[Suggestion] Moonshot or Railjack

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by qiray12, May 14, 2015.

  1. qiray12

    As title says: Moonshot or Railjack wich one to get.

    Since i was thinking going to snipe in this game (and im playing NC) is it worth it to go for the Moonshot or just stick with the Railjack once unlocked.
    I already have the Railjack and i do like it but it does have its flaws.

    Just give me your opinion and say wich one you prefer.

    It could save me alot of time maybe :p
  2. Rikkit

    i say, go for the moonshot, on your way to it, you will get some experience with all the other rifles, and in the end you will be able to tell the pros and cons of each rifle by yourself.
    I personally don't like the moonshot (maybe just because im new to the weapon, and don't know how to hit moving targets with it).
    Things that are noticeable drawbacks:
    150m detection range on minimap
    250m ohk range

    Why you should ignore the drawbacks:
    faster reloads/chamber
    people hate snipers, imagine the hate you will get, when you show, that you allready grinded 5 Sniper rifles to Auraxium
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  3. _itg

    If you like the Longshot better than the Railjack, you'll like the Moonshot better than the Railjack. It's annoying to try to compare the two side by side, since your muscle memory from one will interfere with the other. It took me several hundred kills to get used to standard sniper rifles again after dropping the Railjack, and it still shows in my Moonshot's accuracy stats. I'd say finish your Railjack Auraxium, then start using the Longshot. Give it at least 500 kills, because it'll take you a while to get over your Railjack muscle memory. If you like the Longshot better, go for the Moonshot.
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  4. Saguardian

    I had the same doubt with the moonshot. Its cool and psychologically demoralizing.
    But the 150 m detection range is a big drawback in some situations even when the non-silenced snipers are not exactly quiet. AND also considerer that non being able to kill a shielded HA with a Headshot at 250 m is even more demoralizing... for you, for me, for the whole infiltrator community.

    Now Im using the Longshot, but thinking on use the Railjack again.

  5. MarkAntony

    Good advice in this thread so far.

    Like _itg said it basically comes down to whether you like the Longshot or the Railjack better. I'd actually suggest auraxiuming them both and then deciding. that way you'll already be 2/5 of the way to the moonshot.

    Personally I prefer the Longshot. All the drawbacks of the Railjack (fire delay,lower mag size, long reload) basically come down to one thing: You are not able to put as much lead downrange as you could with the longshot. If you are able to find areas with lots of targets that can get really frustrating.
    Of course if you can limit you engagement distance then the Bolt Driver and SAS-R are good contenders as well. Their fast chamber time and reload makes them good for the experienced shooter who can accurately engage targets in quick succession.
  6. Baracuda

    The moonshot is more of a downgrade to the Railjack when comparing stats. What everyone here has neglected was that the Moonshot's maximum OHK range is shorter than the longshot and railjack. Combined with the higher recoil, larger detect range, and inability to put a suppressor on it, the railjack is leagues ahead of it (however I would not suggest suppressing the railjack). Also another thing, barrel raise is (and should still be) non-existent on the railjack while compared to other rifles.
  7. Navron

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the point of the OP. I mean...if you want the Moonshot, you have a long way to go and you might as well make the Railjack one of the weapons you Auraxium. It's not like asking "LA-80, Longshot or Railjack?" But I'm going to assume you mean this in the context that you had all the weapons. In which case:

    I stopped using the Railjack when I got the Moonshot. Not that I minded the delay but as a previous poster said, it's hard to keep adjusting back and forth from the Railjack to a standard rifle. So I use the Moonshot for very long distances and a suppressed LA-80 for within 200 meters for stuff like shooting people at terminals.
  8. _itg

    Not only is recoil totally irrelevant on bolt-actions, but the Moonshot actually has less recoil than the Railjack. Source.

    The Railjack is also a poor choice for a suppressed sniper rifle, because it has an artificially high velocity penalty--basically the devs' way of saying, "you thought you were pretty clever, huh, using a unique feature of this gun to gain a unique advantage? Well, take that!" A suppressed Railjack has only a tiny velocity advantage over a suppressed Longshot, but all the Railjack's drawback's still exist.
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  9. Akashar

    Some people want to watch the world burn
  10. Rikkit

    wait a moment, the world isn't burning jet? let me fix that, ähm I mean Candy for everyone!
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  11. Ballto21

    The Parsec, The Beamer, and the Solstice. Three guns i would 3d print out and ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** barrel ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  12. MarkAntony

    I disagree.
    The higher (_itg has corrected this already) recoil would be completely irrelevant. the larger detect range only matters if your enemies have their minimap expanded and zoomed out AND actually using that vs the tracers to find you (VERY unlikely). And why you would EVER want to put a suppressor on a sniper rifle is beyond me. (might just be my style of sniping that completely rules out that attachement though)
    barrel raise is just like bullet drop. learn it and it isn't a problem. can be completely negated by knowledge and skill.
    as for the OHK range: OK, I too enjoy some occasional long range shots. but mostly you would be more effective inside of 250m anyways.
    And the drawback of the railjack (less ammo, less rate of fire through delay small mag size and long reload) completely outclasses anything you mentioned. at least to me.
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  13. Akashar

