My account got suspened without email notification

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by 24NoSwagWithScope7, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. MadHawker

    I would like to see someone from Sony comment on how its good business to punish your paying clients on free to play games.

    Personally i would suggest to warn ppl 2 weeks in advance of trying to take the money out and if that fails to disable the paid services and leave the account accessible so ppl can see why they cant do stuff and decide to either pay or continue play for free

    (in my case it didnt get taken in Nov when i had it reserved but due to 'free' time it got delayed to jan5 right after xmas expenses. It has been refilled since! but they do 1 charge and then suspend without warning. email etc)

    This is an excellent example of a company that doesnt care about their customer base, the in and outflow is still big enough.

    usually they start caring when its too late and most players already went to other games (pref without ANY online fees so i cant be suspended for errors at the bank/collection agency)
  2. MadHawker

    btw i wont be paying as long as the account is suspended, once suspension is lifted i will reconsidder supporting the devs

    I am still so pissed that they throw away a 10yr+ customer like this
  3. Krayus_Korianis

    When you get banned or suspended, you don't get an email...
  4. hotak92

    Can someone tell me more about this migration? After not playing for 1+ year yesterday i tried to log in only to find out that it's like my account never existed (i was able to create a new account with the same username and e-mail). I never recived any e-mail suggesting my account was going to be banned for inactivity neither about some migration. When did it happen? What happened to accounts not making it? May it be the cause for my account not existing anymore? I hopened a ticked with soe anyway, but from what i'm understanding they may not even be the ones having my old account data.
  5. 3punkt14159

    Until January 2014 ProsiebenSat1 was the publisher for europe. Then the quit and the eurpean players merged to Sony Onlie Entertainment. The migration was January/February. So if you got only an Psg account you cant log in acctually. Maybe the Support will help you.
  6. Uriette

    I want to warn you about bans and reports. The pasts weeks, I receive tons of /tell message says these players report me for cheating, but it's because they're are aboslutely bad to this game. I think Daybreak Game Company have to do something about that. This kind of abusive behavior is aboslutely disgusting. If someone got a ban without e-mail/warning message, it can be a whinning player report you for cheating/boosting.

    And for these whinners, there's no cheat and hacking program in PS2 actually. And finally, players with long experience, and tons of SC purchased like camo, lumifibers... Will never use hacks and cheats. :)
  7. MuldoonX9 Developer

    We don't ban players based solely on reports. If you get a bunch of reports, we'll investigate the allegations. So if you're really good, and a bunch of players report you for killing them, you have nothing to worry about.
  8. FLHuk

    << Banned Jan 2013 no warning.

    No contact at all.

    No replies to ticket so just spammed info at them.

    After pointing out I'd submitted a sys image in a bug report ban was changed to seven day suspension.

    No reasons ever given.

    Good luck :)
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  9. Sierra331

    Bull, my account was suspended for 8-days because some whinging idiots in the game couldn't be arsed to use their in game profanity filters or the /ignore add commands. Yet still SOE suspends me because I flamed a couple douchers in game.

    What's pathetic is that these GM's dont understand that their Terms of Service are outdated and therefore irrelevant and non-enforceable. (Claiming that the ToS I agreed to on creation of the account.) matters little when it was an agreement with Sony Online Entertainment which has since become Daybreak Studios, without a new Terms of Service contract to read over and agree to all the rules are technically null and void.

    Any rules based on profanity or flaming in game are also technically voided by the inclusion of a profanity filter and /ignore commands. The only enforceable rule would be harassment of the same faction or by creating alternate characters to continue pursuing an individual after they've exhausted all other means of discontinued communications.

    I still assert that SOE/Daybreak Studios owes me compensation for all 8-days lost on suspension seeing as I paid for 12-month Auraxium membership that I'm not being allowed to use by a company's enforcers using outdated contracts as justification, which in my opinion is stealing from me.
  10. iMartyr

    i just tried to relog into planetside after a session to find out i'm banned without notice too? I'm hoping it's because i see the servers labeled "LOCKED" and its just a login server issue?
  11. percivalus2

    hoping it too, have the same issue .. never got mail or info
  12. Irishwasbanned

    No email, no notification. the launcher says i am banned, but the soe login on the website says suspended. interested in knowing the next step, opened a ticket already. i believe it is because i got spawned in the ground at an amp and killed maybe 10 guys before i redeployed after i was told it was punishable. after playing and paying for planetside 1 since beta, i hope they don't read 10 kills as a perma bannable offence. it is what it is otherwise, they have a job to do i get it.
  13. Krayus_Korianis

    I find it funny when people think that they'll send you a notification or an email for being banned. They don't. They never will.
  14. Tamon-Temp

    This has to be a bug. I have the same issue as Irishwasbanned. Told I've been banned by login client, suspended by SoE website. Can't even login to these forums or to the website to send a support ticket, no email notice either in any folder or email account. Made this temporary account to place a ticket.

    I even tried to login to EQ2 which I never play now and I'm banned from that as well. Apparently some EQ2 players are complaining about this same problem.

    It can't be a billing issue for me since I'm not a member at the moment (thank God!).

    EDIT: And now...just like that, I can login and play again.
  15. iMartyr

    Unbanned now!
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  16. Evito

    The issue was fixed for me, try logging in guys.
  17. bwjinxing

    Annndd.... unbanned now. Without a Email nor a ticket reply.
  18. MuldoonX9 Developer

    Just because our company changed names does not make our Terms of Service any less binding. Harassing people is against our terms as well. Just because there are tools to ignore people doesn't give you the right to use abusive language. We also check chat logs for such language when we get reports mentioning harassment, and suspend players over it. I hope in the future you will be more polite to your fellow Planetsiders.
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  19. RadarX Moderator

    We had a minor technical issue this morning which unfortunately resulted in a few of you receiving erroneous notifications you were banned. The issue was resolved a few hours later but we do apologize for the confusion it caused. We are looking into what caused it.
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  20. Sierra331

    Actually that's just the thing, legally the agreement was made with the company known as Sony Online Entertainment, not Daybreak Studios - you really should consider updating your Terms of Service and other legal agreements because they are rather out of date.

    Also the difference between harassment and flaming is that if I flame you in game, it'll only persist so long as you choose to not /ignore me or until I'm burnt out, where as harassment will continue if I choose to pursue and make alternate characters and circumvent the tools at your disposal. You should REALLY update your ToS to reflect that, otherwise you're misleading people to make the same mistake, and considering how much money I've sunk into Planetside 2, I'd consider the account a high enough value item to fight over it legally if it was ever shut down over verbally flaming someone.

    BTW - some of my fellow planetsiders are well deserving of a good flaming now and again. Many VS players and some TR abusing that overbuffed Vulcan or the Banshee prior are recipients.