MKV Suppressed. Worst smg?

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  1. EViLMinD

    I was stoked to get a new smg for my infiltrator because I've auraxiumed the cyclone, blitz and PDW. But, after a couple weeks with the MKV, I've decided to say F it. It's weaksauce. The thing needs a buff... or I just plain suck with it.

    I never really liked the PDW, either. The Cyclone and Blitz spoiled me. Still, I learned to do decently with PDW. It's slightly longer range advantage made it a worthy tool in my arsenal.

    The MKV's advantages over the other smgs is moot. I'd rather use any of the other smgs with a suppressor.

    What do you people think? Does it need a buff?
  2. Scr1nRusher

    What if I told you that the MKV suppressed is just a PDW with a built in silencer?
  3. cruczi

    It's not. PDW has minimum damage of 100, or 10 shots to kill. MKV has minimum damage of 91, or 11 shots to kill. PDW also reloads faster. Putting a suppressor on the PDW gives you the same maximum damage until 10 meters, and better minimum damage after about 40 meters (not tested, but base range for minimum damage is 65m). The only advantage MKV has over PDW is a slightly higher rate of fire. That's it.

    Honestly I don't think the PDW or MKV are worth it for NC because Cyclone is such a good ranged SMG already. VS and TR have no SMG's to match the medium range damage of the NS SMG's though.

    IMO the MKV does need a slight buff, it should perform better at range compared to a suppressed PDW. Give it better bullet velocity despite the suppressor, say 350-360 m/s, and extend the minimum damage range a bit. As it stands, I don't see why anyone would buy the MKV... lots of people already get the PDW as part of the starter kit.
  4. Maelthra

  5. Nephi1im

    They couldn't come up with anything else. We've got low/med/high ROF and one with longer range. Aside from making an entirely new mechanic, there isn't much design space left, in any gun category. I'm sure they'll wait to make "new" stuff until the PS4 version comes out. As such, we are stuck with pretty much dubious (or downright worse) "sidegrades" with no real home.

  6. Trudriban

    It does have a very slightly faster fire rate, but ya least imaginative weapon SOE ever came up with, and that includes the entire TR arsenal. Even an NS SMG based on ridiculously high magazines like the 2nd gen of faction specifics would be nice, hell I'd settle with something semi automatic

    the following is off topic but I like using my imagination when you guys spark it
    New TR SMG: Metric **** load of ammo in the mag, decent fire rate, low damage though. Maybe chain fed, maybe a second mag taped to the first, dunno. Intended use as supression and unaware squad lawnmower
    New VS SMG: Moderate damage and fire rate, but much like their new sniper it comes with an overheat mechanic instead of ammunition. Intended use for deep enemy territory insertions where engies are few
    New NC SMG: More moderate damage and fire rate, but at the cost of lower DPS you can charge it into a small amount of shotgun blasts per mag. Intended use for hit and run
  7. Tunapiano

    Evilmind stick to tanks so i may kill you more!

    But yes i agree the MK V is the worst SMG and one of the worst weapons in the game.
  8. EViLMinD

  9. cruczi

    Another shotgun? That's not really much more imaginative than the MKV
  10. Trudriban

    Only a shotgun when charged up, on a weapon that could actually benefeit from being a shotgun as opposed to an airplane and a tank. Also keep in mind I literally just pulled those ideas out of my not quite literally *** and could use some changing, such as making it a cyclone with 5 less bullets and a delay between pulling the trigger and shooting
  11. KnightCole

    I think its ******** that the MKV is just a recycled model instead of a new weapon.