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  1. Tjebbe Praet

    I wanna try an play mosquito any suggestions for loadouts ?
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  2. Skraggz

    Hover/Stealth/Fire suppress/70/30 burners/Stock nose gun (needler?)
  3. PlanetBound

    Whatever you decide on, don't get in a qissing contest with an AA equipped vehicle.
  4. breeje

    been there done that, don't do it. from the moment you enter enemy territory you wil be dead after 2 minutes cause some airking wil shoot you down. some of them are just flying near your warpgate to farm all the new pilots.
    my fully decked out esf is now a fancy transport plain to go from A to B and jump out while crashing the esf against the rocks cause when you land it those airkings will still shoot it for the free certs.

    warned you, don't you come crying here in a few weeks on how air sucks

    EDIT: there is no honer in PS2 gameplay and tohse airking are the worst of them all. you wil get not one chance from those players to learn how to fly
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  5. Skraggz

    Do not give up on it like this guy^. I'm on emerald, character name is swabbi. I have a mic and I am willing to help teach you how to fly better. Everyday you fly you get better. It is a high ceiling for skill yes. But it is rewarding. Hmu if you need a few pointers.
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  6. iller

    ^ No Breej is right, there's a small handful of SkyKnights running straight up EXPLOITS, Scripts, and VPN shenanigans (aka: harder to detect or notice Packet SPOOFING that doubles as subtle Lag switching) that you will need at least Several MONTHS of practice just to 2v1 ... and this is assuming you can even FIND a partner to be your "Bait" afterburner ESF and then that'll last about 1 turn before one of the more Blatant ones uses Chams to locate you instantly and ignore the bait

    They just need to QUIT the damn game and GT*O out of the air b/c despite the couple of them who DO take 5 minutes out of their day to tell other people how to "GIT GUD" and maybe even do a little Sparring with 1 diamond in the rough, their basic impact on the Air Game is way more NEGATIVE and ragequit inducing than anything the Devs themselves have ever done to the Air Vechicles or their mechanics.

    I only know this info because I've flown with one of the best pilots in the entire game longer than anyone else here has and he HAS to know exactly what they're doing in order to get anything but GhostHits on their jankboxes and avoid their alpha burst. (In other words, when you get a bunch of hitCONFIRMS on them but they kill you immediately and their HP in your deathscreen is still 3/4er's or better then it's not the Server, it's THEM spoofing)

    -- Inb4 one of their Socks attacks my credibility on the topic PERSON simply because they get Triggered when their dirty tricks are revealed

    Yes, if you're really going to commit to ANY of the ESF's then the Moskie is the one with the slimmest profile from 2 out of 3 Axis along with the most Jank inducing hover afterburning and responsive Horizontel speed / acceleration. Split seconds MATTER exponentially in a game like this where the tickrate & netcode isn't on Valve's or ARMA's level, and round trip Latency makes up 1/4 of your TTK survival

    And you better unlock the Contstruction AirTeminal too otherwise you'll be sitting on the ground waiting around for Certs 2/3rds of the time
  7. Skraggz

    I wonder why so many play a fps and roll over so quickly when someone is better than them.... Of course ppl with more time will kill you. Skill, and the fact you gave up is two major factors. These forums are hilarious.
  8. iller

    What does almost EVERY Lobby FPS have that this game doesn't have?

    That's okay, you can admit it! .... it has .. ESL ranking or Matchmaking of some kind. Battle Royals have a natural sorting algorithm too just from the sheer fact that the Alpha Preds stay in the current game while the Newbs re-que together in the next immediate launch. And if it's a TDM game like on Steam, then it probably has community Servers that run Team Balance plugins to ensure that new players are not getting Farmed over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

    OR let's look at Fighting Games! An even BETTER analogy to Flying in this game! Because in Fighting games, when you lose, it's not like in Mobas where you get some amount of plausible deniability in which to blame your Team for sucking. When you get super blown out in a fighting game that has terrible matchmaking, INSTANT DEPRESSION sets in and that's why the whole Genre is practically DEAD just like the airgame here is.

    .... have I made my point? Do you have an actual PROPOSAL to address these fundamental FATAL flaws in the Design currently? If there was an Outside community run Matchmaking "app" would you go knocking PM to PM to every SkyKnight in the game who's currently Depressing the turn out and convince them to exclusively fly under its good faith organization?
  9. Skraggz

    My dude (male/female the word should be used either way anymore) I grew up on a games that didn't PROTECT you from better players. Thankfully that meant I got better as I fought tougher opponents. If you choose not to learn that's on you... I didn't start this game when it came out, I started 1-2 years ago and adjusted just fine. Am I a sky knight? by no means, are there people that are better than me? THERE ALWAYS WILL BE. Again, you gave up. OP asked for constructive feedback for loadouts, I gave it... you and breeje just advised that they don't play it. Sad.
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  10. iller

    Member Since: Aug 11, 2012 
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  11. Skraggz

    You mean, when the beta first started? OK! you didnt roll a character then? how about checking when I started rolling actual real kills. But sure, live in your precious world of denial, if it helps you cope.

