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  1. Beastman

    Introduction and History

    We are a tight knit outfit with an emphasis on enjoyment and camaraderie. By being small we have a good idea of what is required to get the job done without needing to go nuts over teamspeak about it.
    We were originally (mostly) the SeaDogs in Planetside 1 so some of you may remember us from ye olden days on Werner. Since then we have lost a few guys to the mists of time and gained some new ones. Members are mostly from Europe with some other nationalities mixed in. Being able to talk/type good English is a requirement. We realise life can be hectic so we don't mind people popping in and out as long as you make it clear that's what the situation is. At the moment we are cooperating tightly with Soul Reapers [SR] they share our comms server and we share their forums, this helps keep squad sizes and fun going. We really don't mind new players joining or training them and answering questions but realise that if you join you are playing in an old outfit with a high level of intuition; By that I mean people know what they need to do to achieve the goals they are given.

    Communication and community

    - We use teamspeak3 and we talk almost daily in a facebook group. There is also a steam group so you can see when people are in playing. Most of us are aged between 20 and 50 so we are looking more for mature players with a sense of humour.
    - We play other games and are really looking forward to Star Citizen so again if you want to get involved in that or wish to work alongside us then send a PM or reply to this thread.

    Outfit nights

    - Our main outfit nights are on a Monday evening from 8pmish
    - These can be combined ops with other outfits
    - Smaller squads play throughout the rest of the week with activity at the mo being on the up.

    Play style

    - We tend to be the "get **** done" squad. Thanks to our small close knit nature we work well to achieve things other outfits struggle with. Be it taking out that annoying sunderer or holding the point long enough for backup we can usually do it and usually against much greater numbers.

    So if you are looking for a group of people to enjoy Planetside 2 with that temper tactics with having a laugh then reply here and I'll get back to you!
  2. SpartanJay

    Hey Beastman, I'm looking for a group of people to just enjoy playing PS2 with and so I would like to declare my interest in your outfit.
  3. Beastman

    I PM'd you a few days back.
  4. Dyce

  5. Beastman

    edited post to better reflect state of the outfit as it stands.
  6. Dutycalls87

    Hey, Beastman. Are you still open for more mayhem and havoc bringer?

    ingame name: Jorasson
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  7. Beastman

    Hey Jorasson,
    Yeah we are always looking for new blood! I'll be honest with you and say we are enduring a slight quiet spell just now due to the game being a bit of a shambles itself but Tuesdays and Sundays still attract larger squads with other days getting a few as well. If you are still interested probably the best thing would be to make a join request on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/meninturrets/
    if you don't use facebook then hit us up at www.meninturrets.com
  8. iccle

    Bllx thats me buggered, ill tend my resignation immediately :p
  9. Beastman

    And I guess rvw doesn't talk so... :p
  10. Beastman

    Edited - outfit nights have changed slightly.
  11. Beastman

    Edited - updated.
  12. Beastman

    Edited: Thought I'd update since we are back to being pretty active again!