My bids for the ES sniper rifles.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sossen, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. IamDH

    VS could get a continuous laser beam or something. It heats and does less damage but you can melt the fker
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  2. lyravega

    Hahah lol'd @ TR one :)
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  3. Edenwolf

    NC: Shotgun sniper

    Ba, a little late on that..
  4. Pikachu

    They might put UBSG.
  5. Van Dax

  6. Ghostrider0067

    A "sniper shotgun", man? Seriously?

    Shotguns are shotguns and are made for one thing only (and which they do well): dominate at extremely close range. That's it. I know this game is in the future and all, but come on.
  7. IamDH

    It was a joke..
  8. Pikachu

    NC sniper shoots a shotgun shell that detonates in front of the target.
  9. Ghostrider0067

    Good lord, I hope so. Consider me baited. Well played. o_O
  10. IamDH

    Lol i cant believe the TR one didn't give it away 4 u lol
  11. Ghostrider0067

    I won't lie as there's no point to it: I'm a totally green FNG and yet to drop into a match. However, that'll definitely be changing soon enough.
  12. Staticsilver

    Hey this is planetside, there are no matches, literally the games one defining trait, and welcome to planetside 2 dude! enjoy the ride and find an outfit, there i gave you a better tutorial than SOE good luck *fire the drop pods!
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  13. MrMurdok

    All three empires get re-skins of the same sniper rifle, that deals enough damage to counter NW but has a slower re-chamber and reload speed than the RAMS/Longshot/Paralax so it won't be a total sellout.
  14. Takara

    How about one that fires an orb the size of a biolab .... I miss my giant PPA already.
  15. Sossen

    Keep your hopes up. There's hope for this game yet.
  16. MrMurdok

    I love Planetside 2, and I love the dev team, but the weapon guys are really lazy as far as the Infiltrators' arsenal, I don't really expect this to change.
  17. biterwylie

    You don't need an application! Your hired.
  18. Bennybones

    I hate to be negative as I'm quite fond of the SoE team and how much they interact with the community.

    ...But to be frank, when it comes to weapons they're pretty crap. Extremely unimaginative, extremely boring and generally light-weight, weak sounds, boring design and just overall boring to use. We're in the future for crying out loud. Infiltrators can go invisible (more or less)! Yet their weapons are so boring, unimaginative and old fashioned that the poor fella has developed asthma, Parkinsons disease and become a heavy smoker (true story, just see how long he can hold his breath and how long it takes him to regain it). My granddad had access to rifles which were of a higher tech level than the rifles in PS2. I'm 98% certain that we're going to get a sniper rifle fitting the above description.

    Though I did see some concept art. It looked kinda neat, the TR one anyways, and they have put some time into adjusting the looks of weapons lately so maybe that bit won't be as crap at least.
  19. Metalsheep

    TR: Something like the Incisor from Mass Effect, three round burst sniper. Higher DPS, if all three rounds hit (with one or two to the head, 1 torso) Can kill through Nanoweave.

    NC: Railgun, one round mag. A short fire delay where the magnets initialize. (Not a charge up. But more for flavour.) Like the railgun from fallout, or the Javalin from Mass Effect. I just love to hear that vvviip-BOOM. Bullet will leave a shockwave in its wake, high velocity, headshots can kill through nanoweave.

    VS: Like the Focus Rifle from Halo: Reach. Emits a constant beam on an overheat timer. Keeping the beam in full contact with a player untill overheat can kill. (Faster if you can sweep the beam along the head, can beat nanoweave with head shots.) TTK will take longer if the beam never contacts the head.

    I think these would be great weapons for each faction and they all have a chance to bypass nanoweave if used right.
  20. Handsi

    TR: Lock on sniper rifle, OHK. It's balanced stop crying as TR would say. ;)

    NC: Sniper shotgun that back fires and hits the shooter. 2m range

    VS: No drop bullets that hit other side of map after charging up for 5mins