[Suggestion] More gadgets for INF's thread

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Nehemia, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Nehemia

    All of us are aware of the fact that we lack... Toys.

    Besides the obvious lack of explosives, anti-tank capabilities and vehicle hacking, what kind of toys would you, as an infiltrator like to see?

    I guess I'll have to start:

    IRHD - Infiltrator Ranged Hacking Device

    slot: over rides IFF recon device.

    Allows infiltrator to fire an dart at enemy hackable device, if the dart sticks, INF can hold E to hack the device from distance.

    Tiers: Increased range, last tier to give additional dart.

    IASS - Infiltrator Advanced Stealth Suit (Perhaps the acronym needs a change)

    Slot: Defensive

    Hinders foot step sounds on infiltrator, decreases spotting speech sound, decreases cloaking sound.

    Tiers: Decreased volumes, 5 tiers.

    Do continue.
  2. MamboJambo23

    Target Painter tool
    Replaces recon tool.

    Laser point a target featuring a "lock on" sequence and automatically shares the feed to nearby buddies.
    Now, for "buddy support", I'd hope for something in style of a modern day Hellfire missile or the classic laser-guided bomb.
    Buddy fires a single missile from his ESF and/or an engineer having a special missile launcher that launches similarly laser-guided missile.
    Missile tracks the painted target and boom.

    It is complicated but would be great to see more teamwork-tools and features.

    Replaces standard cloaky suit with one that could mimic objects/bushes. Metal Gear Solid cardbordbox meets random steel crate. Holds longer than standard cloaky suit but requires a lot of time for recharging and needs at least 50% to be reused (which makes the suit energy regeneration cert more viable and necessary) Allows shooting from it. Note that moving around as a bush/crate makes you a lot more noticeable, and shooting would distort the holo image for a sec.

    Random silly ideas and certainly not that helpful aas they might be overpowered, but the game needs to be looked at anyways.
  3. SCreech

    EMP dart
    replaces the recon tool

    Fires a dart that will disable a vehicle (firing and movement, on aircrafts jam guns, optics and flares etc) for some amount of time (5sec to start with, more with certs?). Fairly short range.


    Main purpose would be detection i guess since we already have proxi mines. When triggered would explode (no damage) and paint the targets near it, either showing them on minimap for some time or painting them with some sort of luminous substance, making them glow (inf's would also glow when cloaked). Other possible things this could do, would be maybe slowing down targets when triggered like conc. grenades do, or creating a smoke screen (painted targets could be seen through the smoke?)

    Could also alert the person who installed it when its being triggered somehow.

    Also additional things could be added for hacking, like disabling the ammo towers/platforms for bases, having vehicles spawn at half health etc.

    Not sure how balanced or useful these would be, but these kind of things i would personally like to see, along with some of the ideas mentioned by the previous posters :)
  4. MrMurdok

    Shamelessly copying from my own thread


    Wraith/Spectre/Phantasm (for their respected factions) Armor: Allows the Infiltrator to go through all shields, except of course SCU shields. Getting past the shield would require a massive burst of nanites to cover your approach and hence would spend a lot of power from your cloaking generator (Base level- 50% of cloak timer). Additional certs could be invested to reduce the amount of power required to get past the shields.


    Graphite Covered Rounds- Coveres your rounds in a fine coat of Graphite, allowing them some penetration of personnel shields, making headshots lethal at close range. After some distance, the coat peels off the round, making it another normal bullet. Basically speaking, short range headsots are OHK, nothing else changes.


    Magnezium Enriched Rounds- Magnezium ignites upon contact with personnel shields, causing the enemy great amounts of pain and denying them of the ability to properly aim at you. Enemies struck by Magnezium rounds will experience increased recoil and bullet spread from two seconds since the last Magnezium round hit them.


    The more you cert into the ability, the more things you can hack, Jump Pads and Teleporters are among the options. Last level should allow you to overload a shield generator and for the enemy to know about it only when it is at the 3rd stage of overload.


    Recon Dart sould give you some Exp for enemies spotted, they should appear as arrows and not dots, noting you and your teammates of the direction they're facing for a surprise attack.

