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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Scroffel5, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Scroffel5

    People keep saying PS1 this and PS1 that. For instance, Infiltrators sacrificed weapons for more hacking abilities. What if there was a special cloak for hacking? You could only use a knife, but you could hack vehicles and other things? This is just the base idea I had. It gets rid of your ability to take things down at range, unless you want to use the Amaterasu, but you can hack more and add to a battle more. I guess you should also be able to hack other things too to add to a battle. Someone suggested smuggling router pads, so what if you could also hack playermade structures for a brief period of time before it kicks you out or alerts someone? Please, give more feedback. This is just my base idea, as I said, so I'd like it to grow and expand with all of your suggestions.
  2. TR5L4Y3R

    occasional give infiltrators AV grenades for a dedicated AV loadout -post
  3. Scroffel5

    I am suggesting more for infiltrators to do, because people complain that they are useless to squadplay. That is not true, but it would be nice to have more things to add to teamplay. People refer back to Planetside 1, and I was suggesting that. I don't like the idea of having no weapons, being a full support class, so thats why i said to add a knife.
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    define teamplay ..
    infiltrators are good for disrupting
    they kill keytargets like medics, engineers and other snipers
    they hack terminals to slow down the enemies charge or defense
    they provide intel
    all things that can give a attacking or defending side a advantage

    teamplay does not have to mean that all players are bunched as one cluster in a specific area

    giving them access to AV grenades would give them the ability to run a dedicated AV loadout to take out keyvehicles such as sunderers .. or single out mbt´s
  5. Scroffel5

    I said that people complain about not being useful to teamplay, but it wasn't true. I know they are good for teamplay. I know that doesn't mean they have to be all in the same area. Also, they already have sticky grenades, if I am not mistaken. It is only for ASP. Also also, I didn't realize you were giving your suggestion. I thought you were just saying this post is just an occasional "give infiltrators AV grenades" style post, so I apologize for no understanding.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    yea i didn´t write the first sentence well as the upper half was more ment as a general post than directed specifically to you

    what i mean by " define teamplay" is more like "depends on how people define teamplay"

    no prob, it´s something i am asking for a while now as well as some more supportive AV-options for medics given they are basicaly excluded from vehicles vs infantryfights despite being meant to heal and rez in openfieldbattles too ..
  7. Scroffel5

    yeah, classes need variety, sure, but they also need to specialize. If you have a jack of all trades, why choose anything else? That is why people make loadouts, and I would like the Infiltrator to have more specialization and be able to fill more roles and add to a more enjoyable playstyle. I like sniping, I like stalking, I like providing recon, but I would really love to do more stealthy things that add more to productivity. I want to impact a battle.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    give the medic Av grenades like the infiltrator mentioned befor he specialises more torwards AV than AI or teamsupport ...
    give him a rockletrifle, Archer or a nadelauncher primary and he sacrefises his AI assaultrifle but still keeps his main tools for healing and rezing or statick shieldregen .. ..
    the one true jack of all trades class is the HA yet it still can specialize torwards a specific focus ..

    as mentioned before the infiltrator already fills a number of roles
    you could run around as stalker and try disable the enemy base .. don´t see how delaying the enemy in that regard wouldn´t be productive ..
    it matters to what degree a class can spezialise and what he has to sacrefice for that specialisation ..
    because one AV grenade on the infill helps at best against maxes but against vehicles you would need a maxed grenadebandolier
    and crossbow with explosives .. then you have the choice between the cloaks and what limited consumeable options you have ..
    otherwise you need a second infil .. so it´s a very specific and limited specialization in that regard ..

    as for your suggestion imo rather than a specific cloak for more hackingoptions i think the infill would rather get implants for that ..
    similar to how one implant can give the ability to fortify turrets with shields f.e.
  9. Scroffel5

    I'd love to have an Archer as an Infiltrator. Strategically, if you were a war engineer, would you not give your stealthy snipey snipe class a big rifle to blow up big chunky guys called MAXs and do light damage to other vehicles?
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    maxes despite being armored are slow and big tagets sooo giving it to a class that can turn invisible imo would make it too dangerous ... same with light assaults who can quickly change positions and already have plenty antiarmor capability ..
    the heavy assault doesn´t need it with how much AV/antiarmor capabilty it already has .. so to me the only other class that makes sense to get it would be the combatmedic (but i would rather have them have the rockletrifle or a AV grenadelauncher for midrangesupport) ..
    infils i would rather want to be kinda black opsstyle of blowing stuff up, stealthy yes but rather having to get close to their targets, cause with cloak or stalker they simply can do that ..
  11. Scroffel5

    I'd love it. Wouldn't recommend it being in the game because it would be too OP.
  12. Scroffel5

    Meant to add that they are adding a grenade launcher. Guess who they are giving it too ._. Also it is a primary weapon.
  13. PlanetBound

    Create a private squad with just yourself. Post yourself outside your base under attack. When you see enemy Sunderers park, mark them with smoke. If there's an enemy Sunderer that isn't cloaked, get close to it in a safe spot. It will be revealed on the map; someone will eventually notice it.
  14. Scroffel5

    I did something like that before and got a Heavy to blow up a stealth sundy I found.
  15. TR5L4Y3R

    that´s rather just a NS AI heavyweapon ...
    doesn´t mean the medic couldn´t get his primary AV weapon ...
  16. Moggram

    ---Infiltrators should be able to hack----
    1: Brace shield gates and turn them NS so any one can use it.
    2: The spawn room Pain field and have it work on everyone. (Mahahahahaaa)
    3: The vehicle terminals and not have it change over to the new faction. When someone goes to pull a new vehicle thay will now get a random vehicle and load out.
    4: Into the voice coms of a dead soldier and 'only hear' what the enemy is saying.
    5: Motion Spotters and have it give wrong location of enemies.
    6: Tank mines....
    7: Vehicle ammo towers
    8: The combat medic's shield recharge field.
  17. Scroffel5

    I like those ideas, but I think it is more useful for your team to be able to pull vehicles from an enemy terminal than it is for them to get a random vehicle, because that still benefits them, even if it isn't what they wanted. I think that everyone should be able to hear voice comms, because it doesn't make sense that you can't. If you were in a battle, and you heard someone yell "THROW GRENADES ON THE POINT NOW", I think you'd move. If they are talking into a communication device, then anyone who is close enough should be able to hear it. I like being able to hack Motion Spotters. That gives another risk to using them. Tank mines are obvious. Vehicle Ammo Towers are also obvious, and the recharge field would be cool to hack to. I wonder why these things haven't been added yet.
  18. Moggram

    Ya the random vehicle was one I thought could be the 1st hack and then if you do it ague it world change over. Also when its in random mode, the terminal screen would glitch out some times.
  19. Scroffel5

    Oh thats all good then.

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