Missing forum threads.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Canaris, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Canaris

    This is an odd one on the gamebug forum, on the big list of forums I can see certain topics/threads that are at the top of the page (thread at the top of the page preview) but if I navigate to the gameplay bug forum then I can't see the threads at the top. Even if I've replied to it or posted up a new thread myself, They be missing
  2. Canaris

  3. Canaris

    fixed it, for some reason my Topic display options were set to score and not last post date/time. Weird as I never have touched the forum options for topics. :confused:
  4. Canaris

    okies well every time I move from the gameplay bugs page it keeps resetting the options listing into score when I want it set by last post date.

    any ideas?