    Javelin/Liberty/Mobius (for their respected factions) Designator- Replaces the Recon Dart. Allows the Infiltrator to paint an enemy land target for a precision strike. Painting should take about 5 seconds, where there would be a visible warning for the tank/turret/sundie that they're being painted. Once target is painted, all players armed with the basic Rocket Launcher, Decimator and Dalton within a certain radius of the Infiltrator would have to do is click [Y] to confirm firing at a painted target and let off a round. Each of these rounds hitting a marked target would do X2 damage.

    Gridlock/Lockdown/Medusa (for their respected Factions) Launcher- Replaces the Recon Dart. This single-shot, shoulder mounted rocket launcher is the Infiltrator only ability to handle enemy vehicles. The weapon should cost cert to get and would also cost 75 Infantry Resources for each shot you get. The weapon has a relatively short effective range, and hence why only the infiltartor was able to use it. Once struck by one of these, the enemy vehicle would be rendered useless for about one minute, unable to move or shoot (AMS systems are disabled as well). A horrid side effect is the rupturing of the vehicles fuel cells upon impact, this HAS to be fixed by an engineer within the 60 seconds duration ( would take about 3 seconds to repair) otherwise the vehicle would explode at the end of the weapon's effect.
  5. Makora

    Anti-Materiel Rifle- A "one-shot then reload" weapon that fires massive 14mm rounds of three types. Can only be fired when crouched (possibly to use the tertiary fire function to "deploy"). Starts with a 8x or 10x scope. Standard ammunition does massive damage to infantry (chest shot would leave health of an infiltrator in the red). Does damage equal to a Lightning Viper shell to armor. Armor Piercing ammunition does less damage to infantry due to overpenetration, but does damage equal to an AT rocket to armor. Anti-Personnel SNNC (Or Snub-Nosed Nanite Core) one hit kill on infantry when hit in the chest (does not apply to MAX, naturally), deconstructs the corpse so can't be revived (this includes the MAX). Minimal damage to armor (you'll notice that damage has been done, but it's nothing to really worry about unless you're already in the red).
    Can not be silenced, has an easily visible tracer. Replaces the primary weapon.

    Cloaking Field Generator- When deployed will render any friendly infantry within it as if infiltrator cloaked for a short period of time. Effect works just like a standard cloak (movement makes the cloak less effective) but is broken when a hostile action (shooting, deploying of explosives etc) is taken and will stay broken for 5 or so seconds.
  6. MrPokealot

    I think we need a mascot for planetside 2. All in favor for the infiltrator crab? WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS BEEN DONE ALREADY
  7. Chestor

    Armor piercing rounds - was on the cert list in beta, never implemented. Would be nice to be able to do something to tanks even if the dmg is minimal.

    EMP grenades - just a modification really, allowing them to bring down a base shield for a few seconds similar to the gate diffusor for sundies.

    Smoke grenade - self explanatory
  8. SeventhFrost

    Warning: I feel the need to justify a lot of this stuff in the game world. Helps me refute claims of "that would be stupid and unrealistic".

    Range-Finding, or a rail attachment (100 certs like all the others, maybe?), that will tell you what range whatever you're aiming at, is at when aimed down the sight. Simple enough, and realistic enough for such an advanced time, no?

    Anti-Vehicular Hacking- I'd rather not have the hacking ability from PS1 (As I understand it) where you convert the vehicle to your faction's. I'd rather just disable it, even for a long temporary period. This'd prevent people from changing half the armor in any situation to theirs, with just a few infiltrators.

    EMP-Grenades - If they don't disrupt tank systems, base systems, ect, already, they should. I don't know about shields, as someone said. That might be OP... BUUUUUUUUUT, disorienting tanks and disabling jump pads and those lifter things seems like just something it should do as a passive effect.

    SMGs - We need them already. Anyone have an ETA? I'm getting antsy with my auto-scout rifle. It gets the job done, but I'd rather have a dedicated weapon for cqc, not just some hastily thrown-together afterthought of a rifle. I mean a CQC weapon for an Infiltrator would have dedicated purpose, it wouldn't just be a purposefully horrible rifle with no real advantages in ANY given situation.

