Most sniperish LA weapon for TR?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ianneman, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Ianneman

    What's the most sniperish weapon option for LA on the TR that lets you sit really high and consistently hit targets at 50m+? Is there even such a thing?
  2. MarkAntony

    blackhand. the new revolver sidearm. gotta hit headshots though.
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  3. qiray12

    T5 amc that thing can shoot down at people from any building and maybe the tr carbine thats the easiest to control beyond 30m.
    But then again youre not a sniper in a tree and why would you even want that?
  4. Skiptrace

    the T5 AMC and the NS Carbine are ok for TR "Sniping" LA. But if you really want something with range, you play NC and use the AC-X11 or the Razor GD-23
  5. _itg

    The Blackhand is definitely what you want. It works out to about 150m, if you're crouched and stationary. No carbine comes close to that effective range.
  6. Iridar51

    Blackhand can be nice, but it's only useful against immobile targets so you can double-tap them in the head.

    Forget T5 AMC. If you're looking for automatics, HC1 Cougar is your best bet, as it's basically better at everything than T5 AMC except for CQC (not topic of the thread) or when Suppressed (arguable).

    NS-11C also performs worse than Cougar in that role, as long as you can control Cougar's mild recoil.

    You can try "snipering", properly called "perching", but IMO it's not an effective playstyle. Occasionally, if you find yourself with a fitting weapon and in a fitting position, you can reach out to remote targets, but you shouldn't use it as a main engagement style. Feel free to discover that for yourself, though.
  7. Dumpsterprophet

    to be honest with you the tr carbines are pretty much cqc and not many of them have great ranged qualities. However if you ever decide to roll vanu the pulsar c is pretty much amazing at range.
  8. Copasetic

    If you're crazy you can try one of the auto shotguns with slugs. You'll probably have to make some major changes to your play style though because any change in movement throws your aim off completely. Either stand still or strafe in long swings, 2-3 shots before changing direction

    I find it fun, but don't expect some kind of secretly OP weapon or something.
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  9. Dualice

    We got that area covered now too man. Say hello to the Cougar :)
  10. Skiptrace

    Or you can just use the Baron with slugs and snipe people from 500m out...
  11. 00000000000000000000

    LA isn't really meant for Long range engagements, its why we have the mobility, so we can close gaps to use our Carbines, SMGs and Shotguns.

    That being said, the others are right, Blackhand is your best bet.
  12. prodo123

    Someone beat me to it. If you want the best pseudo battle rifle, a shotgun with slugs is what you want.
    Sniping, Blackhand hands down.
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  13. Stargazer86

    I grew to loathe the AMC and Cougar after Auraxiuming both. The AMC might be quite accurate, but it just feels too weak and fires too slowly to be of use at anything but sniping. The Cougar, while a copy of the Razor and therefore better, also doesn't do it for me. For long range, I actually prefer the Trac-5S with foregrip and compensator.
  14. Kirppu1

  15. Corezer

    I perch with a lynx, because it doesn't feel the effects to kill times that come from silencers, and the velocity doesn't matter if you are perching you don't have to shoot at guys you cant hit lol.

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