My opinion: Planetside 3 should have no attack hover aircrafts - just air transports

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  1. Scroffel5

    Whats sad is that the best way to counter an ESF is either multiple lockons or a Walker Harasser. The faster vehicles work best because they can catch up to the ESF as it is flying away and maintain range, and the Flash could do it too with the Kobalt if they could aim higher. The nanite balance is off.
  2. Scroffel5

    There is only a certain amount of airspace that a Burster MAX can cover from the spawn room. Easy fix is to not allow ANYTHING to shoot from the spawnroom. No Phoenix's either. I personally shoot my teammates who spawnroom snipe and who spawn room phoenix. That way, you have to go outside to use your weapons. At the same time, there is only a certain range from where you can actually hit the ESF, and after they fly decently far away, they can still attack you while you can't attack them very effectively.
  3. InexoraVC

    Wow! You try to learn them the right way to play ? You mean YOUR way ? Wow ! I didn't know youre such an expert allowed to kill teammates because they play the wrong way!
  4. Scroffel5

    Noted, even though your grammar is abysmal.
  5. Demigan

    When did that happen? Oh of course, you having a different inconsistent opinion from me wins you the argument! Naturally why didn't I think of that?

    I mean it's not like something in-game that takes 4 to 6 months to learn is difficult. Nope it's easy! The fact that even if it is easy it doesn't matter since it's such a huge timesink that no normal player would ever burn their hands on it doesn't matter at all! Just a little thought experiment: If the average players spends 2 years with this game, which isn't unreasonable, then they just have to immediately start with learning to fly and only waste 20 to 25% of their time just learning one aspect of the game and then they are home free and can mercilessly defeat A2G pounders any day by just dying to one first and then pulling their own aircraft! Nothing wrong with spending 20% of your total time in a game with just learning one aspect of that game and being virtually helpless against that same aspect until you've put in that time investmen! And those players that didn't immediately waste all their time learning that one aspect of the game and thus have more than 20 to 25% of their playtime screwed over by an unbalanced crapstorm? Well serves them right for not immediately jumping in aircraft ofcourse! And as I type it I'm actually sure that that last ridiculous over-the-top sentiment is something you agree with, because of course you do.

    I'm so tired of self-serving players with barely two braincells who only advocate things that favor them without thinking for more than two seconds about the overall game and how everything has to fit together.
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  6. LordKrelas

    You realize, that the Spawnroom Shield allows weapons-fire, to reduce the ability to stand near the highly-exposed exits, as an enemy, where you gun down anything that leaves, whom has no ability to stop it, only die, right?
    If they walk outside with a Phoenix, they will be exposed in the open, standing-perfect as sniper-bait, if not instantly killed by exiting, by anything near that room: Which also happens to have Cover, directed against the Spawn-room.

    Spawn-Rooms are surrounded by Cover, that provides shelter for enemy positions, while the room funnels allies out of it, into complete exposure.
    IE, you'd have the ESF, float above, and decimate every single Infantry, Max or similar that tried to leave, unchallenged as nothing could fire before death.
    Infantry could do the same thing, and stand in the perfect open as well, as nothing but the short-range pain field, could threaten them.
    We have the damn room's ability to shoot out of, As people spawn-camp hard-core, even with the damn field & open-season shooting.

    Like, have you ever actually been attacked near that room, or attacked that room?
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  7. iStalk

    Again you're over exaggerating. For live play you don't have to be that great at flying. Stick with a crew and fly as a group if you're new. And I I never said the only way to counter a esf should be a esf. But it would definitely help. The biggest problem is that ground doesn't have a weapon designed to kill air. People don't understand that AA is mainly for the purpose of area denial, it's a deterrent for air. But also, esf can't compete with AA. A esf can't solo a decent ranger gunner or any AA besides lock on heavies. Not saying it isn't possible but usually he's better off running. So if we buff AA the mechanics need to change. Because right now not 1 single AA in the game takes skill to use. Either buff the damage and nerf range while making it similar to a walker where you have to actually aim or something similar. You keep saying how I'm biased towards air, but you seem anti air so we're in the same boat. But you keep assuming that I a2g, when I hardly do it. We need more people in the air so running dedicated a2g would be suicide. Or find out around what height more or less a2g fly around at and adjust AA in a way where it shouldn't be OP to shoot everything that flies but wrecks (not insta kill, but needs aim) anything that sticks around to long doing a2g but weak enough that a good pilot can avoid it somewhat to minimize damage like dodging and what not
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    well aren´t you a disgusting piece of scrap then ..
    who the **** are you to tell players how to play ... people have every right to enjoy the game THEIR way not yours ...
    if they want to snipe in a save zone because the game allows that then they very damn well are allowed to do so ..
    if you have a problem with that blame the game not the players ..
    if you teamkill your own mates of your faction cause you disagree with a playstyle, well you can **** right off, it´s not your business ..
  9. Scroffel5

