Modifications on LMGs on PTS

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  1. KodiakX

    All this is going to do is kick the can down to the next OP thing to complain about:


    Then after 6 months Anchor will get nerfed and the cycle will repeat itself with the next new hotness.
  2. Casterbridge

    Here are my issues with the comparison, first no matter what all VS players are going to have access to the Orion. The Anchor in contrast has a fairly large pay barrier to access. So even at Q4 you are going to have NC players who don't bother with the anchor cause of it's cost (despite it's reputation), while on the VS side everyone can still pull the Orion, I know level 100 players who don't bother with the anchor cause of the cost, it's usually players more serious about kitting out their HA that grab the anchor, at Q4 it is a better, but still comparison isn't going to be equal, I would expect the Anchor to have better performing stats than the Orion.

    Now take a look at the Q4 for the Betel, Orion and the Anchor, the Anchor and Betel both high requirements to access (though in different ways) but the Betel is basically a clone of the Orion, but when the Orion is kitted out it actually is more accurate, yet the Betel wins (and wins against pretty much every other LMG) again it's not that surprising that the Betel has better performing stats than the Orion though, anyone can access the Orion (even at Q4), but only those who take the time to be proficient in a number of LMGs are going to have access to the Betel.
  3. 00000000000000000000

    That's a fair judgement, I'll concede to that.

    The betel has significantly higher entry cost than the Anchor though*. Sure some people may not buy it or bother with it but a lot of people don't bother with the betel either due to there being no easy way to get it (you HAVE to grind out those kills).

    That being said I do think the Betel is overperforming. Which I believe is more of the fault of the heat mechanic than the 0.75 ads.
    And even then its not the heat mechanic alone that makes it OP, the Darkstar and Eclipse aren't blowing the other ES directive weapons out of the water.

    My guess is that its the combination of 50 rounds and the heat mechanic, making it extremely hard to actually overheat the weapon unless you are paying almost no attention. Combine that with the skill of someone who unlocked it and you have an extremely deadly weapon.

    *For the cost:
    Anchor= 2500 kills with no boosts and no experience from anything else at all. With bonuses, base captures etc its significantly easier to obtain.

    Also you can just buy it.

    Betel= 5800 kills, killing vehicles doesn't get you to it faster etc. and you can't buy it.[/quote][/quote]
  4. Iridar51

    Heavy Assaults were a problem since the day one, and the main culprit is the overshield. But 75% ADS on LMGs further escalates the issue by negating the main penalty of the overshield, and overall makes HAs more effective in dueling, even without the overshield.

    Something needed to be done long time ago. A proper way would be to just revamp HA ability, but that would take many dev-hours, and HA would likely emerge weaker or at least very different in the end.

    LMG changes are just a few tweaks to the spreadsheet and can be done quickly. So HAs need to be grateful for getting off easy, as the brunt of HA's power remains intact.
  5. Foxirus

    The people who thought that .25 ADS benefit was what caused it to be OP were ignorant anyways. They will soon see that nothing is going to change. The weapon is basically a glorified SMG that has godly accuracy. Removing a .25 ADS advantage over the other weapons is not going to change a thing.
  6. No_pi

    will it be a second times pull on live without listening PTS player ?
    cause my subscription will depend on this.
  7. Ronin Oni


    Most VS players agreed ZOE launch was broken (didn't stop it's use, but it was known and agreed)

    However the nerf turned the ability into a self-nerf on activation. It's absurdly bad. It's the only ability in the game that actively makes you worse. It's worse than Flash Supressor bad.

    PPA was nerfed into oblivion (I think the new CoF fix might make it somewhat reasonable, I rarely ever used it in the firs tplace and haven't touched it in a while)

    You're pointing out examples of things that were nerfed so hard that their use practically disappeared.

    Orion is getting nerfed to be an inferior MSW.

    I have no problem with removing the .75 ADS, if for no other reason than to shut people the hell up about it, but it's clearly an underpowered MSW now, and the rest of the VS LMG aresenal is STILL even worse. AND the VS have the worst AR aresenal. Carbine's are nothing special either, but there's a couple decent ones that are near equivalents to other carbines.

    Whatever, maybe with this change and everything in VS aresenal being unquestionably statistically inferior people will quit ********. Doubt it, but we can hope.
  8. Scr1nRusher

    They should give the Orion SPA & a ALS.

    also... the VS arsenal isn't that bad. Maybe it looked bad due to the Orion & SVA-88 & the BG getting the spotlight.....
  9. Gammit

    Shouldn't this go in the Test Discussion forum? :)
  10. Ronin Oni

    No, the other LMG's suck. Like really suck. I really don't have much problem with fixing Orion and SVA, but the other VS LMG's should have received a pass as well.

    Giving Orion SPA and ALS would at least close the gap on it's match with the MSW. I believe that is what should be done.

    I'll probably switch to the NS-11M that I got sometime I don't even remember how.... Has the added benefit that TR and NC don't respond as quickly to gunfire when fighting VS because they're only looking/listening for PEW PEW lazors.

    I'd already started using it a bit anyways just for that reason.
  11. Ronin Oni

    As if people use any other sections :D
  12. Gammit

  13. Scr1nRusher

    Some of the other VS LMG's did get buffs.

    Also the Ursa is not a bad LMG. Its a accurate and deadly weapon.
  14. Liberty

    The only real shame is that they didn't give other faction LMG's a 0.75 ADS move speed modifier so now you'll see that many more shotgun / SMG heavies, many of which will have 1.0 move speed thanks to amazing hipfire unlike LMG's.
  15. Scr1nRusher

    0.75 ADS shouldn't even be on LMG's in the first place.

    Also they should remove SMG's from HA's already aswell.
  16. Ryo313

    but the ursa looks like a fish :eek: how can a fish be deadly? XD sry had to... you still haven't answered my question in another thread xD
  17. Scr1nRusher

  18. Dgross

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  19. H4YW1R3

    I'm fine with the Orion loss of .75 ADS as long as it gains access to SPA as the MSW-R and LA1 does.
  20. Scr1nRusher

    That is what people have been suggesting & I agree.