My proposed changes to the lattice connections, quick sketch!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Arquin, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Arquin

    Hi guys. So, I know this is the first iteration of the lattice we are testing, but there are a few things that have been bugging me about it. I wanted to share my idea of suggested (Fairly minor) changes that would stay true to the "Underutilized areas utilized more" idea it's meant to help with. Now, it's really crude but I hope you see what I mean. I think these would be really cool changes.

    I tried to look at the map and ponder a little what would be balanced and what would not. I would love to get feedback from everyone. Excuse me how far away it is, that's the best image of the new map I could find (Thanks to a user on Reddit)


    Let's get the discussion rolling!
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  2. carbonite

    I am not sure. I see what you are trying to do here, but I cannot really say if its a good or bad idea. Maybe we could get enough discussion and support for implementation into the test server, so we could test it?!?!?!
  3. khai

    Still no connection between crown and crossroads?
  4. UrMom306

    i'd say even though there isn't a hard connection from crossroads to the crown there is still a large impact crossroads can make on the crown. When forces are pushing from zurvan, forces can still push north over the ridge to supply aid to the crown assault. Crossroads forces could even flank around towards Allatum and TI Alloys to start a three front assault on the crown. Even though some hexes don't have a hard connection to each other they sure as hell can impact an attack or defense.
  5. khai

    I was thinking more of the scenario where TR in the current setup cuts across the middle taking Allatum and threatens Hvar the only places the NC can cut them off is Allatum and that is a biolab and normally long fight or to go on such a long route you may as well warpgate them. VS can cut them at multiple points from the north but from the south there seems to be missing north south connections.
  6. UrMom306

    I see what your saying, yeah that does look like the south doesn't have as many opportunities. One thing though if you flank south and take the south eastern point by Allatum (I think it's now called Allatum Botany Wing) you've cut them off. You don't need a full on capture of the bio lab, just hold that poing and then take TI Alloys and then it gives you a cushion.
  7. LordMondando

    Needs more still.
  8. khai

    Now that I think about it does cutting off support do anything anymore? Am I still thinking in terms of the old system where cutting off the line of connection slowed the zerg down by 2/3rds? It was stated elsewhere that influence (the only capture mechanic that really made any sense) was being thrown out so what the minor bio/amp/tech bonuses? Why do I feel we are going to see nomadic zergs endlessly roaming taking territory that has no connections to their warpgate solely on the basis that they own the territory they are sitting on currently.
  9. UrMom306

    If i remember correctly I think they were talking about having the resource system being worked on in junction with the lattice system so if you cut off a section they are severely limited on resources. Don't quote me on that though. If they did make it that cutting off a section did nothing they would basically be shooting themselves in the foot cause that would be dumb as ****. I also remember reading that you won't be able to capture a neighboring hex unless your connecting hex is secured, so does that mean if they are capturing a hex and the hex behind them got flanked and the enemies started the burn would their advancements be stopped in it's tracks? That could influence the flow of said zerg as well.
  10. netsky4life

    i Only agree whit the connection to the north off tr warpgate, and the vanu connection, the other stuff i am glad they got rid off....
  11. Cl1mh4224rd

    Setting up the example: the VS control TI Alloys and are pushing on The Crown (TR).

    If I'm understanding correctly, if the TR (or NC) manage to flip TI Alloy's control point, the VS won't be able to flip any of The Crown's control points until TI Alloys is re-secured.

    If the VS manage to flip even one of The Crown's control points, the TR won't be able to flip TI Alloy's control point. The NC could still flip TI Alloy's control point, but I have no idea what affect that would have on the progress being made by the VS at The Crown. Personally, I'd like to see progress halt completely until TI Alloys is re-secured.

    I like this mechanic, but I don't think it'll do much in the way of providing an incentive to defend. It really only gives players a good reason to defend the territory they've just come from, but that already happens in the game.
  12. UrMom306

    From that example I like the sound of the mechanic as well. At least it would slow down a zerg pushing across the continent. It would give the opposing factions a better opportunity to stop the zerg, cut it off, etc.
  13. Ash87

    I think there needs to be a connection between Ceres hydroponics and Galaxy solar. Those two are more important connections IMO. This should be done by removing the connection from TI to Ceres Hydroponics. This would better reflect the road system, and make it so the crown is a Hub, with some strategic importance.

    I can agree with the changes to the Indar TR warpgate on your map, removing the one territory connecting to the warpgate and traveling north and reestablishing Spec ops or lost end.