing a daily flip flop on if I think I'll use it tbh. It's one major use will be to allow you to camp capture points. It'll be a great cloak for hiding.

    And perhaps for that reason your better off sticking with hunter and keeping an smg. I am arguing over your wording tbh I broadly agree.

    Stalker isn't good enough.
  7. Hoki

    I think I've already gotten over it tbh. I've never even considered the nano-armor cloak, to me its a clear downgrade.

    Also the driftjets, I don't find them compelling at all, not compared to jumpjets.

    What I don't like is darklight. I dont think darklight should work against hunter cloak. Seems like it was implemented specifically as a hardcounter to stalker cloak.
  8. MajiinBuu

    Is stalker cloak on the test server now? I hadn't checked, I'll have to check that out.
    If crouching in place do you go into deep cloak like with hunter, and will crouching in place allow you to remain cloaked indefinitely?
  9. ironeddie

    you've seriously not wondered why there are a million threads about it being **** on here atm? The whole infil update is on pts. Stalker cloak runs out if you move. It'll recharge when you stand still and won't ever run out whilst your stationary.
  10. salembeats

    Lol. I'm not trying to negate you with this, but I just thought it was interesting:

    744 hours of Infil gametime and I run Nano Armor Cloak as my main cloak -- probably 80% of the time. It's great for taking that stray fire you receive when you break out of a camped biolab teleporter room to get into a good flanking position with a suppressed weapon. Thanks to the NC's small magazine sizes, it's great for dancing around NC bullets if you're caught off guard, and opening fire with an SMG once they need to reload.

    Drifter jets are fantastic for laying C4 on tanks who think they're safe -- simply find a nice jump-pad to give you some high-velocity air. With the new changes to Galaxy spawning, drifter jets and C4 have the potential to turn Galaxies into the best AV aircraft in the game (I blew up tons of vanguards and lightnings by utilizing drifters and a squad galaxy over saerro listening post recently).

    Sorry for getting off-topic a little bit. I'll get to the point.

    TLDR: I find lots of uses for things that other people consider useless. I can't find any good use for the current version of Stalker Cloak. The Stalker is over-nerfed ATM.

  11. Master

    If they make the cloak harder to see, I think darklight should be in. Right now, its a bit of an over kill. Infils are easy enough to see.
  12. Hoki

    I'm kinda worried that a lot of people will start putting darklight on their pistols. For people that either suck with or never use their pistols anyways, they can just treat it as their free anti-cloak flashlight.
  13. Amouris

    Worried about the same thing, I wonder how it would play out if the attachment was only available for primary weapons.
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  14. Master

    Thats exactly what ppl will do. Since they dont pull their secondaries out often. However that could also be a "infil buff" since they are going to be using their pistol to shoot at you. So pistol vs pistol, or SMG infil vs Pistol
  15. Amouris

    I'm not worried about the 1v1 fights, but the group that runs by and that one guy swaps to pistol and does a quick clear of the room I'm hiding in. Hiding, not waiting, not setting up an ambush but hiding and all it takes is a pistol to reveal me. I'd much rather see darklight limited to primary weapons only, make them give something meaningful up to have such a hard counter to a specific class.
  16. Ravien

    I'm not too concerned with the flash light. I mean, really, if somebody wants to lose other, more useful, attachments on their main weapon (such as laser sight) for something that can reveal cloaked infiltrators at close range, all the more power to them. They'll probably be getting less kills overall, even against infils because if you get within 12m of an infil, that infil is going to open fire on you anyway if they see that flash light.

    And if people put it on their pistols? Well, same thing again, you still have the advantage over them. Then again, this is all theory until we actually get to use these things in real battles and see how tactics develop.
  17. Ravien

    Then again, they'd find you without the flash light almost as easily, since the cloak isn't super hard to spot if someone is intent on looking for it and they know you're in the room already. (or just guessing)
  18. Amouris

    Yea, I'm going with this crazy dream they buff the sneakiness of the Stalker cloak. Pretty sure it'll turn into a nightmare soon ><