[Suggestion] move the NC MAX shield

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  1. L1ttlebear

    So as we all know, the NC MAX aegis shield has been the spotlight of a lot of controversy since GU09 launch. I know this is a bit late of a suggestion, but I was wondering what the community (the intelligent members at least) think of my idea.

    I suggest removing the NC MAX shield from the MAX entirely. I feel that the MAX is an assault based weapons system and should be treated as one. The shield serves to role into the NC MAX's typical tole BUT....i do like the shield.

    I think that the shield would be an awesome addition (with some tweaking) to the HA class. I think it would be fun to take the shield, weaken it some, and allow the HAs the opportunity to sacrifice their over shield for a slightly stronger frontal shield that they can use to help out their team. It wouldn't be OP as everyone can get one and the use of the shield completely neuters the player using it but it would allow for infantry combat to get a little more interesting :)

    As for the NC MAX, I believe that their intended role has always been to be the kings of CQB (the game is SUPPOSED to be balanced asymmetrically) so I would suggest an offensive ability that has very short range that compliments the MAX's CQB role. Something like:

    *A melee attack that used both hands (like a clap) that inflicts massive damage
    *An ability that allows the MAX to set off a small charge like a cool down, smaller form of an EMP or concussion grenade that allows TEMPORARY dominance in a CQB setting while being worthless at long range.
    *An ability much like charge but that is shorter and deals damage if you run an opponent into a wall or rock (I could see a lot of fun with MAX v MAX fights on that one:) )

    Well let me know what you guys think! :)
  2. Spartan 117

    I feel the shield should be available to all MAX's. Give the NC something else. We asked for months & months for PS1 type shield & our suggestions were ignored. Now we have a directional shield that is ineffective because hits are registered clientside. Meaning you may very well have your shield facing your enemy, but hes lagging & on his screen hes hitting you. The new additions TR/VS received can be used to maximum effectiveness by solo players. The NC shield has to be used in a organized fashion to even be remotely effective.


    We have NC players desperately trying to come up with strategies like the one above to make use of the new ability. It may look neat, but 1 sunderer with a Bulldog, a liberator, or a ESF would destroy that group of MAX's effortlessly.
  3. Zotamedu

    You dawg, I heard you like shields. Se we put a shield on your shield so you can pop a shield when you pop a shield.
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  4. Winfield

    No. Just no.

    The MAX Shield is fine. Stop trying to ruin it.
  5. gigastar

    Im pretty sure the shield will do fine when (if) it gets better coverage around the MAX.
  6. Epic High Five

    Probably that lightning off to the right saw a big group of sitting ducks and ran them over, but yeah any of those things would crunch up that charge.

    NC pilots are probably really stoked that we're the only ones who didn't get 30% buffs to our bursters this patch. But that's okay, we can block one of 6 entrances to a cap point while contributing nothing else with our giant shotgun arms.