[Suggestion] More adaptation towards large battles

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  1. Kumaro

    So recently we have had some server merges and that gives us an interesting spike in players. Especially during primetime.

    <Just me describing how things are in my perspective>
    What is now clearly noticed though it was before to when battles reached such a size at rare times.
    Is that the lattice system, Map design and Base design. Is not made for battles above 48 vs 48 and even then we are pushing it in most areas.

    It is however understandable that we have gone this route now as player base has declined. Though it is not understandable why we see a complete and total lack of any kind of place that supports more than 48+ vs 48+ players. No base nore any area is designed to support or properly allow that number of people to fight it out.

    Instead allong the lanes we are given these people are cramped togheter in large lumps of chaos.
    Instead of a flowing frontline that drags out. We see to rocks smashing togheter till one gives way similar to medevial warfare. Instead of modern combat.
    <End of description>

    Look over some of the areas on the map see if you can remove some bases or rocks/mountains and rearrange it to become battlefields revisited over and over by soldiers. Add some bunkers or wall towers instead. And give some distance between bases to allow forces to spread out and properly fight a large battle.

    Utilize the zones you have abandoned and give them meaning again. They are open and very inviting for vehicle combat but there is no reason to go there and fight such a battle. Or it is to difficult to get there and fight.

    A perfect example of this problem is the open area in-between Snake Ravine, Crossroads watch tower and Xeno tech labs. That area seems okay for a battle but then the bases are to close to each other. Each base has a surrounding that forces all units to huddle together to seek cover with little initiative to move out because the other bases there are similar and if you try to spread out you just become prey for the other bases around like the Crown.

    There is not enough space for a battle to grow and prosper. After a certain amount of people has been reached a force goes from offensive to self destructive. People get in each others way and each force slowly chokes it self. Instead of getting defeated in straight out combat.

    At least if it is to much work now consider it for the next continent. because the design you are going by now is not working for the battles we are currently seeing in the game. You who started this with the image of massive combat are now thinking to small to narrow. Time to broaden the perspective and view.

    I don't want a League of legends lane and a small labyrinth like base i want a battlefield with bunkers and fortresses. I want a front-line. . .
  2. Pikachu

    SOE is never going to remove bases. They like having as many as possible. Didnt they say they would add interlink facilities to all continents? Which would obviously have their of annoying satellite bases.
  3. Kumaro

    Oh they have removed bases quite a few on Indar to start with. Problem is they removed them and left large areas open and barren so no one really uses them anymore. Waste of space so to speak :(
    Eastern side desert of Mao techplant used to have a small outpost. Now we have the size of two almost 3 hexes that rarely ever sees a player. Only the buildings from the Mech easter egg remains above howling pass to speak of the awesome times that used to take place there. I think you can still see the outlines in the sand of where the buildings used to stand.