Modifications on LMGs on PTS

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  1. Shadowomega

    Something to do with the VS Max Model, and those Picketers live down just the road anyway.
  2. Mythologicus

    The EM1 is getting buffed? Brb, switching factions. Holy balls.

    From experience the EM1 and Polaris do NOT need a buff, but...if you want to make me OP, I guess I can't complain.

    Orion losing the ADS bonus is okay. SVA-88 I'm not so sure about because it basically turns it into a worse CARV-S (and seriously, after losing like half of our unique arsenal, I think we have enough 'worse this' and 'worse that'). Or a marginally better pre-nerf EM1/Rhino/Polaris. Which brings up an interesting point: Is anything being done to the T32 Bull, or is it going to be the worst LMG in the game hands down after this?
  3. Garrum

    I had someone complain when I killed him with a CME. In close quarters. Said I only got the kill because of OP Vanu ********.

    The Orion will FOREVER be OP, even though it will now be strictly the worst of the 3 go-to LMGs, and the same for the BG, which will now be just straight up painful downgrade to use. It's Vanu, it's OP, the end.
  4. Garrum

    Nothing is going to change for them though. They are 4 headshot kills at 0 meters and 4 headshot kills at 1,000,000 meters. And with the 652 RoF, you have to get more headshots than the other guy to win pretty much any gunfight you get into. The recoil adjustments will make more difference than the 20m max damage range.
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  5. Mythologicus

    If I slap a suppressor on them it's going to be a different story. And actually going to the link and seeing the recoil changes...yeah, this is going to be fun.
  6. Garrum

    I'd rather not deal with SMG level velocities, and the near constant presence of sensor darts/motion spotters sort of nullify a suppressor the vast majority of the time anyway.
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  7. Baracuda


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  8. Isokon

    VS are to the NC/TR what witches were to the peasantry in medieval times.
    Something you can point your finger at when things don't go your way.
    Something you can attribute all kinds of bs to.
    Something you want to see burn at the stake so you can feel better about yourself.
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  9. RedArmy

    i can make swiss cheese with my guns, and so can the NC.... what happens when u shoot lasers at cheese? gross nasty blue/purple n green cheese, eww
  10. Lucidius134

    The Tears

  11. Isokon

    Spoken like a true hillbilly.
    As to what firing lasers at cheese's called cheese fondue.
  12. Hatesphere

    They arent even lasers, they are packets of high energy plasma. I'm suprised the hillbilly faction could even put together Gauss tech, let alone use it.
  13. Hatesphere

    so it was what, like 15 bored guys? glad thats all of the VS lol.
  14. Lucidius134

    They were given their weapons and tech from a shadowy corporation. They arn't actually equipped poorly.
  15. Shadowomega

    Heard it was 10 people. So it could have even been a joke to "Picketers" or an attempt to see the inside of the studio.
  16. RedArmy

    i heard it freaked them out pretty bad though
  17. BoomBoom4You

    overall, good changes. going to be some crying players, but this is the right thing for the game, not necessarily this iteration, but 0.75 ads in general is a bad idea, especially for empire-specific weapons when other empires don't get any (NC).
  18. Plastikfrosch

    I dont really care about the 0,75ADS. i play all the factions and on my HA it doesnt make a real difference. the only thing is now that the SVA 88 and the pulsar LUV are now absolutely copy and paste. The stats say that the sva is better to handle but in reality i never play the sva with HVA but with compensator and grip and it still feels not better than the pulsar LUV with the grip. The 0,75 ads was a nice gimick and the only real difference between the weapons.
    But now i do unterstand the price changes. the pulsar was 250certs and without the 0,75ADS noone will pay 1000cert for the sva so they had to make the pulsar cost more than 250.
    And to be honest: i never understood why the orion/battlegoose had 0,75ads in the beginning (i know LMG stands for LIGHT machine gun but they are big heavy weapons) but the carbines Solstice/eclipes only got 0,5ads while being a light weight weapon class.
    So i think the only VS players that will get angry about the 0,75ads change of the SVA are the ones that payed 1000certs on it while the pulsar is now the same weapon.

