My account got suspened without email notification

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by 24NoSwagWithScope7, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. MuldoonX9 Developer

    Flaming can very well be harassment. You are placing the burden of dealing with toxic behavior on the victim, when it's the harasser who should not be toxic. You should be polite to other players, since we take such actions seriously. No one is ever deserving of flaming.

    Here is an excerpt from the terms of service, found here:

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  2. Sierra331

    and that quote right there says that in the Terms of Service that the agreement was made to SOE [SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT] Meaning that with SOE now as Daybreak Studios, the contract and ToS are outdated.

    You're a gaming company and I may not be a friggen lawyer but that seems like pretty basic stuff to me. It's a loophole in your ToS that needs to be updated pretty quickly and until it is, it's not a valid ToS or contract.

    Also to imply that the recipient of a flaming is a "victim" is just being outright oversensitive. In reality most of these people receiving a flaming are jerking themselves into a coma simply because they are the kind of internet dwelling scumbags who get off on pissing other people off.

    Aside from that making the profanity filter optional and having a /ignore feature is a completely useless and moot point if you plan on enforcing flaming as a "harassment" case.
  3. Gammit

    OR, the company actually has lawyers who have checked this out and verified it is still legal and binding, perhaps even if only for a certain short period of time.
  4. user300115

    Then don't try to act like a lawyer.

    You also act like you know it all. Excerpt from an email:
  5. sagolsun

    Lucky bastard, got away with a tempban..
  6. user300115

    I got the ban removed after arguing and proving that the kills I got were legit. I guess they had an automated system based on stats in place which doesn't seem to be used anymore.
  7. Leer

    Wow, I love this. You are crazy funny, so wrong it's funny.
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  8. Sierra331

    That's the thing though, I'm not wrong.
  9. user300115

    Can you link me to the legislation?
  10. sagolsun

    That brings me to the question - when should I report players?

    Back in my 1337 days, I used to be more in the know about the cheating scene. What I learned is that most people don't fully exploit a hack's capabilities - a wallhack or occasional aimbot is enough. I rarely see obvious hack use, like sniping players accross the continent with a beamer.

    So my question is - if I see a player who's skills are surprisingly mismatched - potential cheaters but not necessarily - should I report them? Or should I reserve the reports for the obvious griefers with flying tanks and engineers inside of geometry?
  11. Leer

    I've reread you posts and can't understand your thinking and can't see how you think you are right. I find that amazing but people do see things from different angles. Having said that I agree with SOE/DB, the TOS is valid, the application of the TOS is correct, the target of your flames is the victim, and the banning is justified.

    If you don't agree with SOE/DB that is fine, interesting, but fine.

    FYI: Changing a company name and/or being sold doesn't invalidate a contract or relieve them of any liabilities or obligations.