Modifications on LMGs on PTS

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  1. omfgweeee

    So this leaves NS15M being only .75 LMG, NS 4th faction OP!
  2. Shaggath

    You keep trait perfect copy cat on tr weapon model you keep no drop quick reload.
    If i follow you assumption why tr and nc can't have no drop and have weapon model with same ttk.
    Why tr are stick to 143/750 rpm on carbine when vanu can have 800 and 845.
    I have the answer because tr have assault with 845 and vanu nc 800.
    So when her trait can be copy and better improve they give more ammo.

    The sabr is the perfect example a 167 model with 600 rpm it's nc perfect copy ( 600 rpm is trade with no full auto mode) but in this case we have same clip size 30.
    You take cougar less rpm so clip size increase to 5 more bullet.
    The fact is the true it's inside nanite weapon normal clip for 143 is 35, they remove some on vanu because they have no drop and faster reload they put some more tr because you can find weapon with max rpm outisde tr.
    They need to give something.
  3. FateJH

    Technically, the VS are a hodge-podge of "special weapon abilities" at this point, whether you think well of them or not. They're not applied consistently but various parts of its arsenal reflect one or more.
    • Straight-fire weaponary ("no drop")
    • Shorter reloads
    • Heat-based ammunition
    • No damage degradation at distance ("no damage fall-off")
    • Mobility (various forms, some heavily modififed from their original forms)
    There might be others worth mentioning that I can not think of.
    Conceptually, if we had actual bodies of water in this game, you'd also have "walk on water" for some of VS faction Vehicles, not just from something common pool like the TR and NC would have to make due with.
  4. ShinKartz

    1. The MSW-R and Anchor adjustments (I won't call them buffs as the changes are pretty insignificant) were uncalled for and completly unneccesary. Those two guns are already good, no need to improve them.

    2. The Orion/Battlegoose ads speed nerf is long due. These guns are TR territory. Adding any other advantages to the already powerful weapons is just f***ing silly. For the record, I don't mind lmg's that have .75 ads, but it shouldn't be implemented to the most powerful of them. Instead it should be an equalizer for weaker guns (like Ursa or GD-22S) to compete with the most powerful damage tiers (which is 750/143 and 600./167). And to those who think, that 0.75 on Orion is not a big deal, just try and give it to the Carv or Gauss SAW, just f***ing try...

    3. Nobody complains about SVA-88, so why was it nerfed? Is it because it also had 0.75 ads? Again, this is not a problem, the problem was, it was given to the Orion.

    4. Pulsar change is super insignificant and that's that...

    5. EM1/Polaris/Rhino, now those are interesting. I guess they want to improve their effectivness at supresing fire without meddling in their damage tier. I'm eager to see where it'll go.

    6. Finally some love for the Butcher. At last that odd ball directive lmg should be on par with Godsaw and Beetlejuice,

    7. The Gauss SAW small buff is nice, but what's the reason for Godsaw 65 mag size now? The only thing going for Godsaw is HVA benefits without penalty. The Godsaw magsize should be 75 now as there is less trade off now.

    8. Would be nice to see a 800/125 lmg for Terran Republic, maybe redesign the T32 Bull?
  5. KirthGersen

    :rolleyes: DBG team makes post on Reddit and then link being posted on offcial forum by community.
    At least something never changes.
  6. FieldMarshall

    From the reddit changelist

  7. 00000000000000000000

    Reminder that the Orions faction counterparts, the Anchor and MSW-R both outperform it. Here is just the BR 75-100s.

    So thoughts on this update.

    Anchor gets buffed, despite outperforming the rest of their factions LMGs (Anchor even beats the GODSAW & NS-15m) and the TR & VS faction equivalents (MSW-R & Orion)

    MSW-R gets buffed, despite performing better than anything except the NS-15m and Butcher.

    Orion and SVA-88 get stripped of their 0.75 ADS despite neither outperforming their TR & NC equivalents. Honestly, if the numbers are to be believed this matters very little as the Orion has nearly identical stats to the MSW-R. Give the Orion SPA so we can just have the MSW-R and call it a day.

    EM1, T16 Rhino and Polaris now have maximum damage range of 20m. WOAH that's uh, wow. With SPA that's going to be a maximum damage range of 25m vs 15m on every other weapon? That's pretty freaking significant. I think this is going to have much more impact on the meta than the 0.75 ADS thing will. People are going to see a lot more EM1, T16s and Polaris now.

    Butcher: made it more boring, good job its just a CARV with faster reload. That's what the TR wanted....more boring in their arsenal.

    Gauss Saw: I guess?

    TL;DR: I'm not upset about 0.75 ADS being removed, but it should be removed from everything, NS-15m included. Also the Orion should have access to SPA to make it and the MSW-R truly even.

