Most accurate TR LMG, datasheet up?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by swatti, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. swatti

    I find my self sprayin half a mag sometimes while quite near a target and not getting any hits in, both the Carv 9 and the S-model seem to exell in simply wasting ammo.

    im looking to do that final purchase and i want a gun that hits a target. Laser or grip? I think i'd go with laser and hip-fire if i had to choose...

    CQB mostly, say, biolabs etc.
  2. gunshooter

    I think you should stop missing.
  3. Pandawaffle

    Well that was constructive and adult...

    As to your question, Swatti, I find that the MSW-R with the advanced laser sight and soft-point is a great CQC weapon. You can just tap A & D while hosing most opponents within 15m and kill them. Some say a shotgun is a better choice for the role I use it in, but it's the best LMG the TR have for CQC. It's good on the towers of AMP stations and inside tech plants, but I actually don't find it that effective in the Bio Labs.
    For the labs I actually prefer the Carv-S with the forward grip and a compensator because shooting down the long lanes can be a large part of the fight. You can switch out the forward grip for a laser sight and it will preform well too. The basic Carv with just a laser sight does great CQC because of its tad higher fire rate. Don't write off the Carv quite yet, you may find buyers remorse if you come back to it ;)
    The most accurate LMG available to the TR (I'm told) is the TMG-50 with compensator and forward grip, but it's more of a medium-range weapon.
    Here's a helpful spreadsheet since your title asked for one.

    Gunshooter, which of your LMG loadouts do you find most accurate?
  4. Lord Robert

  5. Kyutaru

    If you want lasers and hipfire, there can be no other than the MSW-R. You won't blow through as many bullets just to kill the target as a CARV user, but you have a smaller clip to compensate. The faster reload makes it less of a problem and with soft point ammo you'll be reloading as often as a CARV user does while killing faster and more accurately because of less spraying being necessary. It doesn't take a monster hail of bullets to kill someone unless you're using a CARV. MSW-R you can lay into the trigger and still come off earlier than the CARV, and the hipfire accuracy is superb because your COF will be reduced to almost nothing. Hitting more = using less bullets. With the advanced laser sight, the MSW-R becomes more accurate than a pistol.
  6. serenekaos

    My night with the Carv-S.

  7. Kyutaru

    I've gone 3.2 KD just using my Repeater pistol. Skilled CounterStrike players like to show off by dominating the scoreboard using only a Desert Eagle. Player skill can make even any weapon look good, and any weapon will look supreme when used at its appropriate range to farm baddies. In a competitive setting, even the best players in the world will float around a 1:1 KD ratio because their competition is as fierce as they are. The higher you go, the worse your enemies were compared to you. That's why competitive players don't put any value into random KD, it only matters when the people you're playing -against- are also good. The guys who get 10:1 ratios on public servers hop onto our clan scrim servers and can't even keep a positive ratio. You use different tactics when facing skilled opponents than you would mass farming scrubs.

    Privately owned servers > publicly corp-hosted servers because you get the same people playing all the time and learn from their tactics. The better the players on the server, the less low skilled players will want to play on your server, and the more high skilled players it attracts. Closest thing to private scrimmage PS2 has is cross-faction agreements to meet up and murder each other. The worse the players you're playing against are, the better your KD will become, for all that matters. If you're more interested in boosting your skills rather than your ego, you seek out other skilled players to challenge and never stick around areas with packs of idiots.

    It's great that you had a good time with the CARV-S, but if it's not working for the OP, he needs to try something that suits his playstyle.
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  8. Talizzar

    I have been using the MSW-R and really like it. I have not specced the lasersight. I have used it with the 2x sight and the 4x scope. I tend to be a more medium kind of player and it performs well at medium range. I like the TMG-50 is good too. I don't believe it has much horizontal recoil so I don't know how much that would help. Even with the compensator there is some pretty good kick and accuracy at range is not great. I need to play with it more in burst mode. I guess I will have to play with the bull now too LOL.

    For labs I like the shotty's They just rock.
  9. swatti

    The full-auto shottie does bring smile to my face when someone comes to my face behind a corner or run into a softened up MAX up close, but too many times ive finished off my foe with a knife when started out with shotgun and with ONLY 36 round + 10 round mag it 20 seconds of fun, then run.

    Ive ****** out the CARV-S and im sorely dissapointed, in allmost all aspects. Perhaps it just wont fit my style... Pity, money wasted. The TMG-50 was another story tho, not the best tool for CQB but step outside and snipe those snipers. Time to try out the MSW-R then...
  10. MintiFresh

    now if only it wasn't the thousands of baddies that spoon fed me derishus cert points ;p
  11. serenekaos

    The reason(s) the MSW is inferior in my opinion.

    1. Small Clip
    2. No High-Velocity rounds

    Just my opinion, but I can take 3 sometimes 4 enemies in a room using soft-point, NV scope, forward grip and compensator.

    Mid-long range high-velocity, x1 dot scope or 3.4 dot scope, compensator and grip.

    The TMG-50 is actually better in long range fights and I like the accuracy on the MSW but the Carv-S is better ALL AROUND in the most situations and it has ALL the upgrades available to it unlike the MSW. In fact, I prefer it to the Chaingun now as well since it has no "spin-up" time.

    But again, its my opinion and preference. May not work for the OP or others.
  12. serenekaos

    All you pretty much said is: Your not really that good and the OP doesn't or can't use the Carv-S as well.

    Ok. Yes, I'm not that good. But it's showing what the Carv-S CAN DO for someone that learns to use it properly. The problem here isn't the gun IMO, it's the player using it.
  13. Kyutaru

    No... I didn't comment on your skill, that's your paranoia being kicked into overdrive. I made mention that KD ratios aren't an accurate assessment of performance in a public environment, but that's not targeting you, that's KD screenshots in general. What I said was....

    ...what you stated here. Player skill trumps weapon stats, so posting how well you do with a weapon doesn't help the OP, and that's literally all you did. If he can't use the CARV-S for whatever reason (not using it correctly, bad attachments, sucks at shooting, etc) then he needs to choose a different gun. Even if all he needs is practice, using a different weapon will give him a fresh perspective and maybe even make him appreciate the CARV-S more.

    I give the same advice anytime someone complains about a gun. Try a different one. The worst thing that can happen is they suck even worse with the other one and come to realize the first gun wasn't so bad. The best case is they find a gun they love.

    It's always better to be constructive (helpful) in your posts, otherwise you're just trolling. Your second post was in line with that ideal.
  14. KnightCole

    Are laser sights a good round about way to increase the accuracy of a gun? I know it increases accuracy when hip firing, but does the effect somehow transfer to all forms of firing?
  15. Pandawaffle

    Laser sight benefits hipfire only, forward grip and compensator benefit ADS only. Sad but true :(
  16. swatti

    Got the gun, got the Adv. laser... AND I LOVE IT!
  17. KnightCole

    I have never fired a real gun, but for some reason, I am getting this feeling that a foward grip should be on the of the best items in the game. It should improve, all forms of recoil and it should help with your bullet spread due to keeping the gun on target better. I mean, now your holding a handle instead of half *** holding the under part of the barrel. Only reducing left and right recoil? Doesnt sound quite right. For 100 Certs, none of those attachments really live up to their worth.

    Laser? It should just make the gun more accurate period. We should be able to mount everything we want on our guns, its not like any of the gizmos are all that amazing...


    3.4x Red Dot
    Extended Mag
    Handgrip x2

    hecks yeah!

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