Modern gamer psychology and how I hope it does not influence the future development of Planetside 2.

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  1. Czuuk

    If it doesn't have anything to do with skill, what is the cause then? Why are you concerned about the scores that other people have? My KD and certs/hour are terrible. What does it matter if I'm having fun?
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  2. NovaAustralis

    Well put Czuuk.

    I've put in many, many enjoyable hours into PS2 as well. :)

    My KDR is about the same as yours.
    (hovers around 0.85-0.90 depending on what I'm doing and using).
    But then I don't own (and never have owned) Rawkit Pods, a Zephyr, a Dalton or HE weapons on my Lightning or Vanguard...

    Because I don't "farm", I'm 'only' BR 68, not BR 100.
    Woe is me, like I care. :cool:
    When/if I get to BR 100, I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I got there by having fun, working as a team player, not using boosts and not going stark raving mad from boredom 'farming' noobs like a 'point and click' flash game.

    Anyone who gives even half a d*mn about KDR, BR, S/H, C/H or any other "epeen" comparing stats is missing the entire point of PS2...
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  3. thePankakeManne

    Very well said! I completely agree.

    I have incredibly poor stats all across the board, but it's never mattered to me. I play PS2 to relax and have fun, not stare at a list of numbers wondering how to best increase it, usually with the conclusion of farming "n00bs" and "those delicious cert points."
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  4. Czuuk

    I like to win, but the stats don't matter. Who cares if you run 99 yards against the Raven's defense if you can't score a TD?
  5. Awass

    Civ 3 spearmen were even more ridiculous. They killed tanks on a regular basis.
  6. BH Brigade

    Shoot, I'm 16 and I already feel like most of the games out there are the exact same thing. I see a trailer for a game most of the time I don't think "Oh that looks cool, I'll buy that!" I think "Oh just another copy paste linear shooter with a 4 hour campaign charging retail price for ****** AI." And it kind of sucks, because when I play CoD with my friends they all have a great time with all the new "innovative features" and I just sit there saying, this is the same garbage as last year you don't you see.... Maybe it's because I want more of a challenge out of the games I play. I want more freedom than is usually offered. And when I say freedom I don't mean open world bethesda games, because skyrim is the same thing over and over after 5 hours of play, with bland combat. I guess I should have a more positive outlook, but in today's market I only see a few games I actually WANT to play. PS2 is one of them, I play it and can look past all of its flaws due to my outfit (Hostile Takeover, Connery great group of guys and hilarity ensues) and because it's fresh. I can look at it and say wow, I've never played something like this before. Massive maps, tons of people, nothing else like it on the market.
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  7. thePankakeManne

    Well, I'm not getting paid to play PS2, so I it's a bit different of a story. :D

    But in all seriousness, I get what you mean. Obviously, I still try to accomplish things as much as possible, but I don't have a panic attack if I fail more than I succeed at a video game, especially since the only thing dependent on it is the video game itself.
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  8. Maidere

    ITT yet another cyrclej3rk1ng about good ol' games and gamers.
    In Q3 you had no need to unlock the railgun. In CS AWP is very strong but you need to put some effort to get it or save the money for a few rounds.
    But this OP-UP thingy has nothing to do with this "modern gamer psychology" because it was in MTG, it was in every single strategy since SC, actually even in arena shooters. Since multiplayer pvp games became more or less popular people are arguing about op-up on forums. There were less forums and less people with decent consistent internet connection before - that's for sure.

    Seriously this oldschool gamer's elitism is WAY worse than those infamous mysterious cod kiddo's.
    And even worse that this "modern gamer psychology" nonsensical arguments are usually brought to us by the people who only heard from someone about this "golden era of gaming".
  9. Czuuk

  10. ent|ty

    I am glad that younger gamers such as yourself are aware of these issues.

    It restores my faith a little bit in mankind.

    This has been my issue with pretty much every game since around UT to BF2 days.. It's all nub'd, dumbed down, and devs listening to every crying player about UP/OP, nerf this buff that... ughh.

    The proliferation of cheaters has also hurt gaming in the sense, that 'back in the day', I'd have to assume the guy had skillz, and I'd work to better myself and learn.. Now I can't trust anyone really, and even with my history, catch myself second guessing people.. BUt that's the result of gaming in the modern day.

    You made a great post though, everyone needs to read this.
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  11. Baleur

    So true.
    Though i must admit i do care about K&A/D (kills + assists / death). I think if anyone cares about any KD stats in planetside they MUST include assists, because durr, it's a team based game, fools.
    Still it's so funny how people quote K/D as a valid stat in this game. A game where if your zepher leads to the death of 20 troops near an enemy sunderer by softening them up, only giving you assists, leading to the destruction of the sunderer by your light assault c4 friends, it's far more useful to the battle and your team than getting spot-on kills.

    I agree, screw the stats. But if someone wanna be **** enough to care about stats at LEAST they should look at K&A/D
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  12. VinLAURiA

    Whoa-ho-ho-ho. Don't you dare lump Mario in with all that casualized CoD crap. If you can make it through The Lost Levels without throwing your controller at the screen, you have the patience of a saint. Compared to that, modern games hold your hand so hard it turns blue and falls off. Even stuff like NSMB2 will chew you up and spit you out when coming out of the Xbox Live playpen.
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  13. Regis7575

    Bumping this because it is an important issue and was very apparent today while everyone is whining all over the forums for un nerfs of nerfs that they have not even played yet? People think that if one weapon gets nerfed that there's no reason for it. If a weapon gets nerfed then adjustments need to be made on other weapons to counter balance can't just nerf one thing and not worry about other things becoming OP as a result...

    Really though people if you are dying to pump shotguns all the time, then assume everyone has a pump shotgun and play more cautiously? Really it just comes down to l2p and think instead of whining.
  14. LameFox

    If you throw controllers at your TV during gameplay (especially if you threw them at a CRT TV) you may not quite get 'casual' gaming.
  15. VinLAURiA

    Well technically it's not during gameplay as it usually is at the game over screen.