    My character upon revisiting


  12. iller

    Yeah I understand that you only logged ~80 hours in the air on your TR. But let's be honest about where your real KDR and ability to improve comes from.... and by that I don't just mean the Pod & Banshee farming you obviously did. I mean the other 600 hours in-game that a 2 year actual-causal would not have. You didn't "need" matchmaking, good for you! But you weren't starting from scratch either or even from a position of being disadvantaged (Esp on Accuracy, you cheeky Misleading so and so!) . No one on the TR airside is starting from a disadvantaged position and I already informed the OP of that wise decision of his.

    But none of your dismissive "Learn 2 Play scrub!" Narrative addressed the real point: That the Airgame isn't WORTH the massive investment right now. This isn't your little "My EGO will adapt!" argument being held in contempt, it's the entire Cost Benefit Analysis and what the Overall Metrics have been telling us Year after Year after Year after Year after Year after Year after Year!
  13. Skraggz

    I am not telling you to "get good scrub" I am telling you that you gave up, your in-ability to read or tell the diference is the issue here. That said, you like looking stats up why dont you pull up Swabbi my VS and tell me where my kills came from, I'll wait.

    OP didnt ask for your sorry reasoning, he asked about loadouts, you are so far off topic because of your hurt feelings here its really mind boggling why I am responding to you anymore.

    While we at it, you completely over look where I offer to help one fly. If I was such a "git gud scrub" you think I would help another person...
  14. iller

    [IMG] ...nope...[IMG] Pattern here at all
  15. Skraggz

    Another attempt to spin the conversation, got nothing else....? I dont have anymore time to donate to you, good luck out there.
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  16. Peebuddy

    Want to avoid the skynights? Run a A-2-G loadout and hang out low near friendly lines, so long as you're not hovering providing an easy kill they'll usually bugger off in the face of lock-ons and flack (because you know they only run fire suppression). Strikers just annihilate low flying ESFs and save my bacon constantly.

    Tr has the best air AI weapon in the game, the banshee.

    Bashee/ Hornet guided AT missiles
    Hover frame/ flack armor/ flares

    When you feel confident in your ability to escape I run with nanite repair just to get back into the action a little quicker.

    I honestly don't even bother with implants but it wouldn't hurt to run with ammo replenishment since the ammo pool for bashees is pretty weak even at max rank, and the sensor one to see the health bars of vehicles so you know the best target to strike.

    You're going to blow up a lot, but honestly learning to deal with ground threats is a hell of a lot easier than learning to deal with air threats. Skynights and pro-liberator teams are extremely dangerous, choose a fighting method that negates as much of them as possible.
  17. adamts01

    What server are you on? My suggestion is to 100% get some 1 on 1 training. Hit up Skraggs if you're on Emerald, or I'll be happy to help if you're on Connery.

    Wherever you are, you need to find a good pilot to duel with at your warpgate. That's the #1 best way to get tons of trigger time.

    You'll die a lot. A LOT. But air is one part of the game where cheating is close to nonexistent. It all comes down to skill at using this game's terrible flight controls.
  18. adamts01

    Just group up dude. All the bads did that on VS Connery and made most every other pilot quit the game. Air is dead now because of them, but those scrubs farmed a whole bunch of salty skynight tears.
  19. iller

    I'm going to need you to be way more specific than that.... Which Outfits? What period in the game's last few Quarters? At what times of the day? I keep asking for Teamspeaks or Discords for the NC who are doing the same, but not even Outfit-X has had any luck getting anything rolling even approaching that.

    And if you're talking about Wildcards... pulling 20 Galaxies for an Anomaly is NOT the same thing or even close to it. It's also not even that effective of a tactic if you can just get enough Drifter fairies to blitz & bomb the f*** out of them b/c their scythe pilots are a joke even to someone like me who's had a very difficult time due to terrible Framerate & ADHD in mastering ANY kind of proper nosegun & afterburner usage
  20. adamts01

    Don and his crew. They're thankfully gone now, but the damage is done.

    I spent a lot of time trying to get something going on TR and NC to counter them, but the only pilots who didn't puss out and join VS were salty skyknights who'd ***** about him but never goup up and do anything about it.

    CN88 zergs didn't help, and neither did the real pilots on VS who enabled that air zerg **** by not flying NC or TR. And it really didn't help that they were in EZmode Scythes.

    Just ****** people on all sides really.

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