Most fun I've had in an online game in a long time.

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  1. Xan701

    Hail to Zukhov.

    So I'm a fairly new Planetside 2 player, (I did play quite a bit in the beta, but then I just left for some reason.) and as such, this short story may not seem anything special to the more experienced players, (with whom organization is, presumably, normal.) and for that, forgive me.

    Anyway, I decide to start up an NC character after seeing around 15 Lightning tanks absolutely pound a base to smithereens as a Vanu player, which I found hilarious.

    So I start up, skip the tutorial, get my beta goodies and whatnot. I decide to go infiltrator and I spawn in Indar, my favorite continent, a thing which I found great. I join a squad as I normally do, and I'm happy to see that the NC is doing fairly well, holding around 40~% of Indar. I join in a local assault on some western base along with my squad, and to my surprise, somebody is actually speaking! My heart nearly gave out when I saw that in fact, it was multiple squad leaders actually being organized.

    After recovering from my shock, I fiddle around with my sound settings in a panic to try and make it so that his sweet voice wasn't drowned out by sounds of Republic scum getting destroyed. Eventually I found a sweet, sweet balance and for a while I felt like Moses receiving visions from God, until I got shot in the head by an infiltrator. (Surprisingly, standing around in the middle of a battle will in fact, get you killed. The more you know, eh?)

    I, per normal, respawn after 10 seconds, and obediently follow his instructions, being the good little grunt I was. Eventually we kick those scumbags out of the base and victory was ours. Everything was good in life, we held map dominance, our fronts seemed relatively stable, and I've found a glorious leader to place my hopes and dreams in.

    Then, reality came back and sucker punched us. The scumbag Terrans and the heretical Vanu decided to settle their differences and proceed to launch an all-out assault on us, quickly resulting in us getting rekt. Our dear leader, presumably after receiving visions from the almighty, declaring him to be the chosen one, guided us to the warp gate, where upon he directed us to galaxies and told us to buckle up. I felt like a God upon seeing many galaxies flying in the air in formation to the eastern part of the map, ready to kick those Vanu heretics out of our god-given land.

    We fly to the east and try to hold the Galaxy Solar plant, under heavy assault from the heretics. We were outnumbered heavily and we would have no reinforcements as we were apparently the only platoon lucky enough to be blessed with a leader who could count past 5, thus being the only organized ones. (As far as my experience goes, we were like a navy seal squad in discipline and organization.)

    The enemy had about fifty gajillion magriders or whatever those damn heretic tanks are, all parked around the area bombarding the living crap out of us. Without air support and having no armor to speak of, we died. Our dear leader, not wavering in his heart, led a valiant attempt to retake the area, which alas, failed. I distinctly remember getting revived in the same spot no less than 8 times, each time dying .5 seconds after respawning.

    We retreated to Briggs Laboratories, beaten and bruised. Eventually we re-organized thanks to our glorious leader, and repulsed an enemy attack before re-deploying to Crater Firing Range, after the heretics took over the impact site.

    It was glorious. Our leader, predicting the enemies movements, organized a grand last stand after it became obvious we were destined to lose this continent. The enemy swarmed over the bridge, the night sky lit up by hundreds of bullets which all looked like shooting stars. Our newly built lightning squad stood at the ready, bombarding those damn heretics over and over until nothing remained of their holy machines.

    We held all through the night, until enemy air dominance wiped out our tanks, and we retreated back to the buildings. The enemy sunderer plowed up, and set up shop in front of a building, and the enemy came with force. We fought and fought, our dear leader ordering us to take out the heretic sunderer, which we did with conviction.

    After taking out the sunderer, we mowed down the retreating forces and turned a losing battle into a heroic victory. We re-organized and saw the enemy setting up shop on the bridge, a risky tactic for them. Our glorious god-emperor saw this and laughed, quickly coming up with a genius tactic to take the bridge.

    2 Squads on each side of the bridge, moving up and taking out enemies on the opposite side. A true test of comradeship, to trust your fellow man with your life, trusting that he shot that filthy heretic infiltrator hiding in the corner. With no doubt in our hearts, we followed our leaders instructions with zeal.

    We pushed up and up, taking extreme fire from MAX's and all sorts of heretic weaponry. Our assault was unstoppable, our god-emperor led our forces at the vanguard, his ingenious tactic letting us mop the enemy with ease. It was glorious, no more were we worried about the petty political disputes between factions, we had a purpose in life now, to follow our god-emperor to whatever hells he may visit! We stormed over the bridge, ready to take back our god-given crater-

    'The Vanu Sovereignty has conquered this continent, press U to re-deploy!'

    Stay classy, Planetside 2.

    (This was fun to write. I may write up another one of these another time. Our leader took a tea-break ((he called it a tea-break, at least.)) and we all re-organized on Hossin 10 minutes later. We took 2 bases before I had to leave, much to my dismay. Thanks for the amazing time, Zukhov. Being organized was fun.)
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  2. Linedan

    This is the kind of enthusiasm and joy for the game that we need more of, especially on this forum. :) Please write more!
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  3. WyrdHarper

    Treasure your early days. This game is amazing, and immense amounts of fun, but there's nothing like the wonder you get as you're figuring it out for the first time. Thanks for the write-up, it's always great to read a good new player experience like this.
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  4. Verenz

    Sounds like a night well spent :)
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  5. Cinnamon

    But you could of been in an elite vanu outfit farming people with PPA you missed out big time son.
  6. IamDH

    Glad you had fun :)
    inb4 he gets run over by a vanguard
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  7. Prudentia

    classic Zukhov
  8. Xan701

    Not a vanguard, but ran over no less than 5 times by various vehicles. I wasn't the only one being ran over, made evident by the fact that our leader blurted out:

    'Guys, don't reverse near the damn sunderer! You'll run over people - Jesus!'

    Chronicling my experiences like this, as I eventually become more experienced (Ha!) is what I meant by writing more of these. I feel it'll be an interesting read, as you can all see my viewpoint slowly become more and more cynical, as happens when you become acquainted with the workings of the game.
  9. Garmus

    Nice post, was pleasure to read, I like how it is filled with such pure enthusiasm. :)
  10. IamDH

    I actually once roadkilled a teammate with my ESF. True story
  11. Kill2This


    I was there too and it was a damn good fight!
    I play with Zukhov from the beginning of this game and I can tell you that he is a real good leader.
    Even if I play in it's platoon, I sometimes take my own decisions but every orders he gaves are for the best!
    What is incredible with him is that he never plays for the K/D or XP, he's only ambitions are the best leading possible.
    And for that matter I think he's one of the best!

    Sometimes it's good to remind (between two self centric youtube performances montages) that without good leaders, nothing is done so, please, stay the same Zukhov and thanks for your dedication!

  12. Goretzu

    I once didn't run over a friendly MAX in my Flash (just a near miss) and he still tried to TK for 30 mins. True story. o_O
  13. TopVanuTroll

    Glad that at least a part of the playerbase is having fun. The other portion... aka 90% of forumside seem to hate the game more than love it. At least that's what I've gathered from all of the whine and nerf threads. I'm actually relieved to see someone who actually appreciates the game and the work SOE has put into it.
  14. TomoB

    Then after a while you'll notice that game becomes repetitive and it's always the same attackers camping spawn rooms, sunderers always in same spots etc. etc.
  15. IamDH

    Live free in the NC brother
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  16. Shatters

    With over 200 bases in the game i have a tough time remebering every single sunderer spot for each of those bases :eek:
  17. Egonjaw

    Hah. That was a fun read, nice work!
  18. zukhov

    Thanks for the story, that was hilarious.