    Yes, I do, but they also have painfields to make people not get close. People who stay in the spawn typically don't help very much when you need them on point, in a hill, rushing a sundy, or whatever. Phoenix's are probably the most helpful, but it is annoying in more open bases, like Auraxis Firearms, where they can see a good section from the spawn and shoot you. I think the pain fields should extend much further to block off spawn camping, with actually decent cover added for the defenders, so they can get to a certain point before getting sprayed down by just stepping out. The pain fields should extend a few meters out from the cover so that the attackers can't use the backside of the cover as their own, but you shouldn't be safe to attack from a spawn room. I mean, it gets nothing done, as I said, except for getting a few kills from people who were probably gonna die anyways. Also, boost the pain field damage to actually be lethal instead of a tickle, so you KNOW not to spawn camp.

    Hopefully that would mitigate spawn room pressure and force players to back up.
    I said I shoot them, not kill them. They are needed elsewhere and they need to know that. Also, it is a stupid playstyle and I have elected to ignore it. They want to be safe? Maybe boost that KDR? Yeah, no. Get out here and help us fight and take back the point, because in this 50/50% fight, we need all hands on deck.
  10. iStalk

    Planetside in 2019, people play for padding now. Not winning alerts xD. Well at least that's how it seems now
  11. TR5L4Y3R

    that´s not for you to decide, clearly not with such BS attitude
    weither mere shooting or straight TKing you willingly make an as shole out of yourself ...
    no one´s gonna listen to stinky as sholes ...
  12. LordKrelas

    They blindly charging into the open & highly exposed Kill-zone, with barely 2 exits, let alone out of that zone, is pointless suicide, not solved by even just extending the Pain-Field, to further the Camp distance.
    Aircraft would be immortal, and free-reign to float right at the room.
    Anything with LOS would turn from a Back-&-forth issue, to a one-sided Spawn-Camp, let alone if it was a Tank.
    And unlike those attackers, the Defenders would be forced to funnel into the killing-field.

    Originally Spawn-rooms could not shoot back.
    There are too many factors, that result in them needing to enforce an LOS-Retaliation, let alone with how Bases are usually designed to Funnel Defenders into Kill-zones inside their own bases.
    While exterior defences have less effective chokepoints to hold an enemy out - mean while, Inside, the best checkpoint is on the Defenders themselves at their only primary spawn , while Daybreak has disabled their ability to even get local sunderers, that aren't even more exposed to the Enemy that Won the exterior-fight already.

    The Design of bases, where the Defence is only able to fire at Campers, and ****-all-else, is common-place - with a massive Choke-hold on their own exits from spawn.
    The few bases where a Spawn-Room can oppress attackers not camping, still usually have a brutal anti-defender choke-point.
    Every single one of these is exposed to at least one of the numerous lethal long-range Tank-fire, Air, or Snipers.
    While few expose the Numerous attacker-routes to the objective, to the defenders in spawn.

    Only Air, can complain about being hit, all that often from Spawn: As only air is reliable in LOS to a spawn-room, While not farming the **** out it.

    And no, as for the above reasons, it would not help.
    It would ensure any Spawn-Camp that isn't directly inside the pain-field, has absolutely no concern of even being pestered.
    And move the Lethal Spawn-Camping to the 2nd massive Chokepoint, that funnels defenders: The 1st having been the room itself.

