My Game keeps Crashing Help!!!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MrWolf3, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. MrWolf3

    Just started after optimization don't know what it is but it just freezes out of nowhere and I half to manually shut down and restart my computer please help me fix it.
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  2. macklebee2

    Since the OMFG, I am constantly getting this G21 error. The game would occasionally crash on me prior to this so-called upgrade, but now it crashes within 20 minutes of playing. I have vert sync on, all the low quality settings picked - essentially trying to make it as low powered as possible but I am still crashing.

    I have GT590 so this should be more than enough to play at these settings.
  3. hagis

    My game starts, and after two minuts the pc gos up i speed and the scren goes black?????
  4. stix6029

    It's not your fault it's the last update,wait for a new update to fix it.
  5. IDC_

    after 2 weeks not playing (only logging in for some free certs) i tried to play.
    1st try: enemys floating around (running from one side to the other but with no animations), CTD after 15-20 minutes
    2nd try: no floating, CTD after 15 minutes
    3rd try: CTD after 30 minutes

    each try ended in a CTD without g-error or the *normal* 'planetside stopped working' message

    i can only hope that this is fixed before the double xp aniversary event
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  6. Gleerok

    I'm getting those weird freezes, then lockups and then crashes (most times, but not all times). Must be a known issue by nown, lets wait for a fix.
  7. Knicognito

    Getting frequent crashes and feezes after the patch as well. No error codes or anything, the client just closes itself or i have to close it manually after it has frozen.

    The crashes and freezes happen in wildly different situations as well, in the middle of gameplay, while spawning, sometimes while even loading.

    If i wouldn't know better i'd say it's some memory related error but i can't really do anything from my end as the game never gets even close to hitting the page file limit or come close to even using all of the available memory.
  8. Lordsartek

    I'm having similiar problems. My game freezes at random situations. No real pattern except it freezes and then I have to manually shut it down with the task manager. This all started after Performance update. also the game runs alot worse now in general. Dont ask me how thats possible, but it does. Oh and on a side note: I'm not that fond of the new look either. especially the new health and shield bars.
  9. Lt Flowers

    I'm getting that too, although I have found a sort of pattern to it. Every time I try to load into an area with a lot of action or walk into a large base that has a large battle happening in it, it crashes without any form of error code. I had it crash once at about 60 percent load on respawn, once during the death message screen, once in actual combat on an active base, and multiple times at 100 percent loaded on a respawn in an active battle zone. I hope this is fixed soon, because after the update, it hasn't lagged nearly as much even in massive battles, for once I have some hope for this game being my favorite.
  10. HyperTron

    (sorry google trad)

    ok maybe I've found a solution for you, at least it worked for me. My PS2 had the same symptoms as you before I do this manipulation, freezes, huge fps drop, and a second later my game crashed on desktop without no error code. (those problems wasn't here before this update came out, just like you)

    I tried everything that has been said on the forum to solve my problem but nothing worked.
    at first I thought it was from my overclocking ​​but it was not possible because without my OC ​​it worked perfectly.
    but I still wanted to try to increase the voltage of my cpu, just to make sure there is not something wrong with my cpu.
    And miracle ! The game did not crash after 4 hour playing it ! And since i increased my voltage everything is fine !

    i've got an i5 3570k overclocked at 4.20ghz, and my voltage for the moment is 1.330. Now I slowly decrease this number to get my cpu stable until i'll reach the in game crash.

    Try this and do not hesitate to increase your voltage without putting in danger your processor (1,250 is a reasonable value for the computer not overclocked) and then if that worked decrease this voltage over the time : 1,250 - 1,240 - 1,230 etc... until you make planetside 2 crash ! I hope this will help
  11. ggallin

    Patch destroyed my graphics driver, i installed the neweset invidia driver to day and game runs like hell.... no problems on 3 hours of playing....
  12. Richard1968

    I had not played since the latest update until this weekend and my game was freezing up after about 30 minutes of play as well. It finally stopped doing that but today more weird crap is happening. A vehicle terminal was almost blown so I spawn engineer to repair and when it is repaired completely the instant I stop my repair gun goes back to burning and showing almost blown. I decide to blow it all the way and then repair but no matter how much I shoot it does not completely blow. Then NC ( I am playing TR) lands a half blown Liberator on top of point A building a max is shooting it with charges and I change to heavy and start shooting it with missiles and nothing happens. They explode but cause no damage. I hear other people having the same trouble. Do they not test these patches thoroughly before releasing them. I want optimization but screwing things up when I was having no problems before just doesn't make sense.

    Same here, since OMFG i get G21 CTD every 30 mins or so, also heavy activity such as an exploding turret also seems to trigger it.
    The more i play after OMFG the more im realising that while it brought better CPU thread usage it also brought with it a whole host of bugs.
  14. Itkiny

    I'm also crashing a lot since OMFG, i crashed about 6 times yesterday evening. No error code just windows saying the game stopped working. Before OMFG crashes were rare for me.
  15. IDC_

    after today's 70MB patch i tried again to play
    1st try: login , warpgate, map, press instant action button - CRASH
    2nd try: played over 3 hrs like before PU1, then it crashed but it didn't make a outofmemory.txt like before the PU1
    3rd try: played 20-30 minutes - CRASH - 18kb sized outofmermory.txt created (before PU1 and after 3 hrs played they were around 9MB)

    small improvement o_O
  16. IDC_

    4th try: played 1 hour - CRASH - new 18kb outofmemory created

  17. RubiksCubix

    This happens to me as well. My framerate is now an average of 40-60 fps, but every 1.5 hours a crash randomly happens.

    This needs to be fixed. I am 100% satisfied with the update other than that.
  18. MrNiceGuy

    and they had to put double XP with a broken update that require PC restart with every crash, sigh.
  19. CEGrif

    game froze twice within 5 minutes
  20. Cookie5000

    Fix the CTD its so annoying.. I am getting kills then when I am about to get a medal it CTD....