My account got suspened without email notification

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by 24NoSwagWithScope7, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. 24NoSwagWithScope7

    How to contact SOE now ?

    How to get clarifications ?

    I dont even know why i got supended.
  2. Onhil

    So my first question is have you killed someone repeately over and over again in the same area? or did you get a friend or something to make a temporary character so you can pad your stats which may be the reason you got suspended.

    If you accidentaly killed the same person who did not move at all that you don't know is counted as stat padding which is something you get suspended for, but not banned.

    Making another character so you kan kill it over and over again is also stat padding which also get you suspended, but not banned.

    If I knew your character name I could confirm my theory, but send me a message and not a reply here to do it.

    I belive your character is suspended for up to 3 days or something. And if you did stat pad don't do it again you might actually get banned then
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  3. 24NoSwagWithScope7

    Well after waiting for like 10h for a SOE support reply, i still havent got a email with any detail as to why...awesome!o_O
  4. 24NoSwagWithScope7 this forum dead or what ? Why is no moderator replying....Support doesnt answer...whats going on ? I want my 200 Euro account back pls:mad:
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  5. stalkish

    Try tweeting a dev, failing that use reddit, failing that use facebook, the official planetside 2 forums should be the absolute last resort.
    At least thats the way Higby seems to feel.

    *Awaits deletion*

    On a more serious note, if you give us your char name we might be able to shed some light on your situation.
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  6. 24NoSwagWithScope7

    Thanks mate, will do
  7. day ofm one

    Moderators keep the forums clear, they don't have any realtion to in-game bans as far as I know.

    Also you are not the only person contacting the support, these guys have a lot of work to do and work on tickets in the order they come.
  8. 24NoSwagWithScope7

    But they banned me. Shouldnt i get automativally with that ban an email ? Its not even confirmed. The only way that i found out that im banned was by trying to log in the game ...

    EDIT: What im trying to say with that is : They got the time to ban me but not to send me an email with clarifications ?
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  9. day ofm one

    A suspension is temporary, a ban is permanent (usually).

    I'd recommend to tell them that you didn't recieve an E-Mail (did you check your spam?).
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  10. 24NoSwagWithScope7

    Yep i checked all folder ;)
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  11. JonboyX

  12. ClaytheSecond

    I also got banned (or suspended) today without an email notification. I have absolutely no idea what could have caused this ban so I think they have some issues on their side if several people get banned for no reason? I am playing Planetside 2 since 2 years and have a premium membership during most of that time which is still running to mid 2015.

    My charakters:!/5428106629448034833!/5428176321538184145!/8254139212908069953
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  13. 24NoSwagWithScope7


    My ban was not for no reason.

    So this post is kind of an update:
    My bank charged back some money for the membership i bought a couple of days ago..
    Soo yeah..i will get my account back soon.
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  14. ClaytheSecond

    I maybe have similar issues then. I will wait for a ticket response. I tweetet all the devs and SOEHelp but no answer yet lol.
  15. MadHawker

    Would be nice in case of a bank error that they at least let you know whats going on and second to keep access to your old invoice info and the ability to create a ticket
    (i would only disable paid services not even FTP since suspending like this just P***es your customers off)

    I was a customer for 10 - 15 yrs or maybe even longer so even that doesnt make any difference for them in how to treat people
  16. den1343

    yea i got suspended too and i didn't receive a email and it is for no reason i haven't play this game in a long while due to not having a great pc
  17. 3punkt14159

    For how long you didt play? Maybe you missed the PSG migration (if you are from europe).
  18. Mianera

    Let's make something very clear.

    1. Don't post on the forums, only players are here along with some moderators. Devs and official SOE members pop in maybe 2-5 times a year. Look for them on facebook, by mail, reddit or twitter.

    2. Open a support ticket and ask what caused it (assuming you don't know)

    3. Suspension and bans are different. Bans are permanent where as suspensions are temporary.

    4. You either cheated, did stat padding, used very offensive language several times, exploited game mechanics or used a illigal third party software. These things don't happen without reason.

    5. It is NOT because you didn't do the migration. Everyone who didn't was notified by mail several times and in the end forced. If you didn't merge, you wouldn't be able to play for a while now.
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  19. ClaytheSecond

    Let´s make something very clear.

    1. If this happens the forum post is more of a way to let go of frustration how bad sony handles things like this and see if there are other players facing smiliar issues. No one is really hoping to get info about the account here.

    2. Mostly people already did this and wait up to 7 days for an answer (4 days for my ticket now).

    3. Is there any way to see if you have a suspension or a ban before you get an answer from the support team?

    4. There are several examples of people who got banned because of flase positive cheat detection or internal errors and got unbanned later. So these things DO happen without a reason ocassionally. And if they have a reason it would be great to get an information about it.

    5. yeah no idea about this one i have always been at soe.
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  20. 24NoSwagWithScope7

    Not true: As i mentioned in my update. I got suspended for billing issues..