MKV Suppressed vs. NS-7 PDW?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Eravel, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Eravel

    Hey guys, just asking a quick question about these two weapons. So, the MKV Suppressed and the NS-7 PDW. What's the main differences (not counting that tiny 29RPM change) and exactly why would you want to get this thing if you already have the NS-7? From it's stats, the MKV has 125 damage at 10m, with the NS-7 having 125 damage to 15m. Both have identical magazine sizes and extended mag increases, the MKV has a slightly slower reload at .25s short, .165s long. Recoil statistics are identical as well. Effectively, doesn't this mean the MKV is practically a NS-7 that has a suppressor thrown in permanently? Also, if you were to suppress the NS-7 as well, why would you want to take the MKV?
  2. RHINO_Mk.II

    Since there is no alternative for the suppressor slot, I'd imagine the whole thing is just a cash grab. the RPM and reload speed differences are negligible on the battlefield. The only reason I can possibly see for someone to get the MKV over the PDW is if they were unlocking the weapon but couldn't spare the certs for a silencer.... undoubtedly a tiny minority, if any at all.
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  3. sustainedfire

    That's what I said.

    It is a PDW. Functionally and esthetically. Its not even a new model. They could have at least tried to trick people with a slightly different model.
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  4. ZeroErrorz

    auraxium hunter....
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  5. Ravenorth

    The only thing that is good on MKV is that even the normal version is almost completely black(few white spots on there and there.) So you dont have to spent 1400 SC just to get the cooler looking version.

    Put dark scales camo(if you own it) on it and it´ll be entirely black without making the weapon look silly, like black scales does for PDW.
  6. MasonSTL

    The essence of 'Side Grade'?
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  7. RHINO_Mk.II

    Not so much "side grade" as "identical but with one attachment included." There aren't any other options for the barrel slot, so it's not like having the suppressor built in lets you pick another one as well.
  8. Rogueghost

    So if you're a big fan of the PDW, and getting aurax with all 3 wasn't enough, you can now get that aurax 3 more times with a nearly identical gun.
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    The Bullets travel faster then PDW with Suppressor
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  10. Hatesphere

    yeah that's pretty much the only thing it has going for it. so if you only ever run your PDW with a suppressor, may as well get this instead. I was hoping for a more interesting SMG.
  11. Clay

    Forumside has to many naysayers, dont listen to it. I just got the MKV and made a couple kills with it and I think its a great gun.
    Yeah, the model reuse is a cheap soe move, but if you look at how the weapon performs I can recommend it.

    The NS PDW is a good midrange and mediocre cqc smg. The MKV is just a straight upgrade. Its (compared to an PDW with supressor) even better at midrange due to faster bullet travel, and now also good at close range due to the noticeable higher DPS (yeah I feel the time to kill on this weapon decreases alot just by this little more RoF). Only downside in my opinion is the lower minimum damage, but youre not going to find yourself fighting in those ranges alot if youre doing it right. Also the soft point ammo is only 30 Certs instead of 100, dont know if thats a bug or a feature but its nice to know and I only needed 160 certs for SPA, 1x reflex and forward grip. You dont really need laser sight, the hipfire on this weapon is already insane.

    The Mkv supressed is a nice gun and I recommend it to anyone who liked the ns pdw playstyle (even if he owns the ns pdw already). I see myself auraxium that thing very soon.
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  12. LordCreepy

    Do silencers decrease the range of max. damage in weapons?
    Never really tested it.
    If they do the mkv is an upgrade to a silenced pdw-7 tough the difference is potentially very low..

    Cost is 1000certs 700sc i guess? Seems a bit much for a + ~5% performance upgrade to the old pdw.
  13. Iridar51

    Suppressed PDW vs MKV, assuming SPA on both:
    PDW: 125 @ 18m - 100 @ 55m
    MKV: 125 @ 13m - 91 @ 32m

    As you can see, MKV has far worse damage model, so at >21meters distance NS-7 PDW actually has better TTK than MKV.
    I remind you that NS-7 PDW is an SMG that is competitive against high-DPS SMGs only at that range of >21 meters, so MKV can't even beat NS-7 at its own playfield.
    The only advantages MKV can hold over NS-7 are projectile velocity and better TTK at <21 meters, where any other SMG will be better than both of them.

    Resolution: MKV is crap, don't use it, don't buy it, unless you've run out of things to auraxium, in which case I would suggest a cold shower.
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  14. sindz

    What this guy said, he got it right.

    The MKV is trash and another useless cashgrab attempt from SOE. The bullet velocity is garbage and pointless since you wont land any shots at range - reliably.
  15. whitupiggu

    MKV DPS: 1622 max - 1181 min
    NS-7 DPS: 1562 max - 1250 min

    The MKV is slightly better at CQC and slightly worse at longer range. It doesn't have the dps of the ES SMGs but it does have a much higher suppressed velocity. Well except for the VS but they have no reason to be using NS weapons. For example a suppressed blitz has a velocity of 288m/s while the MKV has a velocity of 330m/s. Also the bltizs' max damage drops off at 3 or 4 meters with a suppressor while the MKV is 10 meters.

    It's not clearly better than any weapons which is why most people think it's **** but it has its advantages. It is the definition of a sidegrade.
  16. Iridar51

    No, he got it wrong >.< He applied suppressor to already suppressed MKV.
    Here are the correct numbers:

    PDW: 125 @ 21m - 100 @ 55m
    MKV: 125 @ 16m - 91 @ 42m

    Suppressed NS-7 PDW has shorter TTK than MKV at >27 meters.

    How do you know the velocity of the suppressed weapons?
    Blitz suppressed: 9 meters with SPA, MKV: 16 meters with SPA. Always assume SPA when dealing with SMGs.
  17. whitupiggu

    No hard numbers but the general consensus is that the suppressor lowers velocity by 20%.
  18. Blastuh

    I think the MKV is supposed to accel when compared to other silenced SMGs. It is supposed to to supperior bullet velocity and med range effectiveness IIRC.
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  19. Paperlamp

    Is the recoil pattern any less stupid than the PDW?

    I find it extremely annoying that the supposed-to-be mid-range SMG is more unpredictable than a Blitz. I would use the MKV if it didn't go off to either than left OR right with its first shots but then end up left bias overall. It's extremely annoying.
  20. Klondik3

    So SOE started releasing UP weapons? How does that fit into F2P model?

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