MLG & Nexus is the future

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  1. Pella

    Fair points. And yes that was a big factor. But for me i didnt care about owning a continent. Or the objective of the empire. It was all about getting good fights against good players.
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  2. Shinrah

    I was mainly talking about the competetive aspect, outfit vs outfit. Not about wether or not public BI will be balanced/fun or not.
    Even if accounts active within the last 30 days are taking into account the number of players still isn´t great, and that translates into small league with just a few serious teams and a couple of fodder teams.

    You mentioned "where BF3 failed", you should turn that into "where all BF titles since 1942 failed". The BF franchise is way bigger than PS2, yet with optimized maps and gameplay for small scale battles it could never support leagues for 12vs12 for longer than a couple of weeks.
    PS2 is about scale, if you redruce it to BF scale you might aswell play the real deal. Not to mention that BF4 is currently advertising its new "supersized" maps and 64vs64 capability. So that means that very soon PS2 will not only have to attract an unaligned audience for a new type of competetive gameplay, they will also have to compete for the audience with a much bigger and more renown franchise that is optimized for that scale.

    As long as SOE can pull that off without changing PS2 into something it isn´t, and manages to maintain the competetive and public part of PS2 seperately, I have no problem whatsoever with their ambitions. However, the SWG disaster taught me differently and makes me doubt wether SOE can handle this project appropriately.

    P.S: The MLG Pro-Gamer phrase wasn´t meant serious.
  3. AdennTM

    Well yesterday was a clan (Not just planetside 2 section) meeting, that's why you saw so many of us.
  4. AdennTM

    Hvar? Meh I wasn't there nor do I care. We win where ever we go and if we don't then we load up the gals and go right back at it and win in the 2nd try. Games even getting stale cause of how much we're winning :rolleyes: (Copying BCP on purpose for all you literal chaps out there)
  5. Rook

    We can agree to that. :) I wasn't a CR5 that attempted to always "paint the world blue", because doing that inevitably goes hand in hand with at least a good portion of your empire having crappy fights (or worse, capping bases with no fight at all). But knowing that what my team (or sometimes I individually) did shaped the battlefield of the whole server has always fascinated me. (And I did have an odd sense of responsibility for providing the poor NC sheeples with good fights where they wouldn't get farmed too hard. Poor babies.)

    It just so happened that doing so also coincided with figuratively telling the likes of TRx or DT: "Yo, you wanna hax mah home cont? Not on my watch, b*****s!" :D

    (Disclaimer: I never called TRx and DT b*****s. I <3 them to bits.)
  6. Kastrenzo

    I'll be glad when all of this is over with so the developers can proceeed with working on things people actually asked for, and things the game actually needs
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  7. Saiph

    It's almost like every player has their own idea about what 'meta game' actually is. :eek:

    Also, it's funny that people think that they have so few people working on the game that everyone basically zergs one task.
  8. ergie

    I came to this game from BF series, with the promise of huge maps and big battles. Scale. This and the BF2142 look, that I consider the last real BF game (my opinion of course)

    PS2 delighted me from the beta. Maybe the metagame isn't good yet, but the main reality check, at least for me, is that I've been playing since september 2012 every day, and the best of all, just for fun. Some days I end happy some others burnt, but everyday I enjoy. This never happened in other games for me since UT tournament (I). So I decided some months ago give the ps2 development team a chance to improve the game and support then buying a subscription. My first one since I play games (that is many years, believe me)

    So, from my eyes, SOE deserves an oportunity to develop this MLG stuff. Every addition to the game is good, and if the MLG stuff contributes with $$ to the game lifecycle, Im all for it. Because SOE is here to make money, dont forget.

    I enjoy when INI, FU, etc steamroll us because of their organization and skill, or when we defend against a mindless zerg, or we cap a small outpost with nice tactics developed in a minute... hell, the game is fun anyway.

    My outfit probably (well, surely :p) will never have the competitive level nor the numbers to play there, outfit vs outfit in organized and artificial wars of 48vs48, mainly as the most active players (as me), run away when someone talks us about training, etc (yes, I know, but we're casual outfit players lol); But if the new islands are going to be used too as a part of the big scale picture (aka Auraxis global war), Im all for it.

    The solution is simple: Give them use for the people who wants an organized match, league or competition, and give them use for the rest of us, the "infantry", as connections, nexus or whatever the model they choose. Give us, the no-pro, access to this stuff as a part of a global war.

    And about pro's: I'm not sure that pro players would be bad. There has been pro players in every game I've played, and that was never a problem for me. I just play for fun, and to have fun we need an alive game .With $$ this is more probable. Anyway, I'm not sure if the actual PS2 balance would be acceptable to the MLG, That's my main concern, as the stuff rebalance needed to create fair fights, could be applied to every player across the servers. This would kill the diversity and differences between the factions. And this is one of the most atractive things that this game has to offer.
  9. Primarkka

    Zerging is a large scale co-ordinated attack.
    Isn't that the point of meta-game?
  10. LT_Latency

    I personally don't think so. If you want to shrink planetsside2 down to small scale battles there are other games that do it better IMO.

