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    I always thing all fps game created basis rock-paper-scissors rulles, i mean infantry support tank, air support infantry etc. in this game is totaly mess, i play long time and longer i play i more annoyed. tank stay together and immposible kill anyone becouse very fast if he damage stay back and quick repaired than go fight again, airplane cant get closer becouse every vehicle and infatry get aa, if SOE relly want shieldtank from planes should tank less visible. If is small advantage enemy no cant defend atack becouse every stay in save house, should be more than one deploy point in conglomeraty, one more thing what i see air game this is totaly madness, need only one series from cannon and wait for plane next 10min , why remove canone and give only rocket wothout damn lock-on! fight was longer and more fun. Sry for my bad language i hope you undarstand if somebody want read this ;p I must write this becouse this game move wrong way
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    I agree the game can be frustrating, the air game especially for new players as the cooldown when learning is so long you'll spend more time on the ground that in the air which doesn't help

    As for the spawn room warriors, yeah that pisses me off too and I would love to see more spawn rooms/teleporter points around the base (which I think is what you were suggesting), or tunnels leading out with various exits all around the base
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    I feared that no one understands ;p yes that i want sugest, i see I am not alone with this thoughts