My first ever MAX event! :D

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  1. Campagne

    It was absolute asinine cancer. Not only did it ruin the entire fight, it ruined the fight even after the event ended, and it ruined my entire night. Was going to keep playing, but now not so much.

    Tell me if this is fair:


    All in a single fight. I should know, I was the last one to kill him just before the event started.

    Not only is a free AI MAX just flat out overpowered and broken, it's also extremely low skill and low risk gameplay. Why be skilled when you can be a MAX? Now multiply this by five and stick them in Quartz Ridge, a fairly open base, and pit them against the one faction without a usable MAX.

    I knew it was going to be bullsh!t obviously but for some reason I didn't think it would just be walls of unkillable MAXes all being repaired and self-repairing who can be revived as many times as they want. Not that it would matter of course, when they can just pull another if they somehow fnck that up.

    I was having a blast, and then I wasn't. Please remove the event. (That's what I would say, if anyone from the development team read this.) MAXes are broken even when they cost 450 nanites. What would make them balanced if they were just free killstreaks? I shouldn't want to stop playing when I'm told a temporary game mode has started.
  2. FateJH

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  3. LodeTria

    It's a pretty good event for C4, Tank Mine or Archer kills.
    Also Burster maxes become free so even air suffers lol
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  4. Liewec123

    Funnily enough I've only ever seen NC lose that event once, usually we win by a landslide,
    and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense why.


    Our max is now "the Gorgon max", Gorgons generally suck so most TR and VS don't even own them,
    However they are the "least useless" option for NC, so you'll find pretty much all higher battlerank nc maxes using them.
    They're "ok" for AI, not great for AV, terrible for AA, but against maxes? Against maxes they kick total butt!

    So we have one faction forced to use a weapon that is OK at AI and an absolute beast at anti-max,
    In a "get kills" event with a large number of maxes.

    I do feel like Wrel added the event to troll NC, nerf your max out of existence and then add a free max event,
    So it makes me happy that it has so splendidly backfired, yes our max still sucks, but atleast we dominate his troll event.

    So my advice would be to save up 3k certs and get double Gorgons,
    DO NOT spend money on them, don't pay DBG for ruining every NC AI max weapon.
    But definately save up certs and get them :)
  5. Towie

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  6. Naskoni

    Next in line should a "free C4 and grenades" alert - should be real fun, right?
  7. FateJH

    There is someone on the forum with a signature that says we need more explosives and more vehicles to explode, something like that, so it's probably somebody's cup of tea.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    i´m always open for more explosives and more vehicles to blow up ... free or otherwise ...
  9. Liewec123

    i'd be total cancer during that alert, deep cloak stalker infil with sticky nade ASP and maxed grenade bandoleer,
    spamming sticky nades from behind the enemy zerg, i do it on bonus XP events :D

    i'm actually suprised that there are that many TR and VS using Gorgons, they're a VERY rare sight!
    (plus TR and VS actually have better weapons that they could be using instead o_O)
  10. Campagne

    Not an independent faction.

    Shame, 'cause the NC lost that one too. :p
  11. JibbaJabba

    First thing to understand: DBG doesn't care. They put this in place AFTER the testers said not to. They kept it in place after they saw the feedback. There is some small subset of the population that really digs them so they'll cater there.

    For me? It wrecks the game.
    It wrecks it on a tactical level. - There is no rock-paper-scissors triangle any longer. It's binary. In a max, or struggling against one. It wrecks it on a strategic level. - Who cares if your commander got outwitted. Just max crash.
    It wrecks it on an individual gameplay level. - If you don't actually want to play maxes, F U.
    It wrecks it on a teamplay level - who needs a medic and engy, just pull a fresh one!

    And oh yes, it wrecks it on a financial level. You are dicking over the paying members running NSO.

    I tried it. I said I would.

    It sucks.

    9 times out of 10 I'll quit playing partway into the alert.
    About half those times, I don't come back and I'm done for the night.
    Eventually, yes, I began asking myself why the F I was paying for a game I was logging out of every night.

    I cancelled my membership over this.

    Yep. Cancelled. I didn't come in here and rant and make a big deal about it. I'm paid up through January, but then that's it. I'm done. If you love it so much, you keep supporting the game with YOUR money.
  12. Exileant

    :DYou complain about EVERYTHING! Hahaha! :p That is the POINT!!!!! It is supposed to be FUN. :eek: Pull a free max and HAVE FUN, Geez. I do not see a single Vanu weapon up there, seems like T.R.'s is top dog in that style of fight huh? o_O Destiny has Mayhem. Non Stop Supers, :confused: You die every minute if you are SKILLED, but who cares? :eek: You are launching supers every 20 seconds. :p Roll with it, Camp.
  13. LaLaBear

    ^Post in colors and add lots of emojis to make sure nobody reads it.

