Momentum is going to wain

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneShadowWarrior, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    As quickly as they all came in mass to see Planetside, as quickly they will come to pass, to be honest and frank there is nothing in the next update that even excites me at all.

    All this hype has done has created ridiculous queue’s and I am talking about memberships and people who pay, not for people who expect stuff for free.

    Sure we got excited kids, but I guarantee you after this weekend that will pass without a update and it will be a ghost town once again.

    The future of Planetside not only hinges on a big update, but future updates to follow with content people are willing to pay for. What will make us open our hearts and wallets up is the bigger question.
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  2. pnkdth

    You could also try and enjoy yourself + add something constructive rather than this doom and gloom rant (your last statement reads as if it should have been the start of the thread, followed by suggestions and thoughts on the question you posed). Kinda hard to even respond to anything other than, yeah, it probably won't last forever.
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  3. BamaRage

    Agreed, improve the content and stop with the gimmicks....
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  4. Rooklie

    You could be right, but from what I read, they've also got a lot of changes prepared for the common months, changes that might make the game a lot more interesting (the official statement is that this is true in particular for outfits who want more competitive / objective driven gameplay)
  5. iller

    I agree in the sense that this Update adds nothing but SPECTACLE.
    It's doesn't address Planetsides biggest underlying problem which is the Gunplay-Netcode overlap

    In essence, the issue that makes it difficult for new and casual players to not only UNDERSTAND the game's most core's also the biggest reason that "spawn-camp REDEPLOYSIDE" exists. ...Players who get insta-gank headshotted way too much in one fight are always moving to the TR/NC front instead and desperately looking for other players their own skill level to fight but that stops working as soon as the "Wolves" & latency exploiters show up and kill all those targets way before the Casuals can even face them and the process repeats itself. It's just like a Matchmaking problem but on Steroids that are fueled by the same sh** that StreetFighter V players have been raising absolute hell over the past months.

    It leaves players like myself with bad framerates no where else to go to earn certs except for mining Cortium and since the Update basically makes Base-Building AND Vehicle convoys even MORE irrelevant, pretty soon I'll have no reason to log in at all
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  6. DirArtillerySupport

    PS3 with mouse yaw. ;)
  7. adamts01

    Well, I'm optimistic for the first time since construction. This is a good update with considerable content. And it was built in a short amount of time. I'm excited for how many more big changes they can make in the near future. As for this excitement waning, well, half the draw to this game are the huge battles, and just having huge fights again might be enough to keep this train rolling for quite a while. We have tons of players right now, and people are having a lot of fun again, and that's even without any new content.
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  8. Tom Jaffrey

    Where is the update or I am blind? I don`t see it. Be the update or not be, that is the great question?
  9. fuzzbuzzputty

    I imagine the new player experience will involve a lot of getting sniped, run over by harassers, farmed by ESF’s and libs, shot/stabbed in the back by infils etc.
    The try hards will be sweating them selfs senseless in sociopathic glee whilst the noobs will be dog food.

    When you look at the stats/achievements for this game it’s just kills, K/D, and more kills. There’s no incentive to play for objectives or play support.
    An infil who sat back and sniped will look better on paper than an infil who stayed with the team and used sensor darts or hacked terminals.
    A light assault that randomly ran about shot gunning people in the back will look better on paper than a medic that stayed on the point and kept the team going.
    For all the grand scale, different classes and combined arms this game offers it often just feels like a generic, shallow shooter.
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  10. OpolE

    PS2 will have this update and people will be like:

    OK! Random **** in the sky, now what. Bored

    90% of the dev team will get fired and leave it in a crap state again.
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  11. optimus

    Ive been playing off an on since early beta. I keep leaving and coming back every now and then to scratch the itch that only this game with its massive battles can provide. I'm primarily a vehicle combatant. I am terrible at infantry combat but I'm pretty good at tank on tank action and piloting a Reaver/ Lib. I am also what the kids like to call, a "Whale" Ive spent a ridiculous amount of money in this game. I'm ashamed to admit how much.
    The one thing I can always guarantee you I will spend money on is vehicle weapons and stuff to make my vehicles look cooler. I pay cash for pretty much all of the vehicle weapons as I'd rather spend my certs upgrading them than unlocking them, and I'm lazy. The biggest draw of this game for me has always and will always be the massive vehicle battles.
    Sadly they haven't really added any new vehicles or vehicle weapons in what feels like years. I unlocked everything for the valk and ant as soon as they released and having been waiting like 5 years for the god damn MBT empire weapons to come out so i can buy those too. I imagine at this point they are never coming out which saddens me greatly.
    If you want other like minded whales like myself to drop a **** load of our hard earned cash on this game and spur development, give us some more god damn vehicles and vehicle weapons please. Variety is the spice of life. I know allot of people would disagree but I always liked the BFR's from PS1 and I would of loved to have seen that NS Behemoth tank they were working on hit the field. Another NS fighter jet option would be cool too, perhaps something that functioned more like a traditional jet fighter and lacked vertical take off? I dunno. Just give me more stuff to buy please. I love this game but you have barely added anything I would be willing to pay for in years.
  12. OneShadowWarrior

    It’s a combined arms game but in reality the original Planetside came from Tanares from Sony, a tank game, they slammed Tribes into the mix and Planetside was born.

    People think I am a Heavy Assault kill monger, but in reality I like tanking, flying and roadkill, but so much is missing from the original
    Planetside where we had assault buggies, deliverer and variants, a galaxy that could load a vehicle with a cargo bay, christ you even had trunks in vehicles to load supplies or change your vehicle ammo, even the ammo bays allowed you to change loadouts rather than being stuck with one.

    It’s one feature I did like about Arma 3 is the venue of vehicle choices, even though the game is outdated and runs crappy.