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  1. Mustarde

    After a few months learning the HA class (I almost never used it during the first 2 1/2 years of this game) it finally started to click and I have some pretty cool moments to show as a result.

    Not really trying to generate a balance discussion, since I find LA to be better at killing and medic better at teamwork. I know it's frustrating to die to a shielded HA in a 1v1 scenario, but that is where HA shines as a class. The Ursa is actually my favorite VS LMG for some strange reason, and you can see why in the video. I also have some Polaris, Betelgeuse and Carv-S scenes. I use a mix of ASC/resist (Ursa/Polaris) and NW/Adren (Carv-S/BG).


    TL DR - Aim for the head, use medkits
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  2. Dgross

    You're playing a Vanu HA?
    You don't need to aim or use medikits.

    Just look at them and you win.
  3. MarkAntony

    awesome as always. I just wish there was more and I do miss the infil gameplay (yeah I know the last infil vid wasn't thaaaat long ago but still)
    had to download it because it was blocked in germany.
    keep the vids coming. I always enjoy the gameplay and the music too.
  4. FocusLight

    Usually watch all your vids, but this one get's a solid pass. I have no desire to observe the BG-HA from the dishing end, it's easily half the enemies you face when fighting VS, and I am way to sick and tired of that.
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  5. giltwist


    Have you tried the Archer yet? I'd love to see a video of you with that set to the 4x scope.
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  6. Killuminati C

    This is an awesome idea. I'd really like to see how you'd get the most out of that gun. I'm trying like hell to find the right scenarios in which I can but it seems like I'm always fighting base layouts ie bad line of sight or extreme hostile sniper crossfire. That said, I don't play as sniper all that much.
  7. Mustarde

    [sales pitch]

    I can understand, a 0.75 CQC LMG with unlimited ammo is pretty sick and has been abused by the top infantry farmers ever since the heat mechanic was added to it last october-ish.

    But that's only 30 seconds of the video, and you're missing out on a montage mostly using the Polaris and Ursa, two guns that are rarely used or featured in videos like this. And I'm probably the only one out there who would openly prefer the Ursa to the Orion/BG.

    But I won't make you watch the video. :)
    [/sales pitch]

    already in the works. Just need more footage and some brainstorming on various artistic touches. But trust me, I knew I'd be making an archer video the second it was announced
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  8. Chryvrius

    Makes me kind of sad to see more Heavy Assault gameplay especially from a player I look up to, but nice video nontheless Mustarde.
  9. MetalCotton

    A montage of HA. I don't know what I expected, though the Ursa looks surprisingly fun to use.

    Otherwise, congrats. You've made a montage of the easiest class to play.
  10. Liberty

    Irony of course being this comment coming from someone who has more kills in a MAX suit than any other single source.

    While the vid certainly brought the heavy haters out, it was well done and an entertaining watch.

    The quick 4-5 kill streaks where your shields never get a chance to recover vs. opponents who shoot back are really what make for good HA videos. (As contrary to popular belief that overshield doesn't give you the HP to win against that many opponents on its own)
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  11. AxiomInsanity87

    My posts are better though.
  12. MetalCotton

    Now what could have possibly have given you that idea?
    Double irony, MAX is not my most-played class despite what my forum profile seems to hint at. I get the most out of Engies and Infiltrators.

    Regardless. I'm still curious, are other guns outside of the Betelgeuse/Orion worth using? Like the Ursa, Polaris, etc.
    Reason being I don't find myself switching too often when playing VS, since the default Orion is pretty reliable.
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  13. CorporationUSA

    After you've already inserted your opinion about the class?
  14. Liberty

    Hah, sorry man I missed the sarcasm, nothing personal I was just a bit put off by some folks being blindly against checking out the content because someone (who plays all classes) had the audacity to play heavy.

    For VS arsenal, what they say is pretty much true in that Orion or bust as it has the DPS and (once you learn it to manage the recoil) the controllability to get you through 98% of the encounters planetside will throw at you.

    If you are struggling to control the Orion and need a few more rounds per reload, the SVA should be your next go to gun, just don't expect it to perform as well as other 143/698 weapons because its accuracy takes a decent hit at medium range with the 0.75 ADS modifier.

    If you like the 167 damage model the Flare is pretty decent as an all rounder. The Ursa reminds me too much of the Corvus in that while it is nice and steady for longer ranges, those encounters don't happen often enough to really take advantage of the weapons.

    The Polaris sort of had its niche suppression role filled in by the Betelgeuse once you learn how to manage your heat generation. The Polaris is a good bit more controllable but against equally skilled opponents that lack of raw DPS will start to hurt. If you are in a position where you happen to be able to outshoot most of your opponents it can certainly work for you.
  15. FieldMarshall

    Most of them were low BRs, but it was entertaining anyway.
    Shows how important it is to aim high, and how important situational awareness (from both you and enemies) is.
  16. stalkish

    I almost vomited from reading the OP, it basicaly says 'look how good i am.....please validate my life'
    I then did vomit when i read fanbois doing exactly that, wow.
  17. Mustarde

    You really need to take some zofran bud
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  18. stalkish

    Nar, ill just continue winding you lot up on here, seems to work wonders.
  19. FocusLight

    That's actually a good argument. Now's only hoping that if I see this I'll manage to black out for some 30 seconds at one point :p
  20. Liberty

    Important question as apparent head of the Mustarde fan club, do you indeed feel validated in life by the responses to this video. Follow up : What inspirational message can you offer to young gamers who wish to get into gaming content production?

    And finally how much MLG satire is too much in your average video? I'm guessing anything with more than 18 Dorito and Mt Dew references might be "too much".
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