    Shooting your Allies , for not charging into suicide, or attacking those Who are Way to ******* close to a MINI-MAP & MAP INDICATED ENEMY SPAWN POSITION, is just piss-poor.
    "Oh, you're firing at an enemy, Whom is deliberately too damn close? Lets near kill you!"
    The few bases, where those guys are not intending to farm, is damn few.
    And what if they're in the Spawn-Room? Better to have people discouraging the enemy from setting up, than have them easily get into Position to lock the entire room down.

    As I ensure you, Trying to harm or kill friendlies for firing out of the Spawn at Enemies in LOS, is akin to..
    Trying to kill anyone actively attempting to kill the Enemy sitting at the nearest choke-point with a gun, instead of Throwing grenades; It is Non-sense to attack them.
    As dear lord, They aren't going to want to help you, You just shot them, for not playing your style.
    They'd expect you to Shoot them in the back of the Skull, if they threw a grenade instead of power-knifing, or brought the wrong gun to the battle - As they aren't AFK, they're actually trying to kill the enemy.
    They're better than the Griefers, yet they're treated like ****, and assumed to be a Spawn-Room camper, if they fire from there?

    If I see an enemy sniper from Spawn: I kill it first from there, before suicide-running out.
    You don't keep Allies, by shooting them till they Obey your preferences; We have voice-chats and text.
    And if that doesn't work; I hope you'd expect them to Shoot back, otherwise it's bit ******, ain't it?
  13. Scroffel5

    I think you guys are assuming I mean that I shoot my teammates when we are being spawn camped, but I never said that. I specifically said a 50/50% fight. While there are problems with not being able to shoot from the spawn, there are problems with it too, and it isn't a good argument to say that it is the best way to kill things, namely air.
  14. karlooo

    Hey guys. Tiny bit off topic I wanted to add in. Does anyone play War Thunder ground battles game mode?
    The aircraft there cost double the price of a tank because they can do serious damage if the player is very good at using them.

    Occasionally air in ground battles becomes extremely annoying (if the players know how to use it correctly).
    It's not annoying because the player is good at using air, instead because there is no one to stop it. There is no one to stop it because no one wants to play SPAA, a vehicle that's designed to counter specifically only air in War Thunder.

    What happens if no air shows up anymore? The SPAA cannot do anything other than tickle or distract the regular unit in ground battles which is the tank in that game.

    This has a lot of similarity with Planetside 2. No one wants to use a gun that other than damaging aircraft, tickles everything else.
  15. Pikachu

    Most players would disagree with you. Most SPAAGs have access to ammo that can pierce the side of tanks. The guided missiles can destroy components of tanks or demolish soft ground vehicles. It's a niche thing but it does happen. Such versatility would be very useful in PS2 since we have infantry and plenty of harassers.
  16. Pelojian

    this is why in any game with ground vehicles and aircraft there needs to be a ground vehicle (IFV/APC) with a ground focused primary (choice between light main guns vs infantry, light armor or a gun focused on heavy armor damage) with G2A lock on secondaries so they can fill the role of both air defense and infantry/armor supporter.

    not only does giving AA multiple roles mean they get pulled more when needed, there is also a typical minimum number which are pulled for the other roles which are there when aircraft make attempts to attack so ground forces aren't completely exposed to complete air supremacy.

    most armies have dedicated AA units because they have discipline and chain of command, that doesn't work in games, AA needs some role that is always useful like supporting infantry or armor with fire support against ground targets.

    a good example is some Canadian LAVs some of those are armed with miniguns and lock on rocket pods for all encompassing air defense at short and medium range, take the miniguns and replace them with a standard APC cannon and you basically have an APC that can fill both it's normal armor/infantry support role and air defense.
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  17. TR5L4Y3R

    dude i don´t give scrap what situation you were in ... if you deliberately shoot your teammates for no reason you are an as shole plain and simple ..

    your statemeants do not indicate anything of people running into your line of fire
    nor them having been pissed after they got shoot too many times thus diceding to TK you

    .. no instead you say you shoot people deliberatly because of not liking how they play (and if they decided to tk you for that reason you sure get no sympathy nor support from me),
    you admit making use of as shole actions thus you are an as shole ...

    stop doing such bullscrap or just **** right off .. the end ...
  18. Scroffel5