My first impresion after 2 month break

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    so after a 2 month break of rl stuff i finally got to play ps2 today is so here what i think of it

    -no warpgate immunity
    :i thought they fix this, this very thing has costed me many aircraft (1 from spawned at flipped condition and many other from not knowing/forgot about this bs) and i cant pratice my aim with the reaver really well which make take more time to get used to the reaver, and i almost killed a guy on the warpgate because of this

    :back when esf update is just up only few guys have this bs, but now almost everyone have the bloody thing which kinda ruined the feel of air combat for me i guess since i NEVER imagined everyone using it, sure 1/5 people using it is fine but 1/2 well.....

    :damn things changed alot, well at least on matherson, each time i fly near enemy terrortory i ALWAYS got locked by a random heavy which make me wonder do everyone point the launcher all day for no reason at all these days, i mean ussualy people only lock you if u disturb them but now even if you didnt touch them at the first place they WILL lock you once u is in their terrortory

    -vehicle colour
    :so i noticed some colour scheme got changed from being a bit more colourful to more of a metal grey , well especialy for the reaver, which kinda make me think do SOE did this so vehicle got more ugly so people would buy camo to fix it ?

    :well the first thing i noticed right away is the velocities, most of the weapon got a velocity buff that normalized them from a BB gun to a real guns

    -the UI's and some stuff
    :well the mission system isn't as annoying as i expected but the only thing about it that irritate me is that it make me something wrongly read it as the actual location instead of mission location,as for the minimap i think the cert and xp info took too much of a space for the minimap compared to the old one where its just a plain map,the vehicle info thing is great, and finnaly the profanity filter is kinda annoying and i kinda feel bad when saying **** as it shows up higby which make me think of **** higby

    -nanite auto repair
    :the nerf to it is BAD BAD BAD, i got killed one time tooooooooo many cause of it PLSS SOE REVERT THIS ONE NERF, because it make the whole point of being able to repair your self gone since u cant buy enought time to do so, the only reason imo to run it is to combine it with fire suppresion to create an insta heal effect but even if that still work not being able to buy time to heal up just make dogfight much more dependant on alpha strike since the victim of a gank doesnt have any chance what so ever to even up the situation, in this case repairing the initial alpha damage to be equal during hover fight

    -other stuff
    :well i still need to retrain my self to get some my old skill running again especialy aiming nosegun and headshoting moving target but everything else is fine for me so pls dont consider this is a qq post since i know i still have some limitation,but from the way i see it the whole community is a bit too hyperbolic about nerf's and stuff sure there is bad stuff like warpgate immunity and auto rep nerf, but everything else isnt as bad compared to what people say about it.

    regards zeroerrorz :)
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  2. Axehilt

    Autorepair got nerfed? Why? It was so mediocre before, on everything except Liberators (MBTs were close to making good use of it too but I mean...why would you take autorepair over front armor?)
  3. SavageBacon

    They increased the time it takes to kick in from 8 seconds to 12 because air (specifically libs/gals) were getting a huge advantage from it due to their tanky nature and non-existent hard counters
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  4. ronjahn

    - Warpgate immunity:
    This isn't a bug, SOE implemented it to remove the invulnerability bug. If it fixes that bug I am happy. Would be nice to go back and I can imagine it being particularly annoying in an aircraft.

    Why wouldn't people equip them? It's easy enough to switch between nose gun and coyotes for a bit extra damage. At least ESFs got new weapons and I've had fun adjusting to the new air dynamics. I'm sure a pilot of your skill will be back at it in no time :)

    Lockons: I guess I was used to always getting locks anyway. On Waterson I can't get within a mile of a fight without that beep.

    Colors: SOE changed colors so they can implement the ability to apply 2 camps on 1 vehicle. Unfortunately that hasn't been added yet and we are stuck with ugly vehicles for now. IMO a color scheme change shouldn't have occurred until they added the new feature.

    Weapons: WOOT

    UI: as a br100 with like 4 months of in game play time, I find it frustrating that they made these changes. After this much time I shouldn't have to now struggle to understand what territory I am in or whether or not the point has been captured. This needs to be looked at and changed. Missions in general feel pointless to me and are another example of unfinished product being released to us.

    NAR: I am shocked that the community didn't scream out in outrage over this. It was a large nerf that no one was asking for. Typical spreadsheet balancing; I bet stats showed that vehicles with NAR lived a bit longer or something(you know, the whole point of NAR). I still run it on my reaver, but have also tried out a few other loadouts. On the vanguard, I tried it for one day and felt it was pointless. Been running stealth ever since(I used to always run stealth anyway, so not a big deal for me at least)

    Other stuff: welcome back!
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  5. ZeroErrorz

    about the warpgate thing, i wont consider breaking one thing to fix another one is fixing, i mean we had warpgate invulnerability before and it worked right then why cant we have that back instead of SOE being lazy and just removing the whole thing, as for coyotes yea you might be right i problably need to reajust with the nosegun but fighting coyotes especialy when ganked without the nar is just impposible for me,about the weapons maybe its just me but my gauss compact s is shooting straight instead of falling like a rock when equiped wirh sp ammo and suppresor, also lastly the NAR nerf is ******* stupid if not for the insta heal effect when combined with fire suppresion THERE IS NO REASON TO USE IT nuff said, anyway thx for the complement i really need that :)
  6. Sauce Sausage.