    The good thing about the change is, that there will not be 5 threads per week about "0,75ADS lmgs OP (sob, sniff) get rid of it" whenever i press the whats new button but i bet i will still find enough tears in this forum in the future (my bet on ravens and harasser vulcan)

    p.s.: i read the changes in redit 5mins ago: OK, from now on the pulsar luv will be prefered about the sva because it will get access to extend mag --> so it will not only have a faster reload speed than the sva it will also have 150 shots before you will have to reload it. and for longer ranges i will still prefer the NS15m or the flare (also with extended mag)
  19. FocusLight

    Read the changes. This is overall good to see.

    What I think DBG should do now is simple:

    - Remove the Orion as VS starter LMG. Lock it by default and make it something you have to buy for certs or DBcash, same prizes as MSW-R and Anchor.

    - Remove all attachments players had for the Orion and refund the cert/DBcash used to buy them.

    - Refund any DBcash/Certs used to purchase the Polaris and now make it the standard LMG for VS, tweak it's stats to be as close to the T9 Carv as possible - because of the 3 current starter LMG's the Carv is the only 'all-purpose' one - but ofc leave the faction specific stats like no bullet drop etc. intact.

    - Do the exact same thing for the NC's Gauss SAW and replace it with either the EM1 (more Carv-like) or the EM6 - a more controllable more mid-range NC LMG - and refund any purchases made making the Gauss SAW the high damage LMG.

    What you now have is a situation where all 3 empires have jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none LMG's to start with with attachments to cover them, but nothing highly advanced. The Orion will be the VS CQB LMG with soft-point ammo, advanced laser etc. like the Anchor and MSW-R, the Gauss Saw will be a high-damage LMG with HVA, advanced foregrip etc. like the TMG-50, Flare etc.

    This would be fair. If you DON'T do this VS will still be left with a CQB LMG as STARTER that either don't have soft-point ammo - unfair to the VS - or has soft-point ammo - unfair to TR/NC.

    Having said all that, I am VERY HAPPY to see the 0.75 movement go from VS LMG's, though I think it should go from the NS15 as well - the problem is not JUST that VS has a near-monopoly, it was primarily that a HA with shield on have only a 25% cut to speed while aiming down sights, this directly negates the speed-penalty that is supposed to balance the shield being on. The 0.5 speed penalty from any other LMG cuts your speed in half, a far more balanced penalty for more hitpoints delivered by the shields.

    This change that is proposed by DBG, if it goes though, is absolutely a step in the right direction, but I think this is a golden chance to fully balance things out across the factions with regards to the LMG arsenal. Do it now while you are on it, please.

    Also, side-note: I find it hilarious that the T16 Rhino might now get it's max damage range extended from 10 meters to 20 meters, this will help A.LOT with fixing how sub-par the weapon is, but possibly also soft-point ammo. If these two go through, others won't have the feeling I had when auraxing that gun, of using a blatant down-grade of a weapon compared to pretty much any other TR LMG. Yeah, I liked the Carv-S more than the T16, I'm just gonna say that. Fix long over-due, thanks DBG.
  20. Grumblefern

    Hopefully that's not all, 'cause that is just kind of pathetic. Rhino might be a good choice for TR, but it's not enough to make me want to use a Polaris by a long shot. And I'd still use an EM6 over either them easily.

    The velocity tweak doesn't change much and feels a bit pointless, I guess it's an effort to nerf closer range LMGs to make mid-long range ones more appealing. Anchor is now probably the best LMG along with NS-15M for headshot focused players / ADAD spam. Orion / MSW will still be good at close range but are just way less versatile due to substantially more limiting horizontal recoil(the 600 RoF 167dmg guns in general should really just have more like ~.2/ .2 Horizontal to balance their TTK, long overdue change IMO).

    So NS-15M may end up a must buy for me now. Maybe I'll end up using all NS weapons 'cause they won't recognize .75 ADS is a balance and quality of gunplay(ADAD spam is not fun to deal with, period) problem regardless of RoF/TTK.

    Also, since it's an LMG focused change, Cyclone being untouched isn't surprising but it really needs to happen now that Orion and its variants have lost their movement advantage. That or other SMGs need to be brought up to its level.

    And...editing again as I add to this rant, I'd say it's time to evaluate VS faction trait since it's definitely not mobility anymore, and we know no bullet drop is meaningless on the majority of our guns.