Multi-Processor Support for Ps2?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Acsriot, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Acsriot

    Hey everyone - kinda dumb question.The Rig I currently use is a converted Editing Rig, its fairly powerful with 16 gigs of ram and 2 480's. Its only downfall is that it's motherboard requires 2 CPU's. I have fitted it with 2 dual core Xeon's @ 3.0GHZ , is there any tweak of fix that allows Ps2 to tap into both processors at the same time ?
  2. Boris

    It's barely competent at using one. Right now only thing making PS2 run faster is raw processing power of the main thread i:e higher core clock > all.
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  3. Deathcapt

    Single Threaded Application For the lose. I don't get why more engines / games aren't moving into the multi threaded design architecture, sure you have to deal with Races, and concurrency, but it would be so worth it.
  4. Hydragarium

    That degree in Computer Sciences - how's you going for you?

    In other words - boy are you clueless about cores and how Planetside (and software in general - specifically games) can utilize them.
  5. SgtRolling

    For a 3770k, it only uses the first core, and taps a bit into the 3rd. other than that, everything else is being used >10%. Their game apparently isn't all that demanding, it is just the fact that they didn't ******* multi thread it that makes it a peformance hog.
  6. PhillyGunson

    It sounds like he knows exactly what he is talking about. PS2 COULD be better at taking advantage of multi core processors but it isnt. Its harder to program that way (thats why he mentioned race conditions and concurrency) but the payoff is a better playing game.
  7. Hydragarium

    I am incredibly calm that people who actually know the first thing about this subject are working on the game and not buzzword zealots like Philly. You seriously buy into words alone? Lets try that.


    According you your flawed logic I am now a socially inept genius who makes a living of making nuclear powered asian cards that poop out fruits.
  8. PhillyGunson

    Failed attempt at trolling hydragarium. Besides assuming PS2 is running on a single thread which is not true the rest of his post was 100% correct. If the developers spent more time spreading the games systems over more threads it would run better.

    Its not impossible to spread the work more evenly across more threads it just takes MUCH more work.
  9. Hydragarium

    (This response IS actualy trolling by the way - but informative trolling)
  10. PhillyGunson

    Great movie btw. However you still have yet to prove anything I said wrong. Until you do I'll take my computer science degree and head to work :)
  11. Hydragarium

    You do that lad, you do that. *chuckle*
  12. Deathcapt

    I actually have a bachelors of Software engineering, and have actually made a couple games myself. Multi core programming is much, much more challenging, and there's definitely steps that need to be taken in order for producing each frame, usually the stuff that gets offloaded, is file management(obviously), communication stuff, input and UI elements, and other auxilery tasks, generally your main physics / gameplay logic stuff is all synchronous, so you're looking at pure clock cycles. It's hard to move any gameplay stuff into different threads because it's so much easier to loop through everything in order, when doing math/ gameplay stuff. Race conditions, are something that scares most people away from even trying to do multi-threaded, asynchronous stuff.

    The game is already multithreaded / multicored, it's just most of the load is on one thread, and there's too much tied to the graphical per frame type stuff. There was a thread analysing how rof was directly affected by FPS, which means they're doing some kind of "is the trigger held + RPM timer up, then fire another shot, once per frame.
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  13. Hashlak

    Deathcapt, thank you for the in depth analysis on this, quite interesting actually :) Wish SOE could be as detailed when it comes to explaining certain issues like the culling/draw distance of players...

    Ignore the fat troll we have here, seems to have nothing better to do in his life lol..
  14. Hydragarium

    You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to say that line through the years - thank you for finally being a software engineer. :D

    If that was a stab at me I am neither - And I wouldn't say things like that with the ever vigilant moderators around (and I do actually spend an hour every day in tech support assisting people - shocking I know :p)
  15. Inzababa

    well you weren't of much assistance in this thread ;)
  16. Hydragarium

    Saying "The game already has multicore support - they're working in improving the effectiveness. Now shut up and stop pretending you know anything about the subject you dunce" gets incredibly old after a few days. We all have to entertain ourselves. :p
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