[Suggestion] more improvements to construction

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  1. Demigan

    So construction is going to be revamped, but I think it can have more QOL improvements as well.

    • Stop needing to go to the silo for every building! It's tedious.
      • Players can keep buying large buildings from the silo if they want. But they can equip a building deployment tool as well, which lets them swap through building blueprints quickly. For non-owners you may need to add a deploy speed limit to prevent them from draining the silo quickly.
      • If you can, let players enter the silo and gain control over a drone that can fly a maximum distance from the silo before disappearing like the Phoenix missile. The drone can be flown around freely and has access to all blueprints, giving players a birdseye view and the ability to quickly place buildings
    • Modules are becoming slots. Don't make players walk back to the silo for each module!
      • It makes no sense to force players to bring a module in their inventory. Just let players walk up to the module slot, press E and select the module they want!
    • Make construction more visible on the map.
      • You can barely see what a base contains, where it's defenses are, if it can provide vehicle support and where it is etc. Add icons for these that players can see so they have an idea of the status of the base.
      • Additionally, enemies should be able to spot the construction pieces and this should also become visible on the map. That way if someone says "let's destroy that PMB over there" everyone knows what base and where (assuming it's spotted).
    • Equalize the spawntimer
      • The elysium tube needs to have a quick spawntimer like the Sunderer again. Players quickly nope out if they can't spawn quickly.
    • More incentives to actually use the base!
      • The regenerating silo's on a capture point are a good idea, but no help for any base in odd places. Give these bases a proper use! Let them generate special items, have a stragetic value like being able to teleport vehicles and players around to other PMB's or potentially behind enemy lines! Or even just having them generate zero cost weaponless vehicles (or completely vanilla vehicles with no upgrades) could be a boon for making these bases valuable for players to spawn at and defend!
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