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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by GefaPandora, Feb 14, 2024.

  1. GefaPandora

    Allow the engineer to have more equipment intended for support.

    An aura/NS weapon of Combat Rifle or Carbine category with the repair grenade launcher. This would provide an increased armor/Xam survival bonus and better ranged combat capability than with the Punisher SMG.

    The famous AA turret, I am not going to try to destroy it but rather to repel the aviation with a small flat auto cannon and a small air shield. If we had to imagine the weapon, I would say a single barrel Ranger with the Spitfire auto system and a deployment shield. This allows regrowth without being too harmful to the air and provides improved coverage areas.

    Deployable modules to provide protection for windows and doors. I'm not talking about blocking access, but putting a shield that reduces damage from external weapons, which is placed on windows and doors. The idea is to improve the protection of buildings, particularly at capture points.

    Mechanical Synergy! Aviation has the right to automatic repair but not land vehicles and I find that a shame! This would force players to play Engineers in vehicles and make it more loyal.

    A repair kit without overheating but with a lower repair capacity. By keeping the current kit and offering the possibility of having a new less powerful but stable kit we would be less frustrated to see our vehicles fall because of these details...

    There you have it, some idea to allow the engineer to have more possibilities on the battlefield.
    PS: Now playing NSO I find the lack of use for Havoc mines frustrating, hoping for a change to make them useful in the game.