    Front armor is +5% on Tanks bumper, around +5 to +10 more bullets of ESF's nosegun to kill you, while Auto repair works if you are running of a zerg and helps you alot while you are repairing your tank, almost like another engi.
  7. kadney

    Population imbalance switched to NC.. wait, two months you say? Nevermind, it was the same back then. But hey, TR got some magic placebo soundbuff! For some hours during the day, TR and NC population switches one by one, making TR overpopulated. Only the VS sits there with < 30% almost all day long. So, not much changed in terms of faction balance.. :rolleyes:
  8. Axehilt

    It works like this:
    • ESF nosegun stats are pretty frickin irrelevant.
    • I mean who even shoots tanks with noseguns in the first place?!
      • ...let alone hits me in the frontal cone of my tank!?
      • The only time ESF noseguns are useful against tanks is after they've emptied rocketpods into your rear armor and then half a nosegun magazine is enough to finish the thing off.
    • Meanwhile the actual threats to my tank are vehicle weapons and rockets
      • Front armor lets you survive one extra rocket
      • Front armor lets you survive one extra tank shell (from at least some tank weapons; I think maybe vanguard AP still kills in the same number of shots.)
      • Front armor provides many extra seconds of survivability against common weapons like the Basilisk
    This site is super outdated, but my experience is that for most of the weapons relevant to tank combat you get to survive one extra shot or enough additional seconds (Basilisk) to get several shot of your own on your opponent. Meanwhile you're going to seek cover when damaged (and autorepair isn't active while being damaged) and just repair yourself anyway, so autorepair's value is pretty limited.
  9. Ubad00d

    That's the problem.
  10. UberBonisseur

    Not everyone loves NAR.
    I want NAR to be gone. Or changed so it doesn't repair your aircraft to full.

    For logistic reasons.
  11. Jeslis

    Thought I would clarify here... since spreading misinformation is bad.

    Front armor is a 5% resistance increase on top of whatever is there.

    So! Example time;

    Your front armor has 80% (number made up) resistance to rockets... so when that rocket hits you in the front for 200dmg..(10% of your life ish), instead of the 1000 dmg it lists as its damage done.

    Now.. add +5% front armor cert.

    Your front armor has 85% resistance to rockets, the rocket that does 1000 base dmg, 200 to a normal tank, now only does 150 dmg to your tank.
    A decrease of 25%. Not 5%.

    Again, base numbers made up.. if the front armor of the tank only negates 60% dmg.. then +5% on that will negate 12.5% or so.
  12. TriumphantJelly

    Magriders: Dodge behind cover or strafe at long range, and you regain 1/4 of your health. Now it is.... difficult to do this.


    /mini rant
  13. Axehilt

    If you're moving behind cover you're going to repair to full in 10 sec anyways (and in all likelihood have less damage to repair, if you took Front Armor.) Even with the old cooldown the regen advantage is pretty minor whereas the up-front health advantage with front armor is significant.
  14. ronjahn

    I'm not pleased with how they have handled the Warpgate issue, but when it comes to choosing between fighting invincible libs or being damaged in the Warpgate it is an easy pick for me. That said, it's just another example of using bandaids to fix gaping wounds or releasing unfinished/untested changes to the game.

    I am just sick of the unfinished features being added, as well as new bugs arriving and old bugs resurfacing. The development team has definitely gotten sloppy on the Quality Assurance. But I still have fun with the game and try to adjust accordingly when weapon stats, functionality, and meta game are changed around. Otherwise I would just be another forumsider screaming that I will quit the game if I don't get my way! (edit:don't take that last comment the wrong way, I definitely wasn't saying that you are that person)
  15. Tommyp2006

    I would actually say this has been par for the course since the release of the game.
  16. Sauce Sausage.

    You sure? since i have never been killed on that direction (my tank get hitted from sides or top mostly), it won't help you to survive another explosive shoot unless all 5 round hit on that side,and it will let you set on fire instead, not to truly survive. The most effective is when ESF nosegun shoots there, will need 1 more round to kill you.. but who in da hell will shoot you from there?that thing is useless, you should test by yourself.
  17. Axehilt

    I'm absolutely sure that simulator's numbers are still good against rockets, yes. The other numbers I'm sure have shifted by a shot or two, but the actual impact of +5% mitigation to your already-best mitigation angle is much more significant than you give credit.

    Actually maybe you're under the same mistaken impression I was:
    • The vehicle damage model is based on angles.
      • This means if you're shot anywhere in a 90-degree front-facing cone*, your front armor is hit.
      • And the visual representation of front/side/top armor is not at all what's being protected.
    • When an attacker's tank shell hits the "top" or "side" of your tank, but your tank is turned so that they're in your 90-degree frontal cone, they actually hit your front armor.
      • This means against ground opponents unless they're hitting you from past 45 degrees to your side, they're actually damaging your front.
    • Conversely if you want to hit someone's actual rear armor, all that matters is their back is turned to you.
      • If your shot lands on their side armor, but you're in their rear 90-degree cone, you're going to score a rear hit.
    • "Top" armor is anything above a 45-degree angle.
      • So you have to be lower than a 45-degree angle with your ESF to rocket-pod their rear armor.
      • (Which is important because a single rocketpod magazine and half your rotary magazine will actually just flat-out kill an MBT as an ESF, and is probably the single most amazing, useful, and fun thing you can do as one.)
      • This angle is still relative to the tank's facing (not the horizon) which means a tank angled up a slope still tend to be harder to rear-end
    Also apologies for the earlier blunt rudeness, as I'd forgotten this system isn't something they make clear in-game and someone had to explain it to me too before I realized how valuable front armor actually is.

    (*Technically not a "cone", but a diamond/pyramid shape.)