Most satisfying kill?

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  1. JohnGalt36

    I'm bored at work, so you all have to entertain me. What's the most satisfying kill for you? Is it finishing off an enemy ESF in a dogfight? C4'ing an MBT? Sniping someone who hopped out of their vehicle to repair?

    I know my favorite kills are against ESF's with my Titan-150 AP.
    My favorite single kill, though, was getting wrecked by a Prowler, getting out of my Vanguard right before exploding, waiting in the rocks for him to focus on something else, and sneaking up while he was locked down. I put 3 tank mines on top of his Prowler and threw a sticky grenade, watched as both he and his gunner swiveled to look at me, and exploded right before they could fire at me.

    So satisfying.

    What are your favorites?
  2. AdelTheQadi

    Hitting an air vehicle with an anti tank turrent on the first try
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  3. pnkdth

    OHKing HAs with my TSAR/Ghost/SAS-R before they get a chance to activate their shield. Quickscope kills in CQC feels extra good, and the inevitable hackusations/salty responses makes it all feel even better.
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  4. insaneman12

    Mine is posting up as a sniper and taking out other snipers trying to hack our terminals and engineers trying to heal a max or tank.
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  5. ppanj

    Daltoning ESFs , nothing else like it =)
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  6. Demigan

    Flanking kills, there's nothing like it. For sometimes more than 10 minutes I drive or walk around for a good position, any aircraft can tear me apart if they happen to see me, then when the time is right... I strike. A shotgun in a small group of people, C4 on someone, sniping a mass of people from a direction they would never, ever expect, and most favorite of all: using AP lightnings or Vanguards to drive around for miles, they nail a bunch of tanks from the rear. Especially when there's a thin front-line with a large, fanned-out tank column this rewarding as hell. first picking off any vehicle that backs up for repairs, then selecting easy targets to strike. Ofcourse, any tank that happens to spawn behind you might accidentally flank you and every aircraft is basically a death sentence, which is why pulling it off makes it so great.

    As for memorable kills...
    Get caught on a walkway as an infiltrator by 2 Heavies, they shoot my shield away and I crawl behind a crate. They move up. I break cover, blow the first one away in CQC with my SMG while using him as a shield for the other, then finish the other one as well despite both popping their overshield.

    After a long, dangerous track to Scarred Mesa from Red Ridge I reach the jump pads. I get on top and see a line of 7 AV turrets with engineers. In full view of the busy spawnbunker I managed to OHK knife all 7 (plus a hapless guy who walked behind them), using the next engineer+turret as a shield against the bullets coming from the spanwbunker.

    My first memorable killstreak: A TR tank column is moving up through Blackshard Iridium mine. I C4 one tank, then use the fire and wreckage as cover while gunning most engineers down.

    I get empty my carbine and pistol on a massive zerg as they enter, then get killed. The Zerg takes over but a revive grenade helps me up. I don't have time to reload so I start knifing away... and get 6 kills before there's enough room that they get a clear shot. The friendly fire alone must have killed 4 or more people as I knifed my way through everyone.
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  7. Trebb

    Getting that LOCK AIR warning, turning around and wrecking them.

    Other than that, hornet rockets to the rear of any armor, NEVER gets old!
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  8. JohnGalt36

    Love that. I've only done it a couple times, assuming you're talking about the mounted turrets, not the engi AV ones.

    I've been using the SAS-R to get my sniper rifle directives. CQC sniping is hard!

    Agreed! I love flanking in my AP Vanguard. Stealth FTW!

  9. BlueSkies

    Me in a lightning, them in a 2/2 magrider. Utilizing a strategic "retreat" to lure them into my tank mine trap.

    Me in a lightning, him in a 1/2 prowler. Hopped out right before my tank exploded, ran up and tank mined him.

    Currently enjoying stealing ESF kills with my Archer.

    And of course... my C4 Fairy is always a blast ;)
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  10. GuhMaster2512

    I love hitting an ESF with my decimator. My very ESF kill was against CondimentActual and I was super happy afterwards.
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  11. JohnGalt36

  12. Ceiu

    I've never pulled this one off, but I can say that being on the receiving end of it and having enough time to watch the shell come in, knowing full well it's too late and there's nothing I can do is probably the most satisfying/hilarious way to die. Nothing to do but slouch back in my chair and send a props-tell while waiting to respawn:

    "Nice shot... jerk."

