Most OP Weapons or Vehicles in the Game - 1 from each faction: Bring the Nerf Bat.

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    Reavers: The problem with that suggestion is that the really good pilots NC has will absolutely destroy the other two.
    Yes it's a bit lackluster if used by a "noob" with no/few certs, but I don't agree that you balance according to them.
    I'm not the best pilot out there, but decent enough. And I went on to try out all 3 ESFs some time ago(they're all fairly well/evenly certed) and the reaver's shotgun-esque tool of destruction is brutal. The rotary cannon is -very- good too.
    Mozzie is a bit more nimble, and the scythe has better stability when bombing ground targets with rockets, and the reaver has it's main guns(very NC).
    It does have a bit low cruise speed, but if the pilot is good, this is more than compensated for by the main guns.
    (And to poke the angry bull in the eye, A2G rockets, regardless of faction, are broken by design.)

    MBTs .. I guess that's a good idea.
    Would sort of make them function like the liberators do today. You can solo with them, but they work better with at least 2 people.
    Can take 3, but that's more a convenience thing than straight up "better".
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  2. Guadoc

    I keep reading stuff like this about the Striker. I guess it must be pretty frustrating if it really is 30% (although burster MAX/Skyguard etc. are not even close to being shoot&kill weapons, nearly always assist XP).

    However, the major issue from a pilot's point of view is that it is pretty much "Lock", dive to ground, come back up to actually try to do what you are there for, "Lock", dive to the ground, come back up, "Lock" etc. etc. You may not be getting many kills but it it working as a complete area denial weapon at the moment in terms of non-TR ESFs actually being able to accomplish anything. This is probably more of a scaling thing though rather than something specific to the Striker, a lot more people are carrying the Striker than the equivalent G2A launcher (no surprise seeing as it locks all vehicle types).
  3. rayvon

    Nerf the OP and hit him with a baseball bat.
  4. Badname6587

    Lancer leads in score/hr. I'd much rather have the lancer than the phoenix - give me the ability to be more effective against mech air any day of the week. K/D is better on the OPhoenix, but when people are using rocket launchers to hit infantry that will happen. The better utility and score results come from the Lancer and the Striker. I still hate the idea of lock on rocket launchers from infantry being able to hit at ranges greater than from where they render from for pilots. Pilots have zero chance to even counter something shooting at them that wont render for another 300m. My major problem with them is that the lock on distance for the striker needs to be lessened. I wouldnt mind a nerf for the Phoenix and Lancer as well just to put these rocket launcers more in line utility wise as the rest of the rocket launcher pool that we have.
  5. Badname6587

    Hit rate of the Striker is 65%. They aren't missing anywhere near as much as some people pretend they are.
  6. Babaganoush

    Nerf the Beamer plz.


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  7. }{ellKnight

    Neither do they hit as often as some people pretend they are :p
  8. Babaganoush

    Jokes on you half of the Striker's rockets are duds
  9. Badname6587

    by half you mean 35%
  10. Jachim

    The hitrate of a Striker is 65%, and it needs all 5 rockets to do more damage than a single rocket from a SKEP/Annihilator/Phoenix/etc... and it's counterable with IR smoke, or even a stray GNAT getting in the way of your target reticle... when the Lancer is not constrained by this AND can hit tower guns, and the phoenix can be shot from inside spawn safe and sound AND can hit tower guns...

    right. let's nerf it guys.
  11. Taiji

    Hmm striker is OP?

    Let's see... So I suck with the 'OP' striker maybe?

    I have 67% accuracy and so 35 kills after 1,842 shots.

    You can't beat that for bad with your lancer.

    Phoenix doesn't even deserve a mention.

    The striker is king of suck, or I suppose I am.
  12. MasterTater

    On the other suide
    LOL Scythe Nerf Bat Cry again - ok at the same time double the size of the moscito so that it is equally easy to land shot on it as it is to shoot down a scythe and also increase the weapon dmg of the scythe to burst down any comfortably hovering enemy aircraft just like the Reaver can. AND add the same turnrate/pitch of the moscito and since patch Reaver to the Scythe.

    Afterwards adding all these advantages to the Scythe which TR/NC enjoy - you are comfortably allowed to nerf the hover ability of the Scythe.