    Also this really stinks of lacking faction diversity now. VS lose their unique LMG trait. The butcher becomes much more generic losing both its unique TR bonus of more ammo AND TR negative of longer reloads?
  8. Shaggath

    Like say Obama we can so carv 750 rpm it's reduce to 750 rpm ....
    Cycler trv 845 reduce to 800.
    We continue Serpent reduce to 750, vx6 reduce to 750, gd7 reduce to 750 .....

    You really want that ?
  9. Keldred

    Now that .75 is gone im looking forward to seeing what new ******** people will spew when they are still getting rocked by my Betelgeuse...
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  10. Casterbridge

    Stop using Orcalestats for Orion, it's never going to give a good comparison cause of the free access everyone has to it (especially when compared to the anchor which has a very high barrier to access) and the addition of the Betelegeuse (which outperforms everything despite the fact that it's a clone of the orion with ultimately worse accuracy but unlimited ammo, which should be a warning flag).

    The .75 needed to go from the Beetle, Orion and the SVA-88 however there are now other issues.

    1.The NS-15 having it isn't great but at least that gun has worse dps the other VS options.
    2. Don't know why they are trying to improve the hipfire on LMGs, it was removed for a reason, it needs to stay gone.
    3. SMG HAs are still an issue, Cyclone in particular gives the NC an advantage, throw in the fact that the anchor is the least hurt by these changes and the NC HA is going to have the king of HAs.
    4. the Point you brought up about the Orion now being a worse MSW-R is spot on, the Orion will still be a good starter gun but there is definitely a void here that needs to be fixed, and the rest of the VS LMG arsenal needs to be looked at.

    Right now it's all on PTS which is good, cause if Daybreak doesn't handle this right you are going to see a flock of players leave VS and probably land on NC or worse leave the game.
  11. konj

    Cancel Membership simple.....
  12. konj

  13. Kulso

    Looks like I'll be rolling Shotgun Heavy, since the LMGs are going to become a joke.
  14. NinjaTurtle

    You still have the shield which is what gives HA it's real power.

    The .75 movement was a distracting factor for the VS
  15. Baracuda

    All of these glorious VS tears over the LMG nerfs is great, especially when they have to resort to complaining about NC using an SMG to compete with the orion and battlegoose. Although heavies shouldnt even have access to SMGs anyway in my opinion.
  16. Shaggath

    Little up for butcher.
    But directive weapon stay bad i have a big problem why use a butcher if you take one advantage but because you can add foregrip like with carv you stay with something who underperformed.
    There is only one directive i use it's the bighorn who is really an upgrade.
    President for example you can say cool a suppressor without negative effect but without laser sight the weapon it's worse then the copy.
    Is like that for all.
    Why not unlock the base perk on all directive weapon and put on each one improve perk.
    Or for track put 2 rail option.
    Actually i have unlock some but i have stopped because in majority of case i found the setup bad.
    For example i can play the track shot if i can put a grip and a shotgun barrel.
    Or laser sight and smoke.
  17. 00000000000000000000

    But I specifically used the Q4 stats for the comparison, I know using the low ranking stats would make the orion look even worse and I specifically avoided that.

    Would the fact the Orion is free still skew numbers in that late of the game? People would have to be especially bad for it to be performing poorly at the BR 75-100 stage.

    I actually agree that 0.75 ADS should be removed. As I honestly don't think if effects the stats at all.

    In the end I want a total overhaul of VS weapons, to actually make us unique and not carbon copies of TR (this would have the joint effect of making TR weapons more unique as well)

    Best ranged LMG, best Close Quarters HA setups.

    God help us all.

    If oracle stats are to be believed most of the VS arsenal performs more or less the same.

    Vanus taken some pretty big punches to our stats over the years, I don't think you will see a mass exodus. Though it will hurt us.
  18. Goretzu

    To be honest though that largely applies to TR and NC as well. The NCs "defence" trait is basically the Vanguard.

    That may be no bad thing however as SOE/DBGs have struggle a lot with balance in PS2 as it is.
  19. konj

  20. Stigma

    Someone decrypt the new butcher for me - how does this now compare relative to the carv?
    It looks like it's becoming very similar.

    I think it breaks down something like (assuming usual carv loadout):
    - Little more recoil (thoug less of a difference than before)
    + Little faster reload
    + Softpoint

    I don't have the exact numbers on the difference between the recoil of the two now, so its hard to evaluate this. It seems like this might be marginally more useful (faster reload over 50 more bullets when you already have 100 probably more useful overall). I am a bit disappointed that these changes end up making an already very similar weapon even closer to the carv. The godsaw and betelgeuse turned into quite distinctive weapons after their second pass.

    If anyone knows more spesific details, feel free to correct me here.