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  1. CaptCran

    Going to take a break till the next monthly patch. Recent patching is reminding of patch GU12 years back when it was nearing the end of my laptops abilities to play the game (GU13 was the killer). I was just going to concentrate on the new ANT directive and avoid players, but the game is stuttering way too much and if there is an attack I'm not chancing trying to defend a base with the new death/kill (rock,paper,scissors) stalemate delay animation that was "created". Really throws off the flow when your trying to chain your kills( or run as a infiltrator and have a .05sec delay thwart any stealth actions). Also, I would like to thank Daybreak for the extended downtime of the last patch which allowed me to catch up in other games and get my 21 pk. Taco Bell box.

    Good luck in the next couple weeks improving.

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