Monthly DBC Ripoff

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  1. CapEnTrade

    If people don't want to be told to NOT squander money on stupid investments, then nobody can help them. R.I.P.
  2. Armitige Shanks

    I submitted a ticket, received an automated response, replied to the automated response. Heard nothing for a few days. Canceled membership. Daybreak/SOE/whatever company is responsible for this terrible business practice is not stealing anymore of my money.
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  3. Movoza

    By this logic, you can't lose Daybreak cash. It is fairly simple. You buy a subscription and with it you buy benefits. One benefit is Daybreak cash that has the rule that you need to claim it. A further rule is that when you purchase things, a certain amount of Daybreak cash is deducted. Your logic dictates that the Daybreak cash is yours and can't be taken away, meaning you only need the required amount of Daybreak cash to buy all weapons. They can't remove that cash! It is stupid to have extra rules that apply! I payed for it and no cash should ever be deducted!

    On the other hand, not everything is this logical. Still, they state the rules and if you don't like those rules you shouldn't habe payed for that subscription.
  4. Hardy3284

    If you want to support a game, and yet don't play and want the DBC, why pay the monthly? 15 bucks gets you 5 bucks worth of DBC. If you know you are not going to play, why not just pay 15 bucks towards just DBC? Nothing to claim, you get what you pay for.

    When I seen that I had to claim the DBC by a certain date, clearly stating in game, I don't think I would assume I could claim it AFTER that date. Its their game, TOS says everything is subject to change as someone already pointed out. They didn't "steal" anything, they made a full announcement of the change before it even took place.

    I paid a years worth subscription (started July 2015). I too thought it was automatically deposited. It never had occurred to me to check my balance until I decided to one day use some of my DBC, 4 months later. I should have been more careful when reading the benefits section, it reads: 500 Daybreak Cash Reward to claim each month
  6. Moridin6

    yeah .
    look guys, it Is in the tos, it Was made clear, saving tax money makes Sense,... but can't we all agree it shady. and has ZERO to do with making the customer happy, quite the opposite .
    bad business
    and i know more than a few that didnt reup their membership because of it
  7. JojoTheSlayer

    If that is the case, I can understand why they changed it, but the All Access owner should really get "heads up" email or something that tells him about this. A "quick, reclaim this months 500g before it runs out" type thing. Because when they dont or they miss this crucial aspect. They will feel ripped off and frankly I dont blame them. The 500 DBC is a big part of why some of the members stick with their membership.
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  8. Rellenar

    They should definitely put some thought into changing this. It really feels super shady.
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  9. Hardy3284

    It does make sense and its a business. If you can name me 1 business that needs to make a profit and can make a customer 100% happy with every decision they make, I would be surprised. This does not make me unhappy though, I am just neutral towards it. If people want to unsub for (what seems to me) a silly reason, that's up to them. Last thing I will do if I am not playing and can't claim though, is subscribe. I would rather put the money solely towards DBC to get more of it for when I get back. Plus you can claim it on the website, don't even have to log in to the game. For those that subscribe for a year, I can see a different story. Un-scheduled breaks happen.

    As for emailing announcements, not everyone is subscribed to get emails (if they emailed every time they had an announcement, I would unsub from emails). So that hardly fixes that one. Everyone can log into a forum to read announcements.

    I just think its overreacting on the situation. Nothing against anyone here, we all have our thoughts.
  10. Moridin6

    before when i had it(stil do) even if i wasnt playing i Knew that when i came back id have some SC (at the time) to swag out with or check out new weapons if there were any. shoot that SC payload waiting for me was a Reason to come back with all the other titles coming out all the time. I try to play regularly but sometimes life happens.. when i started my new job i didnt know i was going to come home beat and a month was going to fly by, but it did, and i lost 5 DOLLARS basically because i didnt click a button? i mean jeeze guys . like i said, i had a year sub before, would skip months and my MONEY MY PRODUCT I PAID FOR was waiting for me. now. .
  11. Hardy3284

    Agree to disagree? :)

    I only played once or twice during a month a while back, totally forgot about the claim. Missed it. I don't blame Daybreak, it just went over my head and forgot. Ops on my part. I clicked that I agree that any thing dealing with the game/service can change, even without notice. I can complain about a change, but moving on is easier than making a post like what was made.

    Do what you gotta do, but if you enjoy playing the game and everyone thought like this (unsub because you dislike a change that was announced), we wouldn't have a game to play.
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  12. stalkish

    There is no investment to be had here.
    DGC isnt selling shares to PS2 players, it isnt selling a whole or part of its business to PS2 players.
    What people are doing is PAYING FOR A SERVICE.

    You could say 'its not worth the money' but i then have to ask, do you play the game? If its worth your time its worth your money, if you think otherwise it just makes you a freeloader.

    Answer me this, would you go to work for nothing in return?
  13. JustBoo

    I like PlanetSide2. But anyone who tries to justify the SOE / DBG dbag practice of "claiming" something one has paid for has serious, I mean serious, mental and social issues. Look into the Stockholm Syndrome, if you are trying to support this SHADY practice, because you have it.

    I do not care what accounting reasons DBG has, you don't crap on your PAYING customers like that. It was a big reason I did not re-sub.

    I've written about this many times in the past, it is a BAD practice. But we know that SOE / DBG never listens to it's customers, so....
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  14. Hardy3284

    Just curious, but ANNOUNCING a change BEFORE it happens, and then doing what was announced, is shady? I guess they should announce it, then never do it? That would be interesting.

    Glad to see mental issues coming into play to. Its funny how low people will go. Should I play the immature card on you? I won't, just asking.
  15. JustBoo

  16. Hardy3284

    Its crazy just how much people expect for $14.99 a month.

    Long before the games went free, I paid $29.99 for all access. Every month. Did I get awesome cash monthly to spend in a microtransaction shop? Nope. It didn't exist. I just got access to the games. That was it.

    Now they reduce the price in HALF, and people want more more more more. I think its easier to just be happy, but that's hard to ask of some people :)
  17. Hardy3284

    So the point wasn't that its shady practice? What was the point you was trying to prove? Because I was showing that what you said, was not shady in any way. Shady would be not announcing something and just doing it.