    Right? give all the faction specific advantages of the other factions to VS and you are allowed to take VS away their speciality - VS = HOVER deal with it - because WE have to deal with the SHORTCOMINGS ALSO. The Reaver already got buffed massively - the turnrate of the reaver were increased that it already exceed the turnrate of the scythe.

    Reason why VS are more successful with aircrafts - my 5 cent as VS and TR player
    • Maybe VS players are just more skilled in picking the right targets at the right time because VS ALWAYS has to pick target carefully no matter which infantry unit or Vehicle they use - VS is more squishy and does less dmg - so they have to rely on terrain and have to use the correct moment to compensate their disavantages.
    This playstyle easiily transfers to using aircrafts and is a major successfactor => aircrafts are squishy so adapt to it

    On the other side we have NC - units and gear built to last and kill everything with every weapon in a massive dmg burst. Yea we know who the Rambo faction is

    • While NC plays like the nobrainer rambo faction with heavily armored tanks and massively burst dmg, it does not apply to air combat which has to be rendered VERY selectively with a high degree of environmental awareness
    So maybe NC players take the time and lean back think about it and approach a more careful playstyle upfront before going to the forums and start crying to nerf enemy faction aircrafts - Because it got NOTHING to do with the gear which already got major drawbacks on the VANU side.

    Its skill and already the adaptation to be on the weaker end of gear distribution on Vanu side.

    So get some skill and use your brain.

    Engineer have ALWAYS been the class which employs Gun turrent on the battlefield - if you do not adapt to the situation while driving a tank and DONT ASK you SNIPERS to take out the Enginerrs behind the turrent before you go in with your tank then DO NOT COMPLAIN.

    Its a teamgame - with a rock paper sciccors mechanic (WELL SOME WEAPONS AND VEHICLES HARDLY HAVE ANY COUNTER) BUT

    The engineer turrent is definitely NOT a gear which could not be countered - When it already SAYS ANTI VEHICLE turrent - then it is meant to be an anti vehicle weapon => send in your recon squads with sniper or an aircraft / bomer to take them out.


    You are right on the Striker - its by far too easy mode to be bearable - it is possible to completely lock an area with 600meter radius with only 5 completely unskillked heavy soldiers and make that area unaccessible for any Vehicle - be it air or ground.

    You are also right on the hacksaw: it is still completely overpowered and still got a 2-3 times higher dmg output in exactly those situations where you actually consider Max units overall.
  13. Badname6587

    Weird post.

    Stats are garnered from a large population. I dont think one population, be it VS, TR, or NC is smarter than the next. An argument for imbalance is not get smarter and deal with it... if that was the case then why would they nerf the NC scat maxes? As an NC player I agree they are OP - I think saying play smarter and deal with it doesnt really help the game out if something is truly imbalanced based on what statistics are bearing out.

    The scythe is outperforming the reaver by over 18% - there are reasons for this beyond NC players being stupid. Just like when the NC max was dominating biolabs there was a reason for the 10%+ NC max score versus other factions as well. Getting smart and dealing with it is a way to adapt, but not a way to properly balance the game out in the long run.
  14. Jalek

    My tanks have been killed I don't know how many times by podding scythes, but I don't think a striker has ever killed one. Even on the ground, it isn't too difficult to break a lock, or when you see the first incoming, move (and keep rock obstacles nearby for this). It can't seriously be any more difficult in an ESF.
  15. Prodigal

  16. Taiji

    Are you a dev? If not then you've nothing to apologise for with regards the striker sucking.

    So perhaps you're from some strange and foreign land where they apologise when someone hasn't made sufficient effort to master something that doesn't suck when mastered.

    Must be one of the two, or just a dumb comment.
  17. xGreedFuSioN

    Shotguns can't OHK shielded heavies
  18. meucha

    Stop bumping this pathetic thread, KTHX
  19. Lucidius134

    The only acceptable answer is the GD-7F

    TR need a 163 damage carbine stat.
  20. MNO

    None of those metnioned are OP.

    Honourable mentions that aren't OP as proof of your stupidity: Magrider(lol), Lancer(LOL), Phobos, Orion, Prowler(LOL), T9 Carv(Not even the best LMG), Mossy, AV Turret, Hacksaw, Phoenix(LOL? Slow and awful range).

    Now, please never post on the forum, it's the vocal minority that are bad at the game (you) that SOE seem to listen to.