My predictions on the new AV rockets

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    Let me stat this thread with the following advice for most of the posters on this forum:

    Dont start the QQ until after the patch hits please. If just makes you look childish and no one likes hearing general complaining.

    Now that THAT unpleasentry is out of the way lets move onto the real topic :) The models for the new AV launchers. There has been a lot of predictions about how the TR are getting screwed and how the NC will be able to kill anything and everything with ease from the safety of a spawn room. Or that the Vanu are going to have an insta kill death machine capable of sniping any enemy from across the screen. Well call me stupidly optimistic but i have faith that SOE knows how to test and balance weapons. They may not get the balance to YOUR preferences every time or they may need a patch or two to iron out some problems but for the most part thier weapon balancing is pretty good. Here is what i think the weapons will look like.

    NC: The NC launcher will have a cameraguided rocket, I think that this rocket will be pretty fast and with a large turning radius ad limited fuel in the form of a time out feature where the rocket explodes. This will result in the rocket being able to be guided into any stationary or moving target but it WILL NOT be able to circle targets to the rear of the tank or guide itself through buildings. Think of it as the TV bomb from BF3's chopper. VERY fun and rewarding but hard to use without practice. It will also not be able to go through spawn room doors. If SOE was smart they would also make the rocket shoot-able so that there is an actual defense against the rocket.

    VS: I think that it will be chargeable while being able to move about BUT the longer you charge the weapon, the more the weapon will become indirectly inaccurate as in the form of a weapon shake or maybe a bright charge light resulting in limited visibility so while the weapon itself retains its accuracy, the ability to use it becomes more difficult.

    TR: The TR seem to think they got the shaft. I would argue that they probably for the best launcher. Not only will it looks absolutely awesome but it will be the only launcher truly capable of one shotting a tank. The NC and VS launchers will be able to bring a tank to fire with one hit from behind but the TR launcher will be be able to kill a tank completely (assuming the target could remain locked for that long) before needing to reload.

    These are just my predictions :) I dont know anymore than anyone else about these weapons but i like to think that they will be fun and relativly balanced :)

    TL;DR Stop complaining before the launchers even come out you overly sensitive wierdo :p

    LOL My prediction: No one responds to this thread because of "TL;DR Stop complaining before the launchers even come out you overly sensitive wierdo" and we all know that forum wieners are incapable of showing restraint.

    I think that the VS rocket will be a plane killer. Im not against this, but i just hope that the NC launcher is capable of hitting ESF's to (since EVERYTHING can hit the big ol libby), or maybe has a remote detonation button that will cause massive AOE damage via shrapnel.