MKV Suppressed Description is Wrong

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  1. Plyte

    MKV Suppressed states in its description that its supposed to have higher bullet velocity and more stopping power than other SMGs that are using suppressors at range, but this is wrong.

    I did a simple Damage test compared with the PDW. I went to the PDW's max range, 68m (added 3 in case of waypoint error). Equiped a suppressor + 4x crosshair scope. Tested it 5 times vs. non-infiltrator dummies. It was doing the prescribed minimum damage, 100, at this range. The kill was 10 shots. A couple trials I had bullets hitting the leg or head, so I had to do them over.

    Compare this with the MKV Suppressed. It has a 91 minimum damage at 45m, and takes 11 shots to kill at that range. It does less damage at range than what the PDW does with a suppressor.

    It seems that the suppressor's penalty of losing effectiveness at range varies with the weapon. Basic tests with a Cyclone, an 8 shot kill (125 damage) with no suppressor is 31m, while with a a suppressor it drops to 24 ± 2m. It seems like its around 24, meaning that suppressors lowers the cyclones max damage range to 34-36m, down from 46m.

    Also tested suppressors with the ACX-11. With no attachments, its 6-shot kill range (167 damage) is 50.5m . I then equipped a suppressor, and it dropped down to 35 ± 2m, meaning the minimum damage range dropped from 80m down to 50-55m. I also tested with HVA, and it turns out HVA has 0 effect on damage range. It only affects recoil and muzzle velocity.

    TL;DR While the description states MKV has the highest stopping power and effectiveness at range for suppressed SMGs, its not true. Comparing it to the PDW, it fires 3.8% faster but takes 1 more bullet to kill at range, meaning its not the fastest TTK of the suppressed SMGs at ranged.
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  2. DeadliestMoon

    The ACX-11 is a carbine.
  3. Plyte

    In order to test it, I need a weapon that crosses 2 damage brackets and is accurate enough to shoot at its max range. I was testing to see if the suppressor took a flat X m off (a function similar to soft point adding 5) or if it was something else. The carbine test leads me to think that its not a flat amount, but rather a % somehow. Unsure though.

    But the point is that the PDW has higher DPS and damage at longer ranges. The MKV only offers better performance (3.8% faster Rate of Fire) within its soft-point extended range (15m). This isn't really "at range" like the description reads.
  4. ReformerTR

    Thankgod you tested it.
  5. cruczi

    All you basically did was test the minimum damage, which as everyone knows, stays the same regardless of using Suppressor. Only the range at which minimum damage is reached becomes shorter.

    The NS7-PDW has minimum damage of 100 at 65m. The MKV Suppressed has a minimum damage of 91 at 42m.

    If you interpret its description: "superior bullet velocity and long range stopping power compared to SMGs using optional aftermarket suppressors" as "...compared to all other SMG's..." then yes, you're right the description doesn't account for NS7 actually having better minimum damage at range.

    However, if you interpret it as "...compared to SMG's of other manufacturers...", then the description is true with only the exception of the NC Cyclone which has a minimum damage of 100 at 46m. The rest of the ES SMG's have 84 minimum damage @ 42m (apart from the Eridani which is 91 @ 40m), i.e. worse damage output at range even before being suppressed, compared to the MKV.
  6. Catch23

    the PDW has it's mimumum damage range brought in by 10m if you put a a suppressor on it.

    while I agree that the description is misleading (compared to the PDW), the best range to use the MKV is 20-30m. Since you can never totally avoid point blank encounters the higher DPS helps

    It's better than the PDW at 0-30m, better than any ES SMG beyond 15-20m (damage fall off is one thing, horizontal shake/ accuracy another) and imo overall the best choice in practical gameplay if you find yourself in many situations ranging from 0-50m.

    Beyond 50m autoscouts and small scope BASRs are superior to the PDW so it actually fills a smaller niche than the MKV.

    EMP grenades have been fixed and 25m is ideal range for using them. EMPs only make sense when combining them with the right gun. The ES SMGs effective ranges are not well suited for EMPs (you tend to either stay out of ideal range of your SMG or getting hit by the EMP blast yourself) and while the PDW is better for using these grenades, the MKV hits the sweetspot.