    That's about what my killboard looks like on VS. On NC I don't bother to pull a max but I do see people with dual falcons. Overall I'm pretty indifferent to the event but I agree it screws the balance in a silly way when you remove the nanite requirement. But so can pulling unlimited light vehicles from construction.. From what I've seen most maxes that I run into are not AA or AV so it's not a bad time to fly. Also a good time to base build since the fights seem to get concentrated inside bases.

    Why does NC win that alert? Pretty sure because it's total kills, not just max kills that are counted.
  14. Campagne

    Somehow I just knew the first person to quote the entire fncking killboard would be you. :p Ya dirty Pikachu ripoff.

    I was having a lot of fun as a medic, but then suddenly I couldn't throw a rock without hitting a MAX so I had to pull heavy for the rocket launcher. Already can't play how I want because of some stupid restrictions. And then there's the fact that I just don't like MAXes and don't want to play as one even if I had a useful one to pull as NC.

    No, you don't see any VS weapons. You know why? Because that was a fight between the NC and TR ya' dipstick. :p

    What the heck are you even going on about now?
  15. TRspy007

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't have enough nanites for C4 or AV nades.

    That aside, you're not ********, are you? I know NC are dumb, and this just confirms it, but let's say you're a singularity.
    There's a dude with a MAX, and instead of focusing fire, C4ing him, pulling archer, shooting rockets, AV nades, or pulling MAXes themselves, you see you're teammates are throwing themselves at a MAX, which I assume has support since they're TR.

    So what do you do?

    1) Pull a MAX yourself. Scattmaxes are still good, gorgons shred MAXes, or if you want to use AV, it works too.
    2) Don't want to pull a MAX? Grab your archer. It'll down the MAX faster than the engineer(s) can repair it.
    3) No archer? Fine, grab your rocket launcher, it'll scare the MAX even if it he hides after the first hit.
    4) Don't like using the decimator? Grab your godsaw, press b and fire away.
    5) No godsaw? Grab the jackhammer, do your thing.
    6) No jack hammer? Try to get your teammates to stop killing each other and focus fire on the MAX.
    7) No mic? Sniper rifles also do a lot of damage to MAXes, sit back and ping him each time he pokes his head out.
    8) Bad at landing headshots, not a sniper? Wait until you can get C4, and kill him then.
    9) Can't flank? Can't kill him with C4? Try AV nades with bandoleer.
    10) Can you pull a vehicle? Use it to kill/scare him.

    I mean, I'm just listing a few things, and looking at the kill board, you can see that he could only get a few kills before dying until that last killstreak. I've seen heavies get better streaks.

    So yeah, no, it's not unfair that a lucky dude lands in a fight of noobs and gets a few kills with his free MAX, which are **** btw. Think to yourself, MAXes are free, if they're so OP, why isn't everyone in a MAX during the alert???

    And if that's enough to ruin your fight, and your night, I'm sorry dude but Planetside's not meant for you. Try Planetside arena maybe.
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  16. TRspy007

    Medic with no C4?
  17. TRspy007

    Bro tell me what server you play on, cuz on no server did I see a major difference in gameplay. No one pulls MAXes cuz they're so **** they're a waste even when they're free.

    Sure, it doesn't add much tactical depth to the gameplay, but everyone complains the at the slightest moment they have to rely on their brain. Tactics, honestly it's been a long time since strategical gameplay has been removed, all the devs are doing is feeding the demand for more PEW PEW PEW, less thinking.

    I was hoping the alerts would make people pull more MAXes so I could finish the KILL MAXes objective with my heavy, but so far no dice. So tell me what server you play on where everyone pulls MAXes, I wanna get some free kills.
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  18. TRspy007

    Gorgons are the best anti-max weapons, and they're the most versatile also. NO reason for other factions not to use them.
  19. Liewec123

    But anti max is literally all they do well,
    They're bad for AV, terrible at AA, and for AI TR and VS maxes have much better options.
    So most TR and VS aren't gonna drop 3k certs on a weapon just to fill the anti max niche.

    But for NC gorgons are the best (and only) AI option, so when this event comes around
    NC are in the unique position of having way more of our maxes using a bad weapon that dominates this alert.

    Also it's kinda hilarious reading stuff like...

    See why the hypocrisy is so hilariously juicy?

    For years TR and VS whine and QQ because they're too dumb to use max counters.
    once the QQ and whining pays off and Wrel destroys our max some guy says it's unfair,
    and NOW you start listing max counters and calling us dumb...

    You guys have been dumb for YEARS, and NOW you care about counters?!
    We've been yelling these counters at you for years,
    but you all just continued mindlessly trying to CQC an NC max with free infantry and QQing when it failed,
    Too bad you guys couldn't have grown braincells earlier, perhaps NC would still have AI weapons.

    Seriously, check out the forums for the past few years,
    you'll see plenty of TR and VS morons QQing with words like "unstoppable" and even "unkillable",
    And you'll see me responding to them with a list much like the one you just made.
    So please TR and VS stop being hypocrites.
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  20. Badman76

    Come to cere's, when the event starts i'd say 80% of tr/vs swap to being maxes, i don't see many nc bothering with being a max though.