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  1. WhatsBrownAndSticky?

    I currently use a mouse sensitivity of 0.124 and a DPI of 800. I want to test a newer, higher DPI of 12,000. I have done the calculation to get the new sensitivity of 0.008 which should have the mouse working as before in game, but it doesn't.

    The work is much more sensitive than before. I have even set the in-game sensitivity to 0.000 but it is still much more sensitive than before. The calculation, (Current DPI * Current Sensitivity) / New DPI should give give a sensitivity setting that has the mouse work as before.

    Are there know issues with the in-game mouse sensitivity settings? It doesnt't feel like it scales linearly.

    I know a lot of people will be asking why I'm going for such a high DPI and will be saying I shouldn't do it. I'm only interested in seeing how it performs at a higher setting as all the reviews I've read says there is less skipped pixels.

    I just can't get the sensitivity to act as it should based on the calculation above.
  2. OneShadowWarrior

    The most your can really run before any mouse lags out is 3200 DPI. It is true though your scope jitters less at higher DPI and the movements do feel smoother because the data a being read on your surface from the mouse will be at a faster rate, you just have to play with mouse sensitivity in general game settings to get the right feel.

    Expect to die a lot till you find the DPI that you can handle, I’ve done both, ran maximum 12,000 DPI and lowest at 100 DPI, because stepping out of your comfort zone will build your reflexes.
  3. Who Garou

    You don't indicate what sort of mouse you are working with.

    Most gaming mice have a profiler where you can define the DPI of the mouse - most probably 3 or more storage slots for this that you can toggle through with one mouse press or another.

    Leave the in-game settings as they are and adjust the mouse DPI through the mouse settings.
    And see if that helps.

    I have mine set currently with standard and sniper sensitivity and DPI. My sniper DPI is much lower than my standard, so moving the mouse moves the cursor less over distance so that I target more precisely.

    If you want to swing around quickly then increase our DPI.
  4. ObiVanuKenobi

    Higher dpi isn't better, smoother or anything like that. It determines how fast your cursor moves, that's all.
    For smoother movement you want a mouse with a good sensor and polling rate.
    Polling rate is what determines how often mouse reports position to your pc. Higher polling rate = smoother movement. Many people confuse this with dpi.
  5. Magma52

    This. Polling rate is what makes for a smoother, more reliable mouse action, not DPI! Set polling rate to 1000 and your DPI to 800 (it's what a lot of good players use because it lets you set a nice, low sensitivity in your games) and forget it.

    Then you set your in-game sens until you get the highest comfortable cm / 360º. I use 30cm for hipfire and 45cm for ADS and I like to think I can aim pretty well with it. Remember, the higher your cm / 360º, the lower your sensitivity and the better you will aim! Good luck.
  6. Skraggz

    I currently run 1500 dpi due to flying but over time I just got use to it. 12k dpi is entirely to much, you want to take the polling to 1000 and get an ergonomic feeling mouse. Stay in the 1000 dpi area if you can and adjust the games sensitivity to it.
  7. WhatsBrownAndSticky?

    Everyone here has answered a question that wasn't asked.

    Thanks for the opinions but what I asked was, "Are there known issues with the in-game mouse sensitivity settings? It doesn't feel like it scales linearly."

    I want to run tests at extreme DPI's but the in-game sensitivity doesn't seem to scale properly. 12,000 is the highest I've tried it but even at 1,200, 2,400 and 3,200 the sensitivity in game doesn't seem to work as it should. I've used 800 DPI and 0.124 sensitivity for years. Doing the calculation I should be able to change DPI and sensitivity to get the same feel, but it seems like something is bugged with the in-game sensitivity of planetside. Is that correct?

    I wish I could delete this thread, as it's just become an opinions piece.

    I've actually just found a video and a Reddit thread that show and talk about how the in-game sensitivity could have issues. It adjusts itself as your FPS change.
  8. Skraggz

    If there was a benefit to running high dpi and low sensitivity then pros would have been doing it for ages. So your "reviews" are questionable.
  9. OneShadowWarrior

    You'll hear the old chant of CSI go players using low DPI settings but that was during a time when optical sensors with high DPI had jitters, try it for yourself and see, you'll see your scope jiitters less at 2000-3200 DPI, the technology has vastly improved.

    You will also notice you can flick your way out of danger and people will swear your cheating or seeming to have inhuman reflexes. This is what many of the newer generation of players is kicking the old school way of thought right in the nuts.

    I did a bunch of tests and found the cursor to jump less meaning your scope or ADS at settings between 2000-3200 DPI, you just have to adjust your mouse sensitivity to get the right feel.

    Believing in old low DPI is a old man's way.
  10. VigiFyre

    Unfortunately a lot of games use some dumb scaling for their sensitivity setting, instead of just letting us set the multiplier itself, which would be way easier.
    Try this online calculator. Planetside 2 is among the games it supports.

    DPI is not speed, it's resolution.
    If you try the following:
    1. Set DPI low and in-game sensitivity high;
    2. Set DPI high and in-game sensitivity low;
    So that both variants have the same resulting speed.
    The one with higher DPI would be better, because the mouse will correctly register noticeably smaller movements.
  11. JibbaJabba

    If you dip below ~80fps, then avoid sensitivities below 0.100.

    Cranking your DPI up and then lowering sens to keep things the same can become counter productive. Additionally the benefit of higher DPI is questionable (once you hit something reasonable like 800).
  12. AlcyoneSerene

    Interesting topic. For native DPI intervals, or mice where the DPI is native across their entire spectrum: I've come across this suggestion before, of using higher mouse DPI with lower in-game sensitivity, for the purpose of minimizing certain jittering that may occur.

    How I've used this: in Overwatch, I switched to 1500 DPI with low in-game sensitivity, using at first a steelseries rival 300 & 310 (3 failed mice as sensor degrades in short time, avoid this brand) and now a logitech gmx518. In Planetside2 I've not made use of this method, and kept it at 500 DPI with higher in-game sensitivity.

    Both have the same goal: a low enough final sensitivity to make aiming 'forgiving' but not so low as to invalidate the pivot points and movements in the fingers, wrists, arm and shoulder, plus the ability to reasonably track fast moving targets up close.

    I've made use of and to calculate my cm/360, verified by a ghetto method of actually doing a 360 in game along the edge of my large mousepad and measuring that with a ruler. It seems to correspond close enough. I now set a mouse DPI of 2000 (up from my normal 500), as OneShadowWarrior above suggests. It is annoying having the mouse move so fast in menus, but otherwise my muscle memory with converted values confirms the above website converters do function perfectly. Scoped and hipfire feel exactly the same.

    I never saw any mouse jiitter on any of the two or three perfect mouse sensors on either of the two games, or otherwise noticed any difference from using higher (native) DPI versus lower in achieving the same desired low sensitivity, over the many years and thousands of hours, but that doesn't mean it's not worth testing it for yourself again and again.

    In Overwatch I've stuck with this higher DPI lower in-game sensitivity method since I never bothered to convert it back to low DPI, and placebo or not, it felt good in Overwatch despite the hasstle of DPI switch while in menus to lower it. Will try this same method now that I discovered how to port cm/360 using above two websites in Planetside2 and see how it goes or if I see any difference or improvement.
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  13. AlcyoneSerene

    Also to add to my previous rely, at it seems only the hipfire values are free, the rest is premium access only. Good thing is only the is needed as you convert using the cm/360 using different DPI values, with the hidden result field requiring mouse dragging to the right to reveal the full decimal places. The drawback is neither converters have flight sensitivity conversion.
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