    The biggest problem for this game in the competitive play is the weapons are balanced backwards for it. It most of the competitive FPS games that become popular. The guns with a higher skill cap are the better weapons and reward you for highly skilled shooting With stuff like maxes it's the opposite in this game. You get reward for just spamming easy weapons that have a very low skill cap
  11. boom-mug

    Instanced PvP = bleh in any game... because it has no global impact, however small.

    I wonder if these things will give XP, they probably shouldn't, because what is done there only affects people who are there.
  12. Pella

    Some of the best fun we have had in the recent days. I present you META Game.

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  13. Mustarde

    They delayed Hossin for the lattice rework, because all of us were complaining about the hex system.
  14. HellionX

    I think MLG is an awful organization. I can understand the need for competitive platoon vs platoon play. However shrinking the size of the maps and encounters takes away from what truly makes planetside great, and that is first and foremost large scale battles. Shrinking the players on a map turn this game into something it is not. It is not battlefield or COD Its better because of the fact there are massive battles. So please don't pander to MLG like its a great thing. MLG has done nothing but ruin games in the past and they will do the same to planetside. Don't believe me? Go read up on it. Plus very few actual players care about watching a bunch of guys sitting around flexing their epeens while a couple of fat nerd drop-outs from university pretend to know anything about the game and do announcements. Very few care a most people will resent this.
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  15. HellionX

    On a side note pella I just watched your video. Your play style feels tedious and boring to me. I'm sure we would all do very well if we played the check every corner, strafe, shoot a quick rocket method but planetside 1 and 2 has always been for me at least about that epic moment. That OMG did you see that! where you jumped out of a gal and c4'ed a lib, or mow 10 guys down with a harrasser jump out and kill a sundy A rush into a point and kill 6 guys. This play style admittedly does not get you a big K/D ratio. But it's fun! I realize this is or you want it to be a job, but don't drag us all down with you.

    Nice halo hop btw lol hate guys that do that.
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  16. (CSG) LukasAlexander

    This game is made to appeal to all different types of players, aka Casual/serious players alike. It's nice to know your opinion, that you feel more enjoyment doing trivial things in a game which are more catered towards casual players than competitive (i.e jumping out of gals to C4 other aircraft etc). But i guarantee you that will get boring after you have done it so many times, unlike tactical squad play which in my opinion 'IS THE METAGAME' and still feels refreshing after doing it multiple times due to the fact that it is ever changing scenarios.

    Yes big battles are fun and yes farming in harassers is enjoyable but nowhere near the enjoyment or accomplishment you would feel when taking on one of the best outfits in the game in a 12v12 or 48v48 ( i.e MLG battle islands).

    'Epic' to me is when I am able to take down 2 or 3 of the best players on my server in one magazine and escape with my life, but that is my opinion. Also this entire game is developed on the basis that teamwork comes first, I don't see the problem with checking corners and and playing cautiously.

    I'm guessing that your one of the types of players that needlessly runs into a room to get a few cheap kills and then gets laughed at by the outfit you tried to extinguish. It's a good thing you can't hear their comms otherwise you may get slightly embarrassed. As long as you have fun dying though :)

    p.s nice Vid Pella! We shall meet on the battlefield soon mate ;)
  17. HellionX

    You couldn't be more wrong on every single statement you made. I run with a very big very tight group of players that gets A LOT done especially during alerts. We often run 2 to 3 platoons at a time and we coordinate very well with our fellow VS outfits to accomplish goals.

    My play style in this game is to lead ground troops during stalemates in huge battles. I run in and kill 6 guys and the squad that follows behind me mops up and I get a rez. Now who's laughing in comms.

    We have very odd tactics that are more fun than creeping and derping around corners. We get large amounts of people to pinpoint targets very very quickly, and we succeed in our goals 95% of the time.

    As for best players on a server. Who is this determined by? Your K/D ratio? Some fat drop-out in an MLG hat?

    The difference between you and me is I don't need some organization to drop off a trophy at my house. I take solace in the fact that we win alerts and have fun with our objectives.

    MLG is taking developers away from improving game play and fixing minor bugs. Soon they will be giving advise to SOE on how to improve this or that gun and this or that tank and SOE will derppingly listen and frack everything up. As long as you can watch your match and here some low life mention your name though it will be all worth it right?
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  18. ReformerTR

    Dude hes going to be super upset when people complain about him on there TeamSpeak.

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  19. Squirreli

    Oh, the good old trench lines again, casual vs serious/competitive. You know, in every hobby, there are people who practice that hobby in a different way. Some are very casual and are in for just some laughs. Some like to organise stuff relating to the hobby but not necessary like to participate directly that much. Some like to dedicate themselves to that hobby and get better at it. Please realise that wanting to be good at a game and wanting to play against tough opponents is just as valid way of playing a game as your more casual way and please realise that most serious/competitive players are not seeking some internets fame by begging for crumbs from MLG's table. That argument is a straw man if I ever saw one.
  20. HellionX

    Take a look at my playtime wizard. I would hardly call myself a casual gamer. Further to that if you really want to keep in the real spirit of planetside. Do 5 platoons vs 5 platoons vs 5 platoons on a map with an objective. Each platoon will be registered with the MLG. Oh wait there is no way the majority of MLG players will agree to that because it would be really hard to get noticed as an individual with that many people playing..... aww shucks ....