    We need passively quiet callouts when not in battle, and a cert to quiet footsteps when not sprinting. Maybe even whilst sprinting, if it gives us slower speed. It's ludicrous that you infiltrate a base, as hard as this game makes it on us sometimes, and you're tracking an enemy looking for you, and you instinctively hit q, sending your location to them, and your presence to anyone unaware of it.
    In fact, I made my newest infil character a girl (NC) with the explicit purpose of confusing enemies when I do that... andmaybesomeotherreasons... but it does seem to work, as people are less familiar with the female callout voices by nature, although the vanu have a distinctly different one, it still seems to be ignored for the most part. They're also a lot quieter from my end, and I hope it's the same on theirs. Needless to say, I'm sticking with female infil from now on. Not that I would mind doing it even if it didn't seem to have advantages >.>

    MOVING ON. The scout rifles, or preferably the smgs when they come out, need more options. Scopes are standard options, I mean a mod to make bullets extremely effective at close range, or against infantry, with greater dps dropoff at range, or even greater recoil/spread than normal. if not, SOMETHING, at least.

    As many others have said, a small exp bonus for recon-darted enemies being killed. I, personally, still feel that the recon dart should make enemies display in your vision, even as a sort of glowy dot in the center of their mass, instead of an outline. After all, a direct feed from the dart to your hud would be possible, if not the most accurate thing. Maybe it could be a sidegrade with some downsides, i don't know. After all, it's what most people use the dart expecting to have happen. It'd be more reasonable to add one if enemies were displayed in your sight when seen by the dart, as it's more likely to have actually HELPED. instead of clogging our already clogged minimap with more semi-useless late information.

    Mk, I'm out of ideas for now.
  9. Twido

    I'd like to propose a holographic projector!

    This is an item that you place on the ground and it projects a holographic image of a soldier standing still. I can imagine a number of circumstances when this will be really useful as a decoy. But for me it would be most useful in that cat and mouse scenario were location and positioning are critical and your oponent taking a shot at a hologram is just the opening you need.

    Obviously I don't want the whole world ocupied by holograms of people standing around so it would have to take the place of something useful such as the granade or mine, I would also give the item a limited battery life of maybe 10 or 15 minutes.
  10. GOLANX

    Sensor tool (tool slot): instead of shooting sensor darts you drop a pack that spawns a sensor on it like the engineer turrets, the sensor has a longer range than the darts and has unlimited lifespan like the turret, but of course can be destroyed like the turret.

    Communications Jammer tool (tool slot): any enemies in range of the jammer tool lose all communications but proximity, they cannot spot targets (can make the callout but won't add a red triangle) or benefit from spotting, they cannot see the icon placed over a friendly that has made a callout (ammo, heal, etc)

    IFF Jammer dart tool (tool slot): any enemies in range of the dart will not see any identifying triangles, mines in range will explode on friendlies

    Decoy grenade: i am not sure if it is still in the game, it was in beta i haven't checked since then, Decoy grenade would be cheap and you can carry a bunch of them, the enemy should think the grenade is real and about to kill him, also because of its lack of damage needs to be cheap and spammable.

    Mirage suit (ability slot): allows the player to disguise himself as part of the scenery, he must identify a feature for his suit to mimic and then when activate the suit will change the players appearance to match the feature he picked, whether it be a shrub, box, or crate, possibly unlimited usage ability though will be deactivated when moving, and the shrub, box, crate, barrel will become translucent for a couple seconds if he tries to fire. cert in upgrades for the ability to mimic a wider variety of targets, a tree, cactus, large rock, stacked crates. can even have certs to mimic terminals, turrets, even vehicles. final 2 cert sets allow movement while mimicking if unlocked and second to last, you designate a friendly infantry to mimic so they think you are a different class or something. final cert allows the player to designate an enemy infantry to disguise as and spy on the enemy.

