Mortar Like Rocket Launcher

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  1. MrMickson

    This is a basic idea.
    New rocket launcher(s), maybe even ES, which have extremely high bullet drop, but immense propelsion power, therfore shooting straight ahead is nothing good, but shooting up is. It has a similiar lock-on mechanism, only that you can lock-on to any item and not only vehicles, and automatically the player will aim up and shoot. Of course that you don't have to calculate the shot, although that if the target moves, the missile will NOT follow it, and will hit the same place.

    Please tell me what you think :)
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  2. Zerran

    I love mortars, but I don't think they should be something a single person can operate.

    This could actually give infiltrators a use, have a laser targeting tool that infils can use, which squad/platoon mates with a mortar can lock onto. Their mortar shots would then be calculated to land near the spot the infil marked (with a reasonable amount of error).

    Could potentially be used en masse to bombard a fortified location from above.

    Each empire could have their own style:

    TR: Fires multiple shells with low accuracy and a small blast radius. Good for hitting a large area, but not so good for hitting a specific target.

    VS: Fires a single shell with a moderate blast radius, and extremely good accuracy. Excellent for pinpoint shots, but poor for hitting a large area.

    NC: Fires a single shell with a large blast radius, and moderate accuracy. Deals high damage in a moderate area, but isn't pinpoint like the VS, and can't hit quite as large of an area as TR.

    Possibly also have anti vehicle versions with smaller blast radius, less damage to infantry, low ammo cap, and long reloads, and then anti infanty versions with large blast radius and faster reloads, but little to no damage to vehicles.
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  3. defconbadger

    i been thinking of the mortar idea as well. but i dont think lock on is a valid option. like the idea i have is sort of like what i do with my max and the ai grenades. just let loose on the encroaching enemy , like a carpet bombing concept. the thing i would expect is that the mortars would be only viable from long distance, without lock on. more like some kind of estimate range thing, present in the hud.
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  4. WarriorMe

    And attach a folding bipod. It can then only be locked on Targets when placed down. You could still dumfire it, but the high bulletdrop makes that hard.
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  5. ColonelChingles

    One practical problem with this is the way that PS2 calculates directional damage against vehicles. Essentially it doesn't matter where the projectile hits, but the only data that counts is where the person is shooting from in relation to where the vehicle hull is facing.

    So you would think that having a Javelin-like rocket that shoots up in the sky and slams down on a MBT would deal damage to its top armor. But chances are that if you were level with the tank and in front of it, PS2 would treat that damage as front armor damage, not top armor. So there wouldn't really be any benefit to hitting a tank from above if it's just going to count as frontal armor anyways.

    The system works both ways of course. You could be standing above a tank and hit him in the front armor, but PS2 will treat that hit as if you hit the weaker top armor. Armor modeling in PS2 is just kinda screwy.
  6. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    This. SOE, read this. And implement it :)
    How can a war game not have mortar? SOE, y u no give us mortar?
  7. Nehemia

    All the infantry players would be enraged, since they stood in a position targeted by an artillery strike for too long.