Monsters on Esamir and Amerish

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  1. theraginghamster

    I like this idea mostly cause the rewards for conquering a continent are mehh at best right now.

    Also, anyone who dares say raid boss on these forums without barrels of sarcasm dumped on top should get a auto forum ban.
  2. Mythicrose12

    Gigantic ice worm on Esamir as a tribute to Dune (just no sand). Protect your harvest...errr tank zergs! Indar could have a flying monstrosity (Mothra!). Amerish could have large prides of feline-like creatures to mop up infantry.
  3. Krayus_Korianis

    We also can't forget, Ewoks on Amerish.
  4. Krayus_Korianis

    The new worms in the last two books of the Dune novels were water worms.
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  6. Urban Cohort

  7. MotleyV

    [quote="I've also been wondering where all the civilians are on this world - surely this isn't a place where there are ONLY adults and EVERYONE is a soldier =/ (I suppose there could be mandatory conscriptions, but even then...).[/quote]

    Maybe its a 1984 esque scenario where all warfare is confined to a few locations, and the main body of the empires are never attacked in order to maintain a state of constant war.

    So according to PS lore, there are no animals, or life forms on auraxis. The devs probably arnt going to **** up that lore. Just saying
  9. Liquid23

    then what about that giant bleached skeletons on Indar?

    Ive often wondered this myself.
  11. bodmans

    for anyone looking for that esamir monster, go to aurora materials, head up the mountain to the crystal and listen...

    pro tip: bring a fresh pair of trousers
  12. brilig

    Anyone have any pictures of the shadow critters, or the ice worm?
  13. moooosa

    Welp, 350 hours of playtime and this is news to me.
  14. Skunkworks

    I always hear a fruit machine when I am in a AA turret around Crossroads, one of those old fashioned 'one armed bandit' type where you put in a penny and pull the lever and it going (sort of) klickklickklickklick- KLACK - cheeeerppppp, plip - plip -plip - clack.

    I swear there is an antique fruit machine somewhere wrirring away.
    All I can say is if I find it, it had jolly well better be dropping me the 10000SC Jackpot.

    Or perhaps it is a looping auditory hallucination as an after effect of the copious numbers of peculiar fungi I used to find in fields.

    Also, everytime the wind whisltes through my windows in my home I keep thinking an ESF is going to fly in my bedroom and spam-pod my bed because the whistling sounds like one of them pesky ESFs I keep killing with my Vulcan....