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  13. Flamberge

    Tech plant fights. Pull a stalker, EMP bandoleer, Hunter QCX (Or Rebel.) Spawn a reaver with stealth and ejection seat, hop out over the dun deck. After that multiple choice:
    • Toss AI mines behind occupied base turrets. If they don't get out, hack another turret and shoot turret A until they hop out
    • OHK sniping infils with the X-bow
    • Sometimes they get smart, and put down spitfires. EMP a spitfire, and hack it. Now I have a spitfire. Ha.
    • Go to a Tech Plant in enemy territory. (2-3 hexes away from any fights is ideal) Hack an AV turret, and wreck any enemy air that lands on the landing pad to repair.
    As far as an actual kill that was satisfying...
    I was a stalker infil with the X-Bow inside an enemy base. I notice there are enemy tank mines in the road going through the base. A Prowler comes up, I uncloak and fire one shot at the tank mine right as the prowler runs over. I assume the Prowler was damaged, or the mines were in a cluster (I only saw one). Whatever the case, I got a 2/2 Prowler kill.
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  14. Dgross

    Once there was this sniper who thought he was THE s#!t with a streak of 30 and going.
    He loved to uncloak ADADAD get a HS and cloak again.
    I timed his little dance and killed him while he was cloaked , one shot to the head.

    He messaged me with lots of hate and called me a hacker.
    Loved it.
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  15. FBVanu

    Many moons ago, I shot at a retreating Liberator, with my Prowler, HEAT rounds at the time, while looking backwards,
    Liberator flying far away , away from me..
    I took the two shots.. turned the turret around to see where I was going, stopped to get out and repair..
    Suddenly: KILL SCREEN two kills on that liberator.. it felt like a loooong time before that kill screen came on.

    An ESF kill with a carbine ,only got it done once.. i was thinking: "holy crapola. this works!"

    Once sitting in an AV turret, a flash comes racing in , goes over a bump for a high jump, driver turns out to be Light Assault, puts his jet on, floats
    I was aiming for the flash with him in it,.. but I missed the Flash.. got the LA in mid air instead.. by accident.. but it was beautiful.
    I'm certain he/she smashed their keyboard into the wall... WTF ??

    couple days ago I got a Reaver, with my Magrider FPC, short look, ah, too far away.. oh, what da' heck.. take this high arching shot,
    start sliding behind a rock.. boom. kill screen got the Reaver. That must have been a long red line on his/her kill screen from where the shot came.. It might have ruined his/her flying career, was only a BR 15..

    MOST satisfying kills: shooting down Floating Light Assaults in mid air, with their C-4 in their hands.. Proxy Radar has saved my hide so many times.

    Sorry you are bored at work.. hope this cheered you up.
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  16. Kardandt

    Two sunderers at the same time.

    They parked a blockade sundy and a repair sundy right on top of each other and one stack of mines got them both, along with 4 softies.

    Another memorable one was when they had placed tank mines in front of our vehicle spawner, then capped the base. I just tossed a single mine on top of theirs and it chained all of them together, while looking like friendly mines in their HUD.
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  17. JohnGalt36

    I had an almost identical situation. I was exchanging fire with a bunch of lightnings in my Vanguard, saw a smoking lib almost at render distance, thought "why not?" and took a quick shot at him before going back to the lightnings. I never actually saw the killscreen, weird enough, I just got a tell from the lib pilot. I can't remember if it was a GG or hate tell. I thought it was someone who had hit a tank mine I placed!

    Yes. I never run prox radar, but hitting a C4 fairy in the face with AP is glorious.

    It helps pass the time. :)
  18. FBVanu

    Proxy Radar can be so much fun, once maxed out. Lots of infiltrator kills on players that are fully cloaked, they just ran , showed up on radar, when they stop, they think I can't see them.. which I can't, BUT I saw where they last ran.. take a pot shot into that direction.. scares most of them to move! Bad idea.. now I can really see you on radar. AND I can now focus on the cloak distortion..
    Thank you very much. Here is my tank shell to you..

    Surprises floating LAs with the drifter jump jet.. I see the red dot on my proxy radar.. first thought:; Oh, Infiltrator approaching.. look at the road ahead of me.. I see nothing.. red dot still moving towards me.. then I get it: Ah, this player is in the air! I keep strafing with the Magrider farther and farther backwards.. red dot is still coming.. his darn jet pack can not last THAT long..
    when he comes down, finally, right in front of me.. here, eat my shell.. thanks for playing.

    Even had a BR35 once accuse me of hacking! Because I must have a 'Detection Hack' to see him approaching from behind my Prowler, .. killed the same player 3 times in a row.. then he reported me.. I'm sure SOE (back then) must have been laughing.
  19. JohnGalt36

    Damn radar hacks! That's that hack you get by spending certs to put radar on that slot, right?
  20. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Sniped a guy a couple of times off of his AV turret and then proceeds to send me a bunch of rage tells. At one point he decided to tell me he was going to 'cut my balls off' all whilst sitting on his AV turret, which resulted in me sniping him again as he sent it. It was highly satisfying.
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