    You seem to be a nice guy
  14. qiray12

    ye i do think after all the longshot is the way to go and la80 as second they both are good without huge downsides/upsides.
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  15. Baracuda

    When I talk about 'recoil' on sniper rifles I mean the barrel rise prior to the shot, which is more prevalent on the moonshot and non-existent on the Railjack, making it a better rifle for shooting at any range, however its downside (the charge up) limits it from being a decent short/mid range rifle. The moonshot on the other hand does have more ammo compared to the railjack and also does not have a charge up, but thats all it has above the railjack. However, the railjack outclasses it in damage, kill range, 'recoil', overall versatility, and statistically in velocity (without factoring in charge-up). Bolt cycling speed and reload is almost entirely irrelevant for sniping unless you are trying to be 'leetsniper420' in which case there is already a rifle for that (SASR).

    As far as suppressing the railjack, if you read my post you would see I said that I would not recommend it due to the heavy penalties for doing so however it is still an option available to the railjack that the moonshot does not have.

    As far as my recommendation goes, Railjack is superior to the Moonshot, however if you want something that is almost exactly the same as the moonshot but none of its downsides and more versatility go with the longshot. The moonshot and its equivalents are just glorified garbage.
  16. _itg

    I know what you're talking about with the barrel rise, but I think there has been some stealth reduction to that. I can't feel the bullet rise in live play right now (whether because I'm used to it or because it has actually been reduced), so I had to go to VR to check it out. It seems that if you aim as high on the head as possible without aiming at the air, from roughly 30-50m, you'll miss, but any lower and you'll hit. The bullet rise is still there, but it's very minor. I confirmed the Railjack has absolutely no rise.

    I think you're being a bit dismissive of the Railjack's drawbacks, though. The smaller magazine slows your sniping pace down considerably, and the delay more than cancels out the actual advantage of the extra velocity. The chamber time is absolutely relevant, by the way, because that determines how quickly you can land a second body shot. Body shot kills with the Railjack are significantly harder, because the target has more time to run to cover. This is another case where the 4-round mag can really hurt, because you can easily hit the reload before securing the kill.

    You can't recommend against using an attachment and then claim the option is a significant advantage. The Railjack is an unusually bad weapon to suppress, so you may as well go with a suppressed Longshot if for some reason you think a suppressed long-range bolt-action is a good idea (most people don't).
  17. Quinnocent

    Well said. You hit most of my points.

    To the OP, I like the Railjack. I might even love the Railjack. I might even want to marry it. But a strictly "better" bolt-action it is not. I don't even think the charge time is its main disadvantage, even if many people write the weapon off because of it. That can be compensated for to varying degrees. In fact, in extremely practiced hands, I think you can compensate for the charge more easily than you can compensate for lower velocity (in many situations). But losing a round in your magazine and having longer chamber/reload times are big deals, especially if you bring the weapon into close or medium range. If you're actually in a fight where you need to apply real pressure with the Railjack, you start to /really/ notice things like the mag size, chamber time, and reload time (the flat reload time is less than the Moonshot/Longshot, but the reload time/round is higher).

    As a small side note, I wouldn't write off the utility of a suppressor. I generally believe excessive use of suppressors is bad (most people underestimate just how much it reduces bullet velocity and both min/max damage ranges), and I would /rarely/ use one on a Railjack, but I love having it there as a useful option, and I can see definite cases where I would want one.

    I think the biggest thing which holds the Railjack back is that it demands a lot of practice. Honestly, the same can be said of the TRAP and Phaseshift, both of which I think are also very good weapons. The Railjack just _feels_ different in so many ways, and you really have to spend a good amount of time to retrain your muscle memory and sniping habits to approach its skill requirement for basic effectiveness. Something as simple as scoping out is a good example. If you're trained to rapidly cloak and scope out after a shot, you'll find yourself forcing accidental hipfire misses on the Railjack at first, since you're forcing it out of the scope after the click but before the charge completes.

    But . . . I honestly don't get the Moonshot. Admittedly, I don't know the directive weapons well, but the reload times and mag/capacity of the Moonshot and Longshot are the same. The Moonshot trades 50 meters worth of OHKO distance and a vastly lower detection radius for stuff that doesn't seem to be worth it. Am I wrong?
  18. _itg

    The Moonshot's reload is actually quite a bit faster than the Longshot's--almost a full second less on the short reload, about half a second on the long one. The velocity is nice, of course. As for the Moonshot's drawbacks, I don't really mind the longer detection radius, since I typically find snipers by their tracers or their sound from well outside the minimap ping range. I assume anyone competent enough to kill me when they get close can find me in the same way. The shorter OHK distance is something I rarely run into, and if I do, I can typically just move forward and continue sniping as normal, although in that event I've obviously lost at least one potential kill. Overall, I'd say the benefits and drawbacks make for a pretty balanced sidegrade to the Longshot.
  19. Quinnocent

    What you say makes sense, I suppose. It's probably just personal preference. Lots of people find something like the V10 perfectly adequate, if not more useable, than a big bang like the Parallax. Not me. I just find 200-250 meters to be an awkward engagement distance. Either I like to have the option to snipe from extreme range (Parallax), or I think it's better to move in and apply more personal pressure (the Ghost or the Phaseshift).