[Suggestion] Modify the VA-39, 99SV, Gauss SPR & Phaseshift

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by HamOnRye, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. HamOnRye

    Per the title I am suggesting a modification to the VA-39, 99SV, and Gauss SPR. All three of these rifle clones suffer from the same issue which is they are considerably difficult rifles to use, and give no added benefit. Additionaly for the VS and TR these are the base weapons that come with the class, and are a serious impediment for new players.

    The problem: The scope sway that comes with 6x and higher scopes, combined with trying to land the second shot (or third) makes these rifles a frustrating prospect to use. After the first shot hits most targets are going to scramble making the second shot more difficult then the first, and you need to land it before you run out of breath. Per my discussions with new players, I am of the opinion these rifles cause alot of new players to not stick with the infiltrator class.

    The Phaseshift suffers from a similar issue in that you need to charge the rifle while timing holding your breath. Again this creates an unnecessary hurdle to use the rifle.

    An easy solution: Give all 4 of the rifles a base 4x scope, and access to 2x reflex sights. The removal of the scope sway on the base sight would reduce the difficulty of using these weapons. These weapons would go from something you use to get Auraxium (and do so while cursing the original developer of these weapons), to mainstays in alot of players loadouts.
  2. giltwist

    The phaseshift with a 4x scope might actually be worth the effort of charging. 2x sights on these would further weaken the scout rifles though.
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  3. HamOnRye

    After thinking about thats actually a really good suggestion. Just add the 4x scope would get these rifles where they need to be, and keep the other scout/sniper rifles unique that have access to the 2x & 1 x reflex sights.

    Plus the coding would be easy. No need to change the geometry just change the stock scope to a 4x.
  4. Vivicector

    As a Phantom user (close range semi-auto), I can only say that I quite hate this gun. 4x scope helps, but semi-auto sniper still stays ineffective. Problem is, it is ineffective at higher range, and looses to any automatic weapon at closer ranges (cause your enemy can strafe at 100 m and still hit you, something you can't really do).

    Something to fix semi-auto snipers can be reducing the accuracy penalty for movement.
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  5. AnuErebus

    They'd need to differentiate the long range semi-autos from the close range ones better for low zoom scopes to be balanced, and even then the issues of them being difficult to use stem from more than just scope selection. With a 4x scope they'd be straight upgrades to the close range ones since they have less recoil, a recoil pattern that you can actually somewhat adjust for and better projectile velocity. Of course, the bigger issue is it'd still leave the major issues with the semi-autos in place; the poor recoil and downright ridiculous CoF. Any changes to the semi-auto snipers need to start there, so that player skill actually matters more than RNG in engagements, otherwise there's still no point in using them.

    If changes are made I think it'd be a good idea for DGC to open up scope options for all sniper rifles and provide them with everything from 1x-12x scopes, but unfortunately there's more to fixing the semi-autos than a simple change of scopes.
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