    Stealth suit (suit slot): infantry version of vehicle stealth, infiltrator will not show up on radar, and may be harder to spot/ remove spot triangle after X time. the stealth suit also improves stealth abilities.

    bipod stabilizer (Sniper rifle Rail attachment): while crouched the sniper can place his sinper rifle on a bipod to reduce recoil.

    Range finder (tool slot): points and Locks on a target, any friendly withing range of the rangefinder user gains the ability to have his weapon locked onto the rangefinders target with a negation of bullet drop (compensation based on known range). meant to improve teamwork.
  11. Dr. Euthanasia

    I'd like to see us get the ability to disable generators. Personally, I'm not a fan of the EMP grenade and would much prefer a sensor dart replacement which implements all these added features you guys are talking about putting on the grenades, but either way, shutting off generators immediately and temporarily would be an incredible reward for reaching them unnoticed.
  12. Xiphos

    The hacking dart sounds pretty cool, too bad hacking is currently of little relevance.

    More tools (besides Stalker Cloak) isn't a priority. What we really need are more hacking and sabotage opportunities.

    I wouldn't say no to better decoy and EMP grenades though.
  13. FateJH

    HS/IR Launch Emitter
    Scout and sniper rifle barrel attachment
    When used while targetting an aircraft (same bind as the flashlight or laser sight), activating the emitter simulates a missile lock report to the pilot of the craft. If application of the emitter is only momentary, the false lock warning will simulate for only a few seconds, so realistic lock warnings may require a few seconds of tracking. The emitter generates tremendous significant heat, enough to make an Infiltrator stand out on passive radar, but will cool down quickly once deactivated. Best used in the precense of friendly aircraft or infantry.

    Observation: pilots do strange things when they think a missile is locked onto them. Like crash into the ground. :)
    Reward: during the simulated lock, the Infiltrator receives vehicle damage XP (vehicle is not really damaged); the Infiltrator will get assist XP if the pilot is killed within 5 seconds after the simulated lock has been cancelled, or assist damage if the plane is destroyed before the pilot dies.
  14. MrPokealot

    Eh if infiltrators should have something fun to use, it's flares to get rid of IR/NV users.
  15. Kalocin

    One thing to remember for those asking for a new tool to replace the sensor dart: Most of these tools are flat out better than the sensor dart, which would end making them required.

    My suggestion is to change the sensor dart gun so that it is given faster bullet speed and longer range with infinite ammo, but only fires one pulse rather than multiple, and has a delay/recharge (ie 5-10 seconds). This would make it useful 100% of the time and not be restricted with ammo. Current certed upgrades could simply be replaced with faster recharge and longer range.
  16. nubery

    You weapon suggestion would completely render all other sniper rifles useles, and outpreform most heavy assault rocket launchers (except for AA launchers or extreme range lock-ons to armor.) One hit kill to chest. Please, stop. I wouldn't mind an anti material rifle for anti-armor purposes. That would be nice. It should be it's only function, and shouldn't be as effective as other sniper rifles at shooting infantry. Maxs are a different story. they're pretty much armor.

    Cloaking generator. Now that sounds cool. You've got my vote there.

    The entire reason I don't play infiltrator is because they're just snipers. They're snipers with 'hacking' half-***** on as a feature. They need gadgets bad, devs. This thread has tons of great suggestions.
  17. Dr. Euthanasia

    And what does this tell us? That the Recon Dart isn't a good enough tool compared to the ability to fire rockets, repair vehicles, or heal and revive allies. We shouldn't be limited to suggesting things which are just as weak and ineffective as it is when the bar for tool slots has already been established as something far higher.
  18. Kalocin

    What I meant was that a lot of people were ignoring the recon tool as something valid to use, so before any of these awesome gadgets were implemented, the recon tool would need to be buffed up (similar to my suggestion) to actually make it worth using over other tools.
  19. DramaticExit

    Night vision.
  20. Athessu

    Maybe a tripwire which traps a player for a few seconds, advantage over mines is ability to place larger amounts of them since they only irritate enemies rather than kill them. Certain points could be shot by the enemy player to free themselves which then obviously alerts people to their location and takes their attention so ambushing is easier.