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  1. November

    Is there any sort of benefit as a long time PC player? I know nothing transfers, just curious if they have anything like this.
  2. RedArmy

    other than getting worse GFX and gameplay going to another system? no - just a downgrade all the way
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  3. WorldOfForms

    The game on PS4 is in a sorry state right now. Unless all your friends have moved over, you should wait for a few more patches.

    Nothing account wise transfers over. The main advantage of moving over is that the populations are way higher there. Also, if for some reason you play on a potato, the PS4 is like a slightly upgraded potato.
  4. NostalgicDaze

    No hackers too, so the game is pretty much worry free about cheaters.
  5. Pikachu

    I'm pretty sure Luperza said ages ago that PC->ps4 character transfer was to be possible.
  6. November

    I really just want my purchases to transfer over. I've spent a few hundred dollars on this game over the course of several years and would like access to all my weapons. I dont mind leveling up again to unlock other stuff. Just the weapons. Thats all.
  7. WorldOfForms

    Not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. The two platforms use different virtual currencies. Also the number of people playing on both PC and PS4 is tiny, so it's not worth, money wise, to bother.
  8. November

    PS4 actually has TONS of people. All four servers are full. And they don't use different currencies. When I was swapping through the shop it clearly says Daybreak Cash.
  9. AxiomInsanity87

    No you dont sadly but the experience is better.

    No hackers
    No macros
    No INI file edits

    Gfx are on high and you can enjoy them without mlg wannabe kids who turn them all the way down gaining advantages. The experience is better by far. Its still got some bugs that need fixing and some content to come like outfits on the 29th.

    The pc is more leet and potentially better, but no.

    If i could refund the 380gbp i spent on the pc version then i would. The servers are about 350 in que to login, its glorious.

    Rendering still exists but its worth it. USA servers were borked but might be fixed now, i dont know . EU is running fine and the crown is truly oldschool.

    Ps4's are also dirt cheap, its hilarious. Inb4 fanboi hatred as well lol.
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  10. November

    Would be nice if we could get some info from a dev letting us know if they're going to try to do this, or they simply won't. So I will know if I should start buying my guns back or not.
  11. sustainedfire

    That's the aspect of pc that I dislike.

    The players who have macros ruin the experience. Running an smg, and having an enemy round a corner and you unload in there face, only to have their character do the obvious disjointed dance of one using macros - and they survive and kill you with a weapon intended for ranged use.

    Or players who have obviously tweaked the accuracy / recoilsl settings and get headshots a little too consistently.

    It's frustrating.
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  12. RedArmy

    Luperza no longer works for the company
  13. WorldOfForms

    I said the number of people playing on BOTH PC and PS4 is tiny. Most people play one or the other, so its not worth Daybreak's resources to accommodate that small subset of people.
  14. WorldOfForms

    The devs have said multiple times they aren't going to do any transfers of items. Do some research and you will find the quotes.
  15. toast2250

    Your not being seriously serious about asking this are you,..
  16. Bape

    Wrong I actually talked to one on vonic stream. He said if the server population gets low they will allow us to transfer our PC character to the PS4 version. Now I don't know if he was joking since he was making a lot of jokes but I doubt he would joke about that.

    Also PS4>PC and im not talking about skills. im talking about no zergs/tanks/air killing infantry and spawn shield camping etc. None of that don't exist in the PS4 version. It all infantry side with 2-3 lightning and once in a blue moon MAX.
  17. AxiomInsanity87

    Why bother as well when mlg wannabe scrubs lower graphics to remove stuff?. There's actually bushes for everyone on the ps4, BUSHES! ;)

    It's literally not worth playing on pc.
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  18. toast2250

    My guess is that the rank/vehicle restriction/new players have to do something with it if that's so.
    Its way to early to claim that or anything. Only with time a true shape will emerge. :eek:
  19. Bape

    Nope everyone over br 15. Max and lightning esf etc are unlocked but they dont use them. Just got off and I only see sunderer and valkyre. I barely see maxes or tanks.
  20. Goretzu

    I still can't really believe that SOE/DBG didn't prioritise anti-cheat stuff sooner and much more vigorously, it really is something that just bleeds games out.
    Games don't tend to lose people in large chunks quicky with ESP and no COF hacks, but it is a steady drip, drip, drip, drip........ till most everyone is gone. :(
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