My beef with anti-tank mines!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Corezer, May 10, 2014.

  1. LibertyRevolution

    I hate it when the vehicle spawn pad is no where near the vehicle terminal.. those ones would get me..
    I just make sure someone else pulls first now, problem solved for me. :p
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  2. Takoita

    That's not the point - it is the principle of the thing. Why C4 despawns when you respawn? Why pain fields auto-detonate all explosives? Makes me think someone on the dev team got caught in a proxy + infantry terminal trap and got bumache.
  3. FaLI3N

    I must admit I am guilty of this in particular bases that the pad is too far away from the terminal :p

    Because it isn't hard to stick c4 to a tank and there needs to be risk vs reward whereas mines are supposed to be defensive and do not stick to targets. It really isn't hard to give the spawn area a quick once over to completely prevent them from getting you.
  4. Takoita

    Yes, it really isn't. Makes the change all the more mind-boggling.

    The reason I don't like the C4 change is because it makes 'improving' your mine traps with C4 unfeasible. Makes me a sad panda. :(
  5. Slandebande

    To be fair, this change isn't one that has been implemented before you went on hiatus ;)

    I always run with the munitions pouch (or whatever it's called on the engineer), which lets me run with 4-5 Tank Mines at a time. Really nice to slowing down a tank zerg (if you